EASY WAY Fix Linux DNS Probe Finished No Internet Ubuntu 2022

Linux DNS Probe Finished No Internet Ubuntu 2022 (Quick Fix)
Linux DNS Probe Finished No Internet Ubuntu 2022 (Quick Fix)

Linux DNS Probe Finished No Internet Ubuntu 2022 (Quick Fix)

Last Updated on: December 2022, 2021, by Aim4Slam Author Team
We have shared multiple ways to fix DNS _probe errors on Windows 10, Apple Macbook, and android devices already. This is a quick fix to DNS probe finished no internet ubuntu as well as Linux operating system to get the internet connection working again. As mentioned in our previous articles, this error is concerned with the internet connection and domain name system that are particularly the IP addresses of the server where the contents of a web element are stored.

how to fix DNS probe finished no internet ubuntu and Linux

  • However, in this article, we’ll not go deep into the rocket science of how DNS errors happen, as we have already published a lot of information about that on our website. If you want to
  • learn more about such Domain Name Systems errors, check out our dedicated page for it. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.
  • Press the hotkeys CTRL + ALT + T that will open up the terminal console.
  • Once the terminal is open, type the command ‘cd / etc’ without inverted commas and press enter.
  • It will now display a long list of commands. Scroll up and select ‘sudo nano resolv.conf ‘.
    Highlight that command using mouse and right-click.
    Select ‘Copy’.
  • Paste the command on the terminal and press enter.
  • Type your password if the console prompts.
  • In the next screen, put your mouse cursor just before nameservers and add a hashtag sign (#).
  • Adding a hash at the beginning will convert the default value into comments that the system ignores.
  • Go to the end of the nameserver address and press enter to break a line.
  • Now type this command and press enter: nameserver
  • Again, add this line: nameserver
  • Press enter again & confirm the activity by pressing Y on the keyboard.
  • Now, restart your network connection by executing this command on the terminal: sudo service network-manager restart

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methods to fix DNS probe on android
the solution to DNS not responding on Windows 10
PS4 Solution to DNS
This process will modify the DNS nameservers for WiFi and the network will reset. A few moments later, you will see a message on the upper right corner of the screen that says ‘Connection Established’. To verify that the internet is working properly, just open a browser and type projectgopc.com and it should work properly.

Final Words

In this way, we can fix dns probe finished no internet ubuntu issue using terminal commands that modifies DNS address and restarts the connection. In some cases, the issue is caused by a broken internet cable, expired network account, or connection cut intentionally by the service provider. Therefore, if the problem still persists after performing the above steps, it is better to contact your Internet Service Provider and ask them to fix the connection.

Anyways, did this tutorial help you to fix DNS errors on Linux or Ubuntu PC? If not, how did you manage to solve it? Tell us in the comments below so that our future readers shall take advantage of it and fix their computer problems as well. [See you]

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