SNI Bug Host List & Zero-Rated Websites for Any Countries any sim card 2022

Looking for a free SNI bug host list? Then it means you never checkout our SNI bug host guide to know how to find SNI bug host for free internet. One of the best ways to get unlimited free internet access is with bug host, precisely, SNI bug host.

Though there exist some other ways of getting free internet without even using a bug host, these methods will require you to use some VPN apps like Your Freedom, DroidVPN, Psiphon and many more. However, these apps are not completely free. For instance Your Freedom VPN and DroidVPN will require you to hold a premium account meanwhile Psiphon will require you to have unlimited Psicash for a top speed and experience.

VPN injectors such as HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, HTTP Custom are the most used VPN these days for free internet. However, to use each of these VPN, you will need a working SNI bug host. Their usage have increased over the past years and the demand for SNI host list for these VPN apps have increased equally. For instance, we find many people searching for SNI host list for HA Tunnel Plus and how to use this host to create a working free internet file with the app.

The best reserved way that exist to get unlimited free internet access is with bug host. In our previous guides that show how to find bug host for free internet, we mentioned the different types of host. The well known are HTTP and SNI bug host.

SNI bug host remains the best not only because this technology isn’t yet known by many ISPs which makes it difficult to get blocked but because it is completely free to access. That is why it is referred to as free SNI bug host in most cases. An SNI host can be an IP or a web address.

All same, be it an IP, it certainly points to a website and these websites are referred to as Zero-rated websites. In simple words, SNI hosts equals zero-rated websites.

Zero-rated websites are websites that can be accessed with zero data. Meaning, you do not need a data balance to access these websites. They are mostly ISP or websites powered by the government who want to ease the access to many useful stuffs online for their citizens.

Every country surely has at least a zero-rated website but not all countries do have a working SNI host. Do not get me wrong, not all SNI hosts are zero-rated websites. This is because a zero-rated website can be accessed freely but cannot be used in all cases as a working SNI bug host.

Depending on the country, one country might have a long list of zero-rated websites and SNI host list meanwhile some might have just some few.

That said, in this article, I will share with you SNI bug host list and zero-rated websites list for all countries worldwide.

What is a Zero-rated Website?

Zero-rating is a technique where internet service providers (ISPs) allow consumers to utilize a specific website without charging their internet data plan. Implementing zero-rating requires an accurate website identification method that is also efficient and reliable to be applied on live network traffic.

Each country has at least a zero-rated website. Countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Colombia, Singapore have a long list of zero-rated websites. We will share a list of these websites below.

There are many ways to get a zero-rated website in your country. The most evident and easy way to get a zero-rated website in your country is by Googling “zero-rated websites in my country”. For example, if you are located in Singapore, search for zero-rated websites in Singapore. If you are in United Kingdom, search for zero-rated websites in United Kingdom. The same process goes for South Africa, Nigeria and any other country.

Zero-rating is applied by your ISP and can be influenced by the government. This is to help the citizens the concerned country to access information online without data plan and to make things affordable by every citizen. The establishments that got zero-rated websites evolved are:


  • Ministry of Health: During the Covid-19 pandemic, many health establishments and ministries subsidized the creation of zero-rated platforms. During some time, these zero-rated websites because SNI bug hosts and were used as SNI host for HA Tunnel Plus.
  • Educational Zero-rated websites: The Covid-19 pandemic also made it difficult for students to access their classes locally. So governments put in place e-learning platforms that could be access freely without internet connection for those having the ISP sim cards. Some of these websites equally became bug host for free internet and were used and SNI hostname for HA Tunnel Plus.

Zero-Rated Websites for Free Internet

Zero-rated websites are not too different from SNI host. In most cases both of them can be accessed without data plan. However, unlike zero-rated site, some SNI hosts cannot be accessed at all but can let flow free internet.

If you are looking for your country’s Zero rated website, you are at the right place as we have provided below, a complete list of zero rated websites for most networks such as MTN, Cellc, Telkom, Airtel and many more networks. Also, there zero-rated sites for countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, Haiti, and many more. Just continue scrolling till you reach the section.

What is SNI Bug Host?

A bug host in free internet is a host which has open gaps or ports usually called loop holes which might lead a straight path to the data stored on the host. Bugs generally produce abnormal results and without serious care taken to fix, it can lead to exploitation and data lose.

That is where we take a kick start over the targeted ISP. We use these bugs as a source of data by injecting the host with the best VPN tunneling apps and once the bug host has established a handshake, we hijack that connection with VPN which will redirect the connection to their secure servers and therefore powering our whole device with free internet.

A SNI bug host is a host used to access the internet for free over the secure tunneling mode (SSL/TLS) and works the same way as every other host but has some advantages over the others.

SNI is a technology not yet known by many ISP and as a result, if you use an SNI host for free internet on an ISP that is blank on such protocol, then you can be sure your internet will last longer than expected.

