here’s How to Reactivate a Banned WhatsApp Account solution

Here are How to Activate a Banned WhatsApp Number;- Users who break the terms of service of WhatsApp’s free chat software might have their phone numbers blocked temporarily or permanently.
WhatsApp is without a doubt one of the most widely used programs, with billions of users worldwide. According to research on 99Firms, the free messaging platform is utilized by as many as 300 million daily active users for sending messages, and making audio and video conversations.

However, few users are aware that the app has certain ‘Terms of Service,’ which must be adhered to or accounts will be temporarily or permanently banned. There are, however, procedures that can be performed to lift the ban.

How Can I Tell If My WhatsApp Account Has Been Banned?

The following notification appears on the site for accounts that have been banned: “Your phone number has been blocked from using WhatsApp.” For assistance, contact support.” Before banning an account, the platform normally does not send any warnings. A temporary ban is usually denoted by a timer that shows how long the ban will last, but a permanent ban can only be used to contact support.


How to Make a Banned WhatsApp Number Active

Temporary WhatsApp bans are issued to users who install an unsupported version of the app instead of the official one, and can most likely be restored. WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, and other third-party apps are not supported by the Facebook-owned network.

Users who switch from these apps to the official app have their temporary ban lifted, but they may face a permanent ban if they do not. Users can also migrate to the official app while backing up their conversation history on third-party apps by doing the following steps:

  • Tap More settings > Chats > Back up chats in GB WhatsApp.
  • To access Files, go to Phone Settings > Storage > Files.
  • To pick the GB WhatsApp folder, tap and hold it.
  • Tap More > in the upper right corner. Rename the folder and rename it to “WhatsApp.”
  • On the backup found screen, download the official app and then hit Restore >Next.

In terms of the WhatsApp Plus app, any previously saved user chat history should automatically migrate to the standard WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp’s Permanent Ban Could Be Irreversible

Unless a user is banned by mistake, a permanent ban could be irreparable. When faced with a permanent ban, a user’s only choice is to write to support and explain why their account should be unbanned.

On Reddit, users recently stated that being a member of a group cost them money after one of the members altered the name of the group to “Child Pornography.” Because the platform can detect when a new user is introduced to a spamming group, this problem appears to affect primarily old users who have been a part of the group for a long time. However, such actions on the messaging platform are prohibited, Such behavior on the messaging network is likely to result in an indefinite suspension from the platform.


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