{free download }SamFirm A.i.O v2.1 – SamFirm Tool v2.1 full FRP AIO Remove Tool 2021

SamFirm A.i.O v2.1
SamFirm A.i.O v2.1

SamFirm A.i.O v2.1 SamFirm Tool v2.1 full FRP AIO Remove Tool 2021, SamFirm FRP AIO Tool V2.1, Download SamFirm Tool V2.1For Free All Users, NEW SamFirm Tool V2.1 Released Unlock Tool Free, Download SamFirm Tool v2.1 latest Setup AIO MTP FRP

Samfirm AIO Tool V2.1 full installer, Samfirm frp tool V2.1

whats New SamFirm Tool v2.1:

=Added oppo safe format(Keep Gallery only)
=Added MTK Safe format(misc)
** =Added emmcdl method if auto detect fail, emmcdl must select loader(beta not tested )
== Disable program intro
== Change user login by email only, no need password any more.
== Fixed Some bugs!

SamFirm A.i.O v2.1 full FRP AIO Remove Tool 2021

SamFirm Tool is a small utility program that you can use to download Samsung and Apple firmware, flash tools, ADB files, Shoot files, it also helps bypass FRP in MTP mode from Samsung phones. If you have a phone with an FRP lock message then follow these simple steps and download SamFirm FRP AIO Tool v1.6.4 Latest Setup to fix your phone.

SamFirm_A.I.0 v1.6.4
what’s New:
Changes saved
Add Support QLM one Click (EMMC, UFS)
= One-Click Read info (auto or by selected loader)
= One Click FRP(auto or by selected loader)
= One Click FRP( Samsung mtk)(auto or by selected loader)
= One-Click Bypass Mi Account(auto or by selected loader)
Please Test and report me, Because I don’t have more devices to test it.
If the phone does not read the first time, reconnect it again.
Supported More QLM CPU Devices MSM(89xx,etc),SDM(630,636.660,etc) Brands :
amazon,asus,haiethisense,nokia,lenovo.moto,1g,oppo(Old devices),samsung,meizu,Huawei,Xioami,etc

SamFirm A.i.O v2.1 full FRP AIO Remove Tool 2021
SamFirm A.i.O v2.1

How to use SamFirm FRP AIO Tool V2.1

Download & Unzip the SamFirm FRP Unlock Tool V1.6.4 on your PC.
Run the SamFirm.exe
Now you will get the below-listed options to fix your phone.

SamFirm A.i.O v2.1 is a tool for bypass MTK AUTH, SLA. add New Method To Bypass MTP FRP.

What’s New: SamFirm Tool V2.1

Add Support MTK One Click
No need to select any model
No need to select any Scatter File
No need to select any DA/Preloader
One-Click Read info
One-Click Format + FRP
One-Click Format Userdata
One-Click FRP
One-Click FRP( Samsung mtk) no need to select any partition
One-Click Reset Mi Account AntiRelock
SamFirm A.i.O v2.1 Latest,
SamFirm A.i.O v2.1 download,
SamFirm A.i.O v2.1,
SamFirm MTK frp tool free.

Bypass FRP (MTP Mode)
Bypass FRP =>> (I) MTP Bypass FRP (II) Make Shorturl
GS_Hidden Settings Via (Galaxy Store)
Bypass FRP (Open YouTube)
Bypass FRP (Open Maps)
Browser Via (Galaxy Store)
Smart Switch via (Galaxy Store)
Samsung Pass via (Galaxy Store)
Easy Settings via (Galaxy Store)
Samsung My Files (Galaxy Store)
File Commander Via (Galaxy Store)
FRP Bypass All_In_One.apk

Apple (IPSW): Check Download and latest Update

Firmware Info
Check Update
Operations (MTP)
Read Device Info
Factory Reset
Enter Download Mode
Exit Download Mode

Download :-

server 1

server 2

server 3

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SamFirm Tool V1.6.4 full FRP AIO Remove Tool 2021

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Download SamFirm Tool V2.1 Free FRP AIO Remove Tool

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