But do not stick to you mind that the free internet plug won’t get block because, no free internet trick last for ever. So it is important to engage with sites that tend to share updated free internet tricks all the time for all countries.

The question you might be asking yourself now is, are SNI host zero-rated websites? Well if I was to answer that, I will say a Yes and No.

Yes because SNI host are generally zero-rated websites and No because not all SNI bug host are zero-rated websites because most of them cannot even be accessed when opened in a browser but whenever you run a status code check, it will report status 200 Ok which means it can establish a secure connection if injected.

How to Find SNI Bug Host for Free Internet

There are many ways to find SNI bug hostnames for free internet access in any country. Today, we even find many applications that can be used for find SNI bug host on Android and are referred to as SNI bug host finder apk.

For better results, it is practical to find bug host using a PC by running a series on scans to gather information about a bug host and then exploiting it for free internet. This can be complicated for beginners but if you really want to get the SNI host and create a SNI host list by yourself, then you got to learn all of that.

Below are the best ways to find SNI bug hostnames for free internet access in any country:

Zero-rated website method:

Zero-rated websites remain the best and most easy way to get a free SNI host for free internet without following some complicated steps. If you are located in South Africa, then you might even find a very long list of zero-rated websites in South Africa. Google zero-rated websites in South Africa and you will get a results for SNI bug host in South Africa. If you are located in another country such as United Kingdom, Singapore or any other country, just place a query for your country and you will get results. We got all those list covered just below.

Social Bundle Exploitation:

If your ISP offers unlimited access to some social media platform with subscription to the social bundle, then you can exploit it and use as an SNI bug host for free internet. In this our guide on how to find bug host for free internet, we showed our readers how they can easily exploit a social bundle and power their device with unlimited free internet access. Some ISP have even become even very wise and added some filters to these unlimited social bundles but we have found a way to go around that and we have shared this method in this our social media exploitation guide. You got to check that out to know how to exploit social bundle.

Pentesting the ISP for SNI bug hosts:

This is the best way to get a unique bug host yourself. However, you will need to be a skilled config developer and have some understanding in Ethical hacking and Cyber Security before you can handle this. But on AiM Tutorials, we have simplified all of these complicated steps for the understanding of everyone.

In our ultimate guide to find SNI bug host for free internet, we showed a serious of case specific commands to run in a terminal to get a bug host. We showed how you can scan a gotten bug host to see if it can be injected and how to easily generate a payload using the bug host. You got to check that out.

We considered the fact that the wide population online use a mobile device, so we shared a guide on how to run a pentest scan on any ISP using your android device. We equally showed how to find SNI bug host for free internet using Termux and generate a working payload using an for free internet using a Payload generator apk for HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector.

SNI Host List for All Countries

If you use VPN apps such as HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Custom, HTTP Injector, TLS tunnel, then you will probably be in search for SNI host list for these VPN applications. This list will help you get free internet access by injecting each and every SNI host you get from this list.

We have compile SNI host list for many countries and have made them available for everyone to access them freely and safely from our website. The countries are listed in alphabetical order so it should be easy for you to find the SNI host list for your country.

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SNI Host List for HA Tunnel Plus:

HA Tunnel Plus is one amazing VPN that has been used for unlimited free internet access for sometime now. However, the app will require an SNI host to work well and give you free internet. The below SNI Host list can be used for free internet with HA Tunnel Plus in any country the host has been dedicated to.

SNI Host List for TLS Tunnel:

The same routing for ha tunnel plus applies for TLS tunnel. TLS tunnel has many tunneling methods and the best way to enjoy free internet with this app is by using an SNI host. The SNI host list below will work seamlessly with TLS Tunnel and give you free internet access in each country where the host is dedicated to.

Below is a list of SNI host and Zero-rated websites for all countries that you can use for free internet access:

Argentina SNI Bug Host List (Personal Unlimited) (v2ray)

Egypt SNI Bug Host List (Vodafone, Etisalat)

Vodafone: Egypt (v2ray) (v2ray) (v2ray)
Etisalat Egypt:
WE Landline(UNLIMITED): (SNI)(Restart router until it works) tested)

Haïti SNI Bug Host List (Digicel)

France SNI Bug Host List (SFR, Laboste)


Germany SNI Bug Host List (Aldi Talk, Ortel)

Aldi Talk Payload
"POST HTTP/1.1[crlf]Connection: Keep-Alive[crlf]Content-Length: 100000000[crlf][crlf]"
Ortel Payload
"GET HTTP/1.1[crlf]Host:[crlf][crlf]CONNECT [host_port] [protocol][crlf]Content-Length: 100000000[crlf][crlf]"

Iran Bug Host List (Unlimited) (Payload)

Jamaica SNI Bug Host List (Digicel, Flow)






