New DStv Packages Prices – Bei ya vifurushi vya DStv 2022

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Prices for DStv Packages – Bei ya vifurushi vya DStv 2021/2022

Bei Ya Vifurushi vya DSTV|Dstv Package Price 2021 Vifurushi Vya DSTV Tanzania, Bei Ya Vifurushi Ya DSTV Tanzania, DSTV Packages And Price, Bei Ya Vifurushi Ya DSTV Tanzania, Vifurushi vya DStv family, DStv Family channel list, DStv Compact channels, Bei za vifurushi vya DStv 2021 With DStv, you can broaden your entertainment options. We have a variety of packages available, and we want to help you select the one that best meets your entertainment needs.

Tanzania DSTV Packages Prices 2021/2022
The prices of DStv packages in Tanzania for 2021/2022 are listed below.

TZS 129000 DStv Premium

To give a truly premium watching experience, DStv Premium mixes the best entertainment from across the world with cutting-edge technology. DStv Premium takes pride in providing the most diverse on-screen entertainment in Africa. With over 100 world-class television channels and 30 CD-quality audio channels on the menu, you’ll have access to live sports coverage, breaking news, top documentaries, non-stop movies, and children’s programming. MORE INFORMATION
Compact Plus TZS 84000 DStv

DStv Compact Plus is an excellent combination of entertainment and value. MORE INFORMATION

Compact TZS 44000 DStv

DStv Compact provides you with access to a large range of programs and hours. MORE INFORMATION
TZS 29000 DStv Family
DStv Family provides a variety of entertainment for a low monthly fee. DStv Family was created with the entire family in mind, and it includes channels such as Universal, Sony Max Africa, Magic Movies, and others. Ideal for some quality family time at home. MORE INFORMATION
TZS 19000 DStv Access
DStv Access is the introductory bundle to the DStv family, offering variety and value for money. MORE INFORMATION
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