HOW TO SELL CANDLES ONLINE: 6 STEP GUIDELINES Have you ever wanted to learn how to create candles at home? It’s not as difficult as you may believe. Learn how to produce candles to sell online by reading this article.

How to Make Candles to Sell Online 2022,

Candles are cheap and simple to produce. Anyone who can put together a few simple components can produce candles for their house or office. Learning how to create candles as a company is a talent that can be turned into a reliable source of revenue. According to Allied Market Research, homemade candles have become a must-have home décor item, with a market worth $838 billion predicted by 2027.

Do you want to sell candles? This article will teach you how to produce your own candles and how to establish a candle company. You may still get into this industry and make money as a candle entrepreneur even if you’re not the DIY kind. Let’s get started!

Do you want to sell candles? This article will teach you how to produce your own candles and how to establish a candle company. You may still get into this industry and make money as a candle entrepreneur even if you’re not the DIY kind. Let’s get started!

What’s the point of selling homemade candles?

Homemade candles are a vital home décor item for giving a warm and welcome touch to a room. According to the National Candle Association, people buy candles to rekindle memories, as well as for relaxation and sleep aromatherapy. A short look at the size of the worldwide candle market shows that people’s interest in candles is not only robust, but also diverse:

Candles, in addition to their popularity, offer a variety of other advantages to company owners, including:

Entry is inexpensive. While some types of homemade candles are more expensive than others, most candlemakers may get started with relatively little money. You don’t need to pay for specific storage like you would with some products (like food), and the ingredients used to make candles are relatively inexpensive.

Product that can be customized. It’s simple to personalize your candles and set yourself apart from the competition with so many different materials and scents. Plus, once you’ve mastered the fundamental recipe, you’ll be able to whip up a variety of variations on the go.

It’s simple to sell almost everywhere. Your handcrafted candles can be sold practically anywhere, from online auction sites to your own web store. Renting a booth at a local craft show? You may sell homemade candles both offline and online because they travel nicely.

In six easy steps, you can start an internet candle business.

1. Choose your candles.

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make when planning your candle company strategy is what kind of candles you’ll sell. Among the possibilities are:

Wax made of paraffin. Paraffin wax is simple and inexpensive, with no additional additions, and may be used to make a wide range of candles, from votives and tealights to pillars and tarts.
Candles made of soy. Soy candles are among the most popular candles available today. The candles are more eco-friendly because to the vegetable-based wax, which comes from a sustainable source. Soy candles also last longer and burn cleaner, making them a better bargain.

Candles with a scent. Scented candles are available in a variety of wax types and sizes. The aroma of these candles is the most important aspect, which is generally manufactured using essential oils and scented components.
Vegan candles are available. Vegan candles are made without beeswax and contain plant-based components such as soy wax. With these candles, you may appeal to a growing number of customers who are concerned about the animal byproducts used in candle production.

Candles for decoration. Decorative candles are distinguished by their unusual shapes, colors, and patterns, rather than by their aroma or performance. People who acquire these candles may never burn them, preferring instead to display them because of their unusual patterns, which can provide a special touch to a room in an office or home.

2. Determine who your target market is.

The audience segments you wish to attract with your marketing activities are known as your target market. There are various categories of customers who might be interested in purchasing your goods. Target markets in the candle industry, on the other hand, are usually divided into the following categories:

Market for the general public. Even though mass-market candles lack unique chemicals or components, they can nevertheless look and smell great. This is the market for you if you want to reach people with a limited budget. The cost of making a candle is usually between $7 and $10.

Mid-market. Mid-market customers often look for candles in a variety of aromas, such as grapefruit, basil, or rose water, because they have a wide range of tastes. Mid-market candles are more expensive to create than mass-market counterparts, yet not being the most expensive.

Prestige. This is a relatively new and rapidly expanding section of the candle market. A candle can cost anything between $20 and $80 for the ordinary prestige shopper, however luxury candles such as those created by Cire Trudon can cost up to $325. Premium packaging, scents, and brands that convey wonderful tales appeal to prestige buyers.

Choose which audience group you’ll address. Have you splurged on high-end packaging and fragrances? Then prestige might be the way to go. Want to keep your production expenses down while still turning a profit? It’s possible that candles from the middle of the market are what you’re looking for.

3. Create a candle

You can start producing your candles once you’ve decided on your candle type and target audience.

Getting someone to assist you with this process is the simplest option. For example, Silver Dollar Candle Co. is a private label company that can make candles to your specifications. This allows you to concentrate on your brand while the manufacturer handles the production.

However, if you prefer to produce your candles fully at home, you can do so. Just keep in mind that scaling your production process this manner may be more difficult.

To make homemade candles, follow these steps:

Gather your supplies. A certain type of wax (such as soy), wicks, candle containers, aromas and essential oils, spatulas, super glue, and anything else you might want to use to mark your candles, such as printed labels or custom-made jar labels, are all things you’ll need.