Montego Community College’s Library


Primary Exit Profile (PEP) : Pass for your first choice



Kenya SNI Bug Host List(Airtel, Safaricom)

Home Safaricom

Kuwait SNI Bug Host List(Airtel, Safaricom)

PUT HTTP/1.1[crlf]Host:[crlf]Connection: keep-alive[crlf]X-Online-Host:[crlf][crlf]CONNECT [host_port][protocol][crlf][crlf]
[crlf]GET /reqo1u69ujrdpq0bq5ojr8lih.html HTTP/1.1
Content-Length: 0

Connection: close[crlf]/
[crlf]GET HTTP/1.1


Content-Length: 0

Connection: close[crlf]
CONNECT [host_port] HTTP/1.1[crlf][crlf]CONNECT [protocol][crlf]Host:[crlf]X-Online-Host:[crlf][crlf]
[crlf]GET /htr26aa3qaug0hvudp726nbvli.html HTTP/1.1
Content-Length: 0
Connection: close[crlf]
CONNECT [host_port] HTTP/1.1[crlf][crlf]POST [protocol][crlf]Host:[crlf]X-Online-Host:[crlf][crlf]

Lesotho SNI Bug Host List (Vodacom, Econet Telecom)

Econet Telecom

Malaysia SNI Bug Host List (Newly Added)

Nigeria SNI Bug Host List (MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile, Glo) with Generated Payload

Free Zero-rated websites on MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile and Glo Networks (v2ray, SNI)
MTN (v2ray)
"GET / HTTP/1.1[crlf]Host: [crlf]Connection: Upgrade[crlf]User-Agent: [ua]Host: [crlf]Upgrade: websocket[crlf]Expect: 100-continue[crlf][crlf]" (copy payload without quotes)
Airtel (v2ray)

New Zealand SNI Bug Host List (Spark, Skinny, 2Degrees, Slingshot, Vodafone, and Orcan Mobile)


Portugal SNI Bug Host List (Newly Added)

Qatar SNI Bug Host List (Ooredoo) (Payload)

Rwanda SNI Bug Host List (MTN)

Saudi Arabia SNI Bug Host List (Coming Soon)

Singapore SNI Bug Host List (Coming Soon)

South Africa SNI Bug Host (MTN, Cellc, Telkom, Vodacom) – Updated

MTN Unlimited
MTN Music Time
More SNI Host for South Africa to Tryout (SNI) (websocket)
Vodacom port 80 port 80
Telecom Music Lit Bundle
100/200MB Monthly
South Africa Social SNI Bug Hosts
 South Africa SNI Host for MTN, Cellc, Vodacom, Telkom (All Net), *, *,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

United Arab Emirates SNI Bug Host List (Coming Soon)

United Kingdom SNI Bug Host List (Vodafone, 02, Three, Virgin Mobile, Sky Mobile, EE, Talk Talk – Updated)

United States SNI Bug Host List (Coming Soon)

All Net SNI Bug Host (Works for Social Bundles on all network)

Some countries have not yet been included in the list because we haven’t yet gotten plugs for them. However, some countries that we will add in some few time have been noted with coming soon in bracket. If you have SNI host list that you will like us to add on our list, you can send the list to us via Telegram.
We will constantly update this list anytime we get a working SNI bug host for any country.

What’s the Next Step After I have Gotten SNI Host List?

The next step you will want to take after you have gotten SNI host list is by testing each of the SNI host and zero-rated website listed above with VPN apps such as HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, HTTP Custom, NapternetV and many more.

However, if you do need assistance in creating working free internet file using these SNI hostnames, then you can checkout our guides on how to create ha tunnel plus hat files for all countries, how to create http injector files ehi files for all countries.

If you want the direct already made free internet files for HA Tunnel Plus, then checkout this page to download ha tunnel plus hat files for all countries. You can as well checkout this page to download http injector free internet ehi files for all countries. We also have a section for HTTP Custom files so you can check that out.

You will notice for some hosts, we have attributed the tunneling mode for them. For example, some hosts are attributed V2Ray in brackets. Some V2Ray hosts can be tunnel via SNI and these two modes can be used for a connection request. However, the host should be able to support VR2ay tunneling via SNI (SSL/TLS). If you do not know how to setup V2Ray for free internet, you can checkout this guide on how to setup V2Ray for free internet access in HTTP Injector.

Conclusion on SNI Host List and Zero-Rated Websites for All Countries

SNI host are the most used host now for free internet. It has gotten a very wide demand since it is very easy to setup and use. In this article, we have provided a wide list of SNI bug host and Zero-rated websites for all countries that you can use when creating free internet files for VPN apps such as HA Tunnel Plus, HTTP Injector, HTTP Custom, NapsternetV and many more. Just grab any SNI host for your country from the list and start creating free internet files.

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