How to Create Ha Tunnel Plus File – hat file 2022 to set up a local network using Ha Tunnel Plus.

How to Create Ha Tunnel Plus File - hat file 2022 to set up a local network using Ha Tunnel Plus.
How to Create Ha Tunnel Plus File - hat file 2022 to set up a local network using Ha Tunnel Plus.

How can I configure a local network on Ha Tunnel Plus? How To Make Ha Tunnel Plus Files For Unlimited Internet Access Requirement construct or establish a Ha Tunnel

It is now common practice to set up a local network on Ha Tunnel Plus or create a Ha tunnel file for free internet access.

The Ha Tunnel Plus VPN gives you the free Internet access and unlimited data. However, if you don’t know how to generate Ha Tunnel Plus files or concoct Ha Tunnel Plus config settings, your Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app will be useless.

We provide numerous Ha Tunnel Plus Internet options because we understand how perplexing it can be to construct a working Ha Tunnel file for the first time. This step-by-step instruction will show you how to create functioning Ha Tunnel configuration files utilizing free Internet hosts.

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How to Get Free Internet in Ha Tunnel Plus VPN?

For the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN, there are numerous ways to configure the VPN tunnel software to receive free unlimited Internet. It makes no difference if you’re on MTN, Airtel, Safaricom, Telkom, Ooredoo, CellC, Vodacom, Glo, Jio, Digicel, Mytel, Telenor, or any other network.

To acquire free Internet access, all you need is a basic grasp of your network (though they are some networks that need more time because they are cumbersome even to understand)

In this post, you’ll also need working hosts for free Internet access. Packet hosts, CDN hosts, and SNI hosts are examples of these hosts. Because 92 percent of free Internet tactics rely on hosts to work, having a working host is essential.

Ha Tunnel Plus Configuration File Download

Before we go into “how to build Ha Tunnel Plus files,” individuals looking for pre-made “hat files for Ha Tunnel” can find their own country’s configuration in our collection of working Ha Tunnel Plus config file downloads.

The Temo Group staff is continually updating the configuration files in this. This article provides free configuration settings for Ha tunnel plus.

Requirements to create or Set Up a Ha Tunnel Plus hat file

  • Install the most recent version of the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN application.
  • You can use any SIM card you choose with no data or airtime.
  • A functioning host/SNI or the one you want to test.

How to Setup Local Network on Ha Tunnel Plus? (Create Ha Tunnel File)

This is the start of the tutorial. All we’ve done so far is prepare you on how to make a working free internet configuration settings. All of the approaches in this post, including yours, can be utilized on any ISP’s network in the world.

All Ha Tunnel approaches for free Internet access will be evaluated. Before we start cooking up the settings, you’ll need a few items.

1. The Direct Connection method

Because the processes are simple, you won’t need to do anything unusual with this procedure. Read on.

When should you use

When your network’s server has an open port, or you wish to use a social media pack or another subscription to get free internet on your device, this method comes in useful. However, because this strategy does not always work, it appears first.

  • Launch the Ha Tunnel Plus app.
  • Enable Custom Setup in Connection Mode.
  • Select Direct Connection from the drop-down arrow icon (Internet)
  • Choose your port from the drop-down menu by going to the upper right and clicking Select Port (The most
  • common ports used in this case are 8080,443, 3128, and 80).
  • Select the server of your choosing under Select Server. Otherwise, leave the default server alone.
  • Wait for your connection to complete before clicking Start. Your connection status can be found in the Log area.

2. TCP Mode or Custom Payload

For consumers to gain free Internet access, this connection technique employs TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). The HTTP method is used, albeit it is not indicated.

When should you use

This can be utilized for things like social media packs, eLearning packages, and other things that allow free limitless access without paying for it.

  • Launch the Ha Tunnel Plus app.
  • Enable Custom Setup in Connection Mode.
  • Select Custom Payload from the drop-down arrow symbol (TCP Mode)
  • Locate and click the hamburger button in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • The payload Generator should be selected.
  • You will be led to another page after clicking Generate, where you must confirm the details. If everything seems
  • good, click Install to apply the Ha Tunnel Plus settings.
  • Wait for the connection to complete after clicking Connect. You can also check your connection status in the log area.

