How can Fix Apple Studio Display Speakers Not Working?

How To Fix Apple Studio Display Speakers Not Working?

apple Studio Display Speakers Faulty? How to Repair The current issue that appears to be afflicting many Studio Display users is that the speakers simply cease working. This problem does not appear to be “caused” by anything specific, as it affects a wide range of users. Many customers are experiencing the same problem, whether they are on Twitter or the official Apple Support Forums.

According to a leaked memo received by MacRumors, Apple is aware of the issue and working on a solution:

“According to a memo acquired by MacRumors, Apple recognizes that users may experience speaker troubles with the company’s $1599 display.” Customers experiencing problems are advised to withdraw the Studio Display from power, unplug any accessories or devices attached to the display, wait ten seconds, and then reconnect the Studio Display to power. Apple expressly states that this is not a hardware issue and suggests that a future iOS release may address the concerns.”

Examine For A Software Update

The Studio Display, like any other Apple device, may receive software upgrades. The difference here is that the upgrades are done by your connected Mac’s built-in System Update feature, rather than manually downloading and side-loading a firmware update. A software remedy has not yet been released as of this writing, but if you encounter this issue in the future and want to double-check for a software update, follow these steps:

On your Mac, launch the System Preferences app.

In the third row of options, select Software Update.
If an update is available, select it by clicking the Update Now option.
When the update is complete, click the Restart notification that displays.
Apple Studio Display Update – 2

When attempting to determine the firmware version of the Studio Display, things become a little more tricky. Because this isn’t running iOS, you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your Mac’s settings to find the firmware version.

In the top left corner of the Menu Bar, click the Apple logo.

Select About This Mac from the drop-down menu.
Select the System Report… option.
Click Graphics/Displays in the sidebar.
There will be another part called Studio Display after this. The firmware version will be displayed next to the line item Display Firmware Version. This indicates if you are running the most recent version available or if an update is required.

Relaunch Your Studio Display

According to the leaked Apple memo, the company’s present approach does not provide a long-term solution. Instead, simply restart your Apple Studio Display and ensure that all attached peripherals or devices have been removed. Here’s how to restart your Studio Display properly:

Remove the Studio Display from the wall outlet.
Remove any attached accessories and/or devices from the Studio Display.
Wait at least 10 seconds for the screen to totally blackout.
Reconnect the Studio Display to the wall outlet.
Allow the Studio Display to turn on. (You’ll notice the Apple logo.)
Reconnect all of your Studio Display’s accessories, peripherals, and devices.
Once your Mac recognizes the connection, we recommend trying to play some media to determine whether the Apple Studio Display speakers are still not working. If you’re still having trouble, move on to the next method.

Start Your Mac, PC, or iPad Again

You may connect the Studio Display to your Mac, iPad, or even a Windows PC because it uses USB-C or Thunderbolt (albeit with some limitations). If you’ve been having problems with your Apple Studio Display speakers not working, the next step is to restart your linked device.

If you’re utilizing the Studio Display with a Windows PC, you’ll need to complete the following:

In the toolbar’s bottom left corner, click the Start button.
Press the Power button.
Choose Restart.

To restart, anyone using a Mac with the Apple Studio Display must do the following:

  • Click the Apple Logo in the upper left corner of the Menu Bar.
  • Click Restart from the drop-down menu…
  • Close any apps that are interfering with your Mac’s restart procedure if prompted.
  • Last but not least, if you’re using a compatible iPad with your Studio Display, make sure it’s

disconnected first, then restart as follows:

Hold down the Power and Volume buttons at the same time.
Continue to hold the button until the Power Off slider shows at the top of the screen.
Slide the Slide to Power Off slider to the right.
Once your iPad’s display has been completely turned off, press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

Please contact Apple Support.

While the issues with the speakers are undoubtedly bothersome, Apple appears to have recognized the issue in some form. On the plus side, it looks that the problem with Apple Studio Display speakers not working is not a hardware issue. Of course, having to wait for a software repair is irritating, but it’s preferable than being entirely in the dark if your Studio Display is affected.

You can also contact Apple Support as a final resort. You will most likely be told of what the leaked Apple memo reveals, but the Support professional may be able to lead you through some additional troubleshooting methods. Otherwise, you may be directed to take the Studio Display to your nearest Authorized Service Repair center to ensure that nothing else is causing the problems.

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