15 The best WWE 2K22 new CAWS for you Download right now

wwe 2k22 Roster release date
wwe 2k22 Roster release date

If you’re missing AEW favorites like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, or NXT rookies like Bron Breaker, WWE 2K22 CAWs allow you to increase the in-game roster. CAW stands for “create a wrestler,” and adding new wrestlers is simple. Select Online > Community Creations > Downloads > Superstar in WWE 2K22 to access a massive database of grapplers made by committed fellow fans. In the only WWE 2K22 CAWs guide, you’ll ever need, we feature 15 of the greatest.


1 Bryan Danielson / Daniel Bryan

You’ll notice the name Creator Iconic a lot on this list. The first of his three appearances reintroduces WWE’s most popular face in recent memory to the long-running franchise. In 2021, Danielson left the company to join AEW, where he feuded with – and then partnered up with – the performer formerly known as Dean Ambrose. This list includes him as well, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

2 CM Punk

After a seven-year absence, Chicago’s favorite son made his triumphant return in 2021. His return bout against Darby Allin was a smash, and things only got better in 2022 with a spectacular feud against cocky, brash MJF – who will undoubtedly be added to this guide in due time. DreCAWS is responsible for this in-game punk version.

3 Paige

Despite retiring due to injury, the two-time Divas Champion appeared a lock on the team after being immortalized in the humorous Stephen Merchant comedy Fighting With My Family. That was not the case, and she openly chastised developer 2K for her oversight on Twitter after the game’s release. For the time being, Blunty’s CAW is the best way to use her in-game.

4 Bron Breakker

Since his debut last year, Rick Steiner’s son has been a sensation, gaining the NXT Championship from Tommaso Ciampa and drawing parallels to his uncle Scott Steiner and even Brock Lesnar. As a result, there are a slew of WWE 2K22 CAWs sporting his resemblance, but this MisterFiendX model stands out thanks to four outfits. A fantastic Wardlow from AEW has also been released by the same author.

5 Mark Henry

On the Community Creations servers, there are a number of fantastic World’s Strongest Man doppelgängers, but I’m utilizing the one created by NXTDiscipleTB for two reasons. It has two separate outfits, including Henry’s Bent On Destruction entrance tee, and its two designated finishers – Front Slam 1 and Front Slam 3 – differ slightly from each other.

6 Lita

This 2014 Hall of Famer has one of the most recognizable faces in wrestling, making her difficult to replicate in CAW form — despite numerous attempts. The one presented here is HarryPotterFan’s attempt, which gets a 7/10. After returning earlier this year to challenge Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship, she’s an especially unexpected departure from the roster.

7 Jon Moxley / Dean Ambrose

As promised in the Bryan Danielson piece, here’s another AEW immigrant whose departure from WWE shocked the wrestling industry, especially considering his wife Renee Young was also a WWE employee at the time. He’ll get a lot of downloads from Community Creations now that he’s fully established as a megastar in his new home, and this Iconic attempt is the best of the bunch.

8 Zelina Vega

Zelina was fired by WWE in late 2020, but she returned the following summer and won the first-ever Queen’s Crown competition. ConcertContenderMania created this CAW. Why isn’t Doudrop, the runner-up in the Queen’s Crown, on the list? Instead, look through our WWE 2K22 DLC guide to locate her with Ronda Rousey, Rick Boogs, and Omos.

9 The Great Khali

WhatsTheStatus, the game’s creator, is well-liked in the community for unearthing outfits hidden in other modes and sharing them for use across the game, such as Booker T and Happy Corbin’s King of the Ring gimmicks. Khali is his first bespoke creation in this year’s game, and he looks and feels identical to the lumbering monster that stomped around WWE ring from 2006 to 2014.

10 Aliyah

Aliyah took six years to make the leap from NXT to the main roster of WWE, but in October of 2021, she was recruited to Smackdown, allowing her to realize her dream. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to land the vivacious Canadian a role in a video game. However, she’s quite popular on the Community Creations servers, and Blunty’s creation is the best so far.

11 Graves, Corey

WhatsTheStatus makes another appearance on this list, demonstrating exactly what we mean when we say we’re mining character models existing in the game. Although Graves is solely listed as a commentator, WhatsTheStatus has managed to make the former NXT grappler playable. The only drawback is that he’s dubbed ‘The Superstar.’ Still, isn’t it something you can live with?

Carmelo Hayes (#12)

The creator brings reigning North American Champion to life with an excellent facial likeness and accurate tattoos in his third and final appearance on our list. Hayes was signed by WWE in 2021 and made his debut in a losing Cruiserweight Championship match against Kushida in June of that year, although he has quickly established himself as a top contender.


13 Bray Wyatt

Despite his release in July 2021, fans clamoured for The Fiend to be included in WWE 2K22, but neither WWE nor 2K were interested. He debuted in the series as Husky Harris in WWE 12 and was included as a pre-order bonus in WWE 2K20. You can choose from three distinct Wyatt outfits in this Azorthious masterpiece. For the love of your sanity, don’t re-enact either of his WrestleMania matches against Randy Orton.

14 Cody Rhodes

At WrestleMania 38, the former AEW champion made a surprise return to WWE, defeating Seth Rollins on his first night back and going on to defeat The Miz and Kevin Owens in consecutive weeks. As a result, the Community Creations servers have been flooded with Rhodes CAWs. There are a lot of good ones, but once again, it’s Iconic who comes out on top.

15 AJ Lee

While CM Punk’s comeback to the ring has been a huge success, his wife, AJ Lee, has remained happily retired, which means we won’t be seeing the three-time Divas Champion in any upcoming videogame. So, kudos to LassKickBoss for rescuing the situation. His CAW in WWE 2K22 has two incredibly realistic attire, as well as a precise moveset and entrance for the tiny scrapper.



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