How To Create new Ha Tunnel Plus Files hat file For Free Internet Access

How To Create Ha Tunnel Plus Files For Free Internet Access
How To Create Ha Tunnel Plus Files For Free Internet Access

How To Create Ha Tunnel Plus Files For Free Internet Access

The Ha Tunnel Plus VPN is a fantastic VPN tunnel program for accessing unlimited free Internet. However, if you don’t know how to generate Ha Tunnel Plus files or concoct Ha Tunnel Plus config settings, your Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app will be useless.

I’ve produced multiple Ha Tunnel Plus free Internet settings in the past and understand how perplexing it might be when you’re trying to make your first Ha Tunnel file. But don’t worry, since in this essay, I’ll walk you through each step necessary to construct working Ha Tunnel configuration files utilizing free Internet hosts.

What is “free Internet”?

The term “free Internet” refers to Internet access that is provided without charge. It could be in the form of free Wifi, free data, or Internet obtained by tricking and bypassing your ISP’s firewall using VPN tunneling software.

Some people, I understand, do not believe that the Internet can be obtained for free using circumvention techniques. However, it is very true, and we will walk you through each step in this article.

How can get Ha Tunnel Plus VPN free Internet

Is that a tunnel? The name Ha Tunnel comes from the sound of you laughing (ha ha ha ha) when tunneling for free Internet access (LOL). Don’t mind me, I’m not sure where the name originated from.

Because this post is lengthy, you might want to go on this link to learn more about some of the phrases used in it. I wouldn’t recommend skipping any part of this post unless you’ve already read it.

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There are numerous ways to configure the VPN tunnel app for Ha Tunnel Plus VPN to obtain free unlimited Internet. It makes no difference whether you’re on MTN, Safaricom, Ooredoo, CellC, Vodacom, Glo, Digicel, Mytel, Telenor, or any other network. To acquire free Internet access, all you need is a basic grasp of your network (though, they are some networks that need more time because they are cumbersome even to understand)

In this post, you’ll also need working hosts for free Internet access. Because 90 percent of free Internet methods rely on hosts to evade your ISP service provider firewall, having a working host is critical. These hosts could take the form of any number of things.

Okay, I hear you whining about not knowing “how to find Ha Tunnel hosts” for this entire setup. I’ve got you covered once more. I produced three articles that show you how to get working hosts on your network using various ways.

The first article employs a mechanism similar to an SNI host finder or a hostname finder to provide you with a free functional host on your network. They’ve always been there, but they’ve always been hidden. The second post will show you how to search your network for free CDN servers, which will provide you with an unlimited Internet connection.

The third article, on the other hand, will not delve into your network in search of free SNI hostnames. Instead, it will provide a free SNI host list that is currently being used for free Internet access by users from your country. I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but if you truly want to find some solid Ha Tunnel hosts, I recommend reading three of the posts. Imagine the joy you’ll have when you’re finally able to make your own Ha Tunnel Plus free Internet configuration files without having to rely on anyone else.

Download the Ha Tunnel Plus config file.

Before we go into “how to build Ha Tunnel Plus files,” individuals looking for pre-made “hat files for Ha Tunnel” can find their own country’s configuration in our collection of working Ha Tunnel Plus config file downloads.

Our crew is regularly updating the configuration files in this. However, you should only do this after reading the main essay and understanding “how to utilize Ha Tunnel Plus for free Internet.”

We’ll go on to the next stage now that you know how to get free Ha Tunnel Plus Internet and Ha Tunnel host.

Note: If you have any questions or comments on today’s post, please leave them in the comments area.

requirements for creating the Ha Tunnel Plus hat file:

The following are the requirements for creating the Ha Tunnel Plus hat file:

  • Ha Tunnel Plus newest version: The Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app has been updated (Click here to download)
  • SIM card: Any SIM card you want, with no data or airtime charges (for those who will be trying theirs out as the tutorial progresses)
  • Host/SNI: Either a working host/SNI or one you want to test. They’re available here.
  • Patience is a virtue. Creating a free net trick can be simple and enjoyable, but it can also be tedious at times. So, absolutely, patience is required.

How to create a Ha Tunnel Plus file

What is a Ha Tunnel Plus file and how can I make one?

This is when the real instruction starts. Everything we’ve spoken about so far has been to get you ready to construct a working free internet configuration settings. All of the approaches in this post, including yours, can be utilized on any ISP’s network in the world.

We’ll go over all of Ha Tunnel’s options for getting cheap Internet access. Before we start cooking up the settings, you’ll need a few items.

Method 1: Direct Connection:

Because the steps are so basic, you won’t need to do anything unusual with this procedure. Continue reading.

When to use: This method is useful if your network’s server has an open port, or if you wish to use a social media pack or another type of subscription to get free internet on your device. But, as previously stated, this strategy does not always work, which is why it appears first.

  • Launch the Ha Tunnel Plus app.
  • Enable Custom Setup in Connection Mode.
  • Select Direct Connection from the drop-down arrow icon (Internet)
  • Select your port from the drop-down menu by going to the upper right and clicking Select
  • Port (The most common ports used in this case are 80,443, 3128, and 8080)
  • After that, click to Select Server and choose your preferred server. If you don’t want to change anything, leave the default server alone.
  • Wait for your connection to complete before clicking Start. You may check the status of your connection in the Log area.

method 2. TCP mode (Custom Payload):

This is the point at which things start to get interesting. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is used by this connection type to provide consumers with free Internet access. Despite the fact that it isn’t indicated, this employs the HTTP technique.

