How to Stop/cancel Glo Data Plan Auto-Renewal (Code)

How to Stop Glo Data Plan Auto-Renewal (Code)

This article contains how to stop or cancel Auto-renewal on GLO data plan. Slide down to get code used to disable GLO data auto-renewal directly on your phone.

Have you been seeking for a solution to deactivate Glo network auto-renewal? This is the ideal post for you! Automatic data renewal can be extremely inconvenient at times, especially if your airtime credit was withdrawn without your knowledge.

Many people consider this to be fraud, however, Glo has highlighted how beneficial enabling automatic renewal can be. One of the advantages of using this function is that you get double the amount of your initial Glo data plan.


That are the advantages, but I’m sure many of you still don’t consider it friendly in any manner. However, when faced with such an automated data renewal circumstance, you do not need to panic. Glo has also made it possible for you to disable/stop your active Glo data auto-renewal by sending a simple SMS code from your mobile device.

How to Stop / Cancel Auto-renewal on Glo Data Plan (Code)

To disable data auto-renewal on your phone, follow the instructions below;

  • Get to your message » While the plan is still ACTIVE, text ‘CANCEL’ to 127. You will receive confirmation that you have successfully opted out of Glo data auto-renewal.
  • Using that simple way, you may disable or cancel auto-renewal on Glo. If you’ve had a similar issue on other networks, here’s a post that explains how to stop auto-renewal on all Nigerian networks; in the meantime, 9mobile subscribers can learn how to cancel auto-renewal on 9mobile.
  • However, if this method isn’t working for you, you should consider phoning Glo’s customer service line “121” to file a complaint.

If you have any queries, please leave them in the comment section below. That should suffice.

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