Prepare your wax by measuring and preparing it. In a measuring cup, measure the exact amount required to make each candle according to the directions on the wax pellets or flakes. To prevent your wax from burning, melt it slowly in the microwave, stirring every thirty seconds or so. You’ll also need to monitor the temperature before adding oils to your candles’ aroma. Your wax should be around 185 degrees Fahrenheit for aroma to mingle well—a meat thermometer can let you assess the temperature.

Make the mixture your own. Prepare your unique jar while the wax is melting by gluing one end of the wick to the bottom of the container. To keep the wick straight, wrap it around a stick and balance it on top of the jar. Fill the jar to about three-quarters with wax (with the aroma already applied). If you desire a specific color, you can also use wax dyes.
Complete your candle. Allow the wax to cool before adding more of the leftover mixture if needed. Once the candle is set, snip off any leftover wick and add any remaining embellishments, such as orange peel or flower petals. That’s all; your candle is now ready to light.

4. Create an online store

After you’ve worked things out, the next step is to set up an internet store.

When opposed to selling your candles on Etsy, creating an internet store appears to be a demanding undertaking. However, these selling websites eat into your income and prevent you from freely expressing your brand. Your online store serves as a digital home for your brand, as well as assisting you in becoming more successful over time.

You may build on a variety of eCommerce systems, but Shopify is the easiest to get started with. You receive a beautiful storefront, built-in hosting, cart abandonment recovery, SSL certifications, and other beginner-friendly sales and marketing features for a tiny monthly price of $29 per month.

You may even use themes that prioritize your images and display your candles right on the site. Minimal, Artisan, and Modular are some of the concepts we recommend for home décor enterprises.

Shopify also offers a free trial that allows you to test the waters before committing to a plan. When you’re ready, you may use its domain registration tool to purchase your website domain and link it to your Shopify store.

5. Establish a distinct brand identity

The most direct way to impact how consumers feel about your candle business is to create a brand identity.

Begin by taking high-resolution product photos. Make sure your candles’ shape, texture, color, and label are all visible in your photos. Do you want to be more creative? Create a photo of a candle in your home so that others can imagine it in theirs. You may either pay a Shopify Expert to shoot your photos or use your smartphone to capture high-quality shots.

Next, create a brand narrative. This is a story that helps people understand and remember your brand. Candle brand tales are often sincere, compelling, and human. People should be moved by your narrative and want to learn more about it.

Consider the narrative of Lightscapes. Its founder worked in marketing and product development jobs at wine and candle firms for nearly two decades. She learned the value of aroma and how components may affect the quality of a candle on the job. Her patchwork of experiences, as well as her desire to use scents to create lasting memories, led her to start a candle company.

To find your tale, consider the following questions:

Why did I decide to start producing candles?
Who am I trying to reach, and what effect do I hope to have on them?
What kind of market reputation do I want to have?

6. Promote your candle company

In the candle market, there’s a lot of competition for attention, so you’ll need to think of new ways to get more people to notice your items. For one thing, candles were built for social selling, so you’ll need to use platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Other digital media can also be used to bring visitors to your Shopify website and individual product pages.

Consider the following channels and suggestions:

Pinterest. Home décor is a popular topic on Pinterest, one of the most popular platforms for discovering new items and brands. As a result, candlemakers should think about Pinterest while planning their digital marketing approach.
Instagram. Many candle companies have had excellent success curating a gorgeous Instagram feed. Build a large following by staging images of your candles to show off to others. You may also use Instagram to show how you make your candles behind the scenes.

Contests and giveaways. You can utilize some of your products as prizes in a series of giveaways as part of your social media marketing activities. These promotions can not only help you raise brand awareness, but they also allow you to demonstrate how well your candles operate.
Promos and sales for the holidays should be pushed. Candles make wonderful gifts for friends and family. That’s why demand always spikes during the holidays, especially around Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving. Colors, forms, and seasonal motifs can all be used to great effect.

Allow your business to be fueled by smells.

You’ve made it this far, which implies you’ve figured out how to make money selling candles on the internet. You can work toward building an income stream with a trending item that people love to buy if you have the knowledge and resources to help you produce and sell your homemade candles.

Do you have any suggestions for how to start a candle business for beginners? In the comments box below, please share your suggestions and tips.

Frequently Asked Questions about Candles

Is it lucrative to make candles?
Making candles can be a lucrative business. It has a modest initial investment, requires no equipment or technical skills, and can be done at home. Candles are extremely simple to promote online, which lowers your marketing expenditures and increases your profit margins. Expect an inflow of consumers to your store to buy their favorite candles, as the candle industry is expected to reach $13.72 billion by 2026.

What does it cost to start a candle company?

When compared to the costs of starting other enterprises, the capital necessary to start a candle-making firm is comparatively low. The majority of your cost will be for the equipment you’ll need to start creating candles. Spend about $1,000 to acquire all of the gear you’ll need, including staples like Mason jars, pouring pots, and a double boiler.


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