When to use: This can be used for things like social media packs, eLearning packages, and other things that allow free limitless access without paying for it. On the Orange network, I’ll use the Sierra Leone host

  • Launch the Ha Tunnel Plus app.
  • Enable Custom Setup in Connection Mode.
  • Select Custom Payload from the drop-down arrow symbol (TCP Mode)
  • Locate and click the hamburger button in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • When you click on Payload Generator, you’ll see exactly what’s shown in the image below.
  • Here’s a quick rundown of what each of these strategies entails:
  • Host: You enter your free host/SNI here. It may even be the host of the subscription you want to use to get over your ISP’s restrictions and get free Internet access.


  • This is your injection mechanism (HTTP requests) to deceive your ISP. You can choose the one that best suits you from a drop-down menu.
  • Is there an HTTP problem on your host? Yes, it’s most likely the case. Because it performs the work of the GET, this should be your preferred option for generating configuration. This method is specific and ensures that your connection is maintained.
  • When the HTTP-Bug method fails, the GET method should be the next thing you try. GET is very good at what it does. The GET method retrieves data from the web server to which you’re submitting it.
    CONNECT: This method is used to construct an HTTP tunnel via a proxy server, but it is not very popular. This technique is effective.
  • HTTP/1.0: This gentleman is well into his retirement years. It’s not necessary to utilize it unless you’re quite certain of what you’re doing.
  • HTTP/1.1: This is the most widely used HTTP version nowadays. This should be your preferred destination to avoid problems.
  • HTTP/2: This guy is better and faster than HTTP/1.1. It offers better performance, lower latency, and other benefits, but it hasn’t gained as much traction as the former.
  • HTTP HEADERS: With an HTTP request or response, data can be communicated or transferred between a web server and a client.
  • Keep Alive: This general-purpose header allows the sender to specify the maximum number of requests or the duration of a persistent connection. This selection is required for your connection.
  • User-Agent: This request header functions as a middleman, retrieving, rendering, and facilitating end-user interaction with online content. To cut a long story short, it’s required for unrestricted Internet access.
  • Let’s not overcomplicate things, online host. This is the webserver, which you will undoubtedly require.
  • Forwarded For: This allows this app to get information about endpoints. When the main option doesn’t work for you, enable this only when it’s absolutely necessary.

I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to talk about Close, Referrer, or Forward Host. I’m already putting up my best effort to defeat this.

So this is what I got from the free Sierra Leone Orange host ( When you’re finished, click Generate.

You’ll be led to another page after selecting Generate, where you’ll have to confirm the details. If everything seems good, click Install to apply the Ha Tunnel Plus settings.

Wait for the connection to complete after clicking Connect. You can also check your connection status in the log area.

3. HTTP Mode Custom Host Header:

First and foremost, I don’t use this because (in my opinion), it doesn’t do much. HTTP Mode is written there, however other than the name and a Custom Host/Payload, nothing else is shown. This app’s creators should have

In any case, you can enter your Custom Host and then choose the port on which it will run in the Select Port area. Also, look at the log section to see how your connection is doing.

4. SNI (SSL/TLS Mode) Custom:

On the Ha Tunnel Plus app, you may also use the SNI (Server Name Indication) to get free Internet access. Because the tricks on it endure longer, this method became quite popular over night. When shared with a large number of people, tricks tunneled over HTTP, TCP, UDP, and other protocols are readily prevented. This is due to the fact that your ISP is well-versed in the procedures described above.

SNI, on the other hand, was not widely used until lately. The method is still new to them, and your region may not even accept it (at the moment), which should be taken into consideration.

When to utilize: You can use this strategy for a variety of tricks. This includes free limitless access without paying for it, as well as social media packs, eLearning bundles, free hosts, and other similar services. For Telikom Papua New Guinea, I’ll use, and for MTN Ghana, I’ll use

There is a way to receive free SNI/hosts without much stress for individuals who need SNI urgently (in whispers). Check it out if you have a few minutes to spare.

  • Launch the Ha Tunnel Plus app.
  • Enable Custom Setup in Connection Mode.
  • Select Custom SNI from the drop-down arrow icon (SSL, TLS Mode)

Now you may type your SNI in the Custom SNI field, select Use Realm Host (v2), and click Start.

Alternatively, consider this

Note: The host mentioned above is the one I said I’d use. You must use your own instead of the ones I provided above. If you’re having trouble establishing a connection with SNI, try adding www. to your host or removing it if it was there in the first place.

Let’s say we tried but it didn’t work; instead, we’ll try without the www. When you try to use and run into problems, simply add www to the end of the address. This

How can I export the.hat file from Ha Tunnel Plus?

You must have completed your configuration and verified that everything is working.

  • Select Export Config from the hamburger menu.
  • When you click on Export Config, you’ll see the following.
  • Filename: This is where you name the file.
  • Add a description/message here: This is where you discuss the.hat configuration file.
  • Anti-Sniff: This inhibits sniffing of the configuration.
  • Only users on the mobile network will be able to utilize the configuration if you select this option. WiFi users will not be able to utilize it.
  • Block Root: This will prevent Android users from using their device if it is rooted.
  • Users will require a password from you to use the configuration file if you enable this.
  • Set Expiry: This is a useful feature.

How can I import a.hat file from Ha Tunnel Plus?

Select Import Config from the hamburger menu.

Now find the config you want to import and double-click it.

When it eventually finishes uploading, click Start and wait for the connection to complete.

To sum it up:

Use the steps outlined in this essay, and feel free to try out other methods to improve your ability to create free Internet pranks. If you have any queries about this article, please leave them in the comments area.

I’ll also talk about some new ways to gain free internet access that you may not be aware of. Meanwhile, I’ll finish up the incomplete bits of the Ha Tunnel Plus post.

  • How to obtain more time on the tunneling app Ha Tunnel Plus
  • How to improve the speed of your Ha Tunnel Plus Internet connection while avoiding potential pitfalls


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