Redmi Note 8 pro IMEI repair Dual sim HARDWARE 2 dualsim

Redmi Note 8 pro IMEI repair Dual sim

  • Backup NVRAM
  • Backup NVDATA
  • Unlock Bootloader by Chimera tool
  • you can unlock Bootloader without Box read this tutorial how to unlock Xiaomi Devices Bootloader
  • Do restore for file Halab-Magisk (this step for erasing original NV data phone).
  • Note: last step(5) you can do it by other tools support that operation. if you don’t have a chimera tool.
  • Open Phone and Remove this resistant by professional heater As it is shown in the pictures.

Run this script for one time (Run use for one time)
Run ModemMETA_ and 1- Bypass Auth Script together

Redmi Note 8 pro IMEI repair Dual sim


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