Methods for Creating a Network on Ha Tunnel Plus Host are as follows:

  • You enter your free host/SNI here. It may even be the host of the subscription you want to use to get around your ISP’s Internet access restrictions. Here’s a quick rundown of what each of these strategies entails:
  • This is your injection mechanism (HTTP requests) to deceive your ISP. There is a drop-down menu to choose the one that best fits your needs.
  • Is there an HTTP problem on your host? Yes, it’s most likely the case. Because it performs the work of the GET, this should be your preferred option for generating configuration. This method is specific and ensures that your connection is maintained.
  • When the HTTP-Bug method fails, the GET method should be the next option. GET also performs an excellent job. The GET method gets data from the webserver you’re sending it to.
    CONNECT: This approach creates an HTTP tunnel via a proxy server, but it’s not very common. This approach is primarily used for SSL connections, however, it can also be used for HTTP connections.
  • A version of HTTP: I’m not going to start from the beginning because we can get off track from our current issue. There are three different HTTP versions available here:
  • HTTP/1.0: This gentleman is well into his retirement years. You should only use it if you are certain of what you are doing.
  • HTTP/1.1 is the most widely used HTTP version today. This should be your preferred destination to avoid problems.
  • HTTP/2: This guy is better and faster than HTTP/1.1. It offers better performance, lower latency, and other benefits, but it hasn’t gained as much traction as the former.
  • HTTP HEADERS: With an HTTP request or response, data can be communicated or transferred between a web server and a client.
  • Keep Yourself Alive: The sender can use this general-type header to specify the maximum number of requests or the duration of a persistent connection. This selection is required for your connection.
  • User-Agent: This request header functions as a middleman, retrieving, rendering, and facilitating end-user interaction with online content. To cut a long story short, it is required for free Internet access.
  • Let’s keep things simple, online host. This is the webserver, which you will undoubtedly require.
  • This allows this app to obtain endpoint information by being forwarded to it.

3. The Personalized Host Header (HTTP Mode)

HTTP Mode is written there, however other than the name and a Custom Host/Payload, nothing else is shown. Just like with the TCP, the creators of this app should have offered this individual a payload generator.

If the connection protocol must be HTTP rather than TCP or SSL, I recommend using an HTTP Proxy if that is possible. If not, go for a stroll.

In the Select Port area, you can enter your Custom Host and choose the port on which it will run. Check the status of your connection in the log area as well.

4. SNI (SSL/TLS Mode) Custom

On the Ha Tunnel Plus app, another method for free Internet access is the SNI (Server Name Indication). Because the tricks using this way remain longer, it became extremely popular instantly. Tricks tunneled over HTTP, TCP, UDP, and other protocols are easily blocked when shared among multiple people. This is because your ISP is well-versed in the ways described above.

SNI, on the other hand, was not widely used until lately. They are still learning about the method, and your region may not even accept it (for now), which is good news for you.

When should you use

This strategy can be applied to a wide range of tricks. This offers free limitless access without paying for it, as well as social media packs, eLearning bundles, and free hosts, among other things. For Telikom Papua New Guinea, I’ll use, and for MTN Ghana, I’ll use

There is a way to receive free SNI/hosts without much stress for individuals who require urgent SNI.

  • Launch the Ha Tunnel Plus app.
  • Turn on Custom Setup in Connection Mode.
  • Select Custom SNI from the drop-down arrow icon (SSL, TLS Mode)
  • Now you may type your SNI in the Custom SNI field, select Use Realm Host (v2), and click Start.

Note: I stated that I will utilize the above host. You must use your own instead of the ones I provided above. If you’re having trouble establishing a connection with SNI, try adding www. to your host or removing it if it was there in the first place.

We tried using, but it didn’t work; instead, we’ll use without the www. When you try to use and run into problems, you simply add www to the end. This little issue may prevent your connection from succeeding.

How can I export a .hat file from Ha Tunnel Plus?

You must have completed your configuration and verified that everything is working.

  • Select Export Config from the hamburger menu.
  • Add a description/message about the.hat configuration file here.
  • This prevents the configuration from being sniffed.
  • Only users on the mobile network will be able to utilize the configuration if you select this option. WiFi users will not be able to utilize it.
  • Block Root: This will prevent rooted Android users from accessing the app.
  • Users will require a password from you to use the configuration file if you enable this.
  • Set Expiry: This is used to advance the configuration’s expiration date.
  • Now select Export. Then the configuration will be saved to your phone’s Ha Tunnel Plus folder.

How can I import a .hat file from Ha Tunnel Plus?

  • Select Import Config from the hamburger menu.
  • Now find and select the configuration you wish to import.
  • Once it has finished uploading, click Start and wait for the connection to complete.


Use the processes outlined in this article, and feel free to try out other methods to improve yourself by developing free Internet tricks. If you have any queries about this article, please leave them in the comments area.


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