Top Best NFT Play to Earn Games to Invest 2022

Best play to earn Crypto Games To Make Money on Android (2022)

Top Play-to-Earn Crypto Games to Invest in 2022, Crypto games are precisely what you expect them to be. They are games that allow you to earn and own digital assets; rather than playing for free, you will earn as you play these Android games.

Non-fungible tokens are earned or exchanged by players in these games (NFTs). Some of these games even let players to make their own NFT and gain digital assets just by performing quests, fights, and activities. There’s a lot you’re missing out on if you haven’t heard about the greatest Crypto Games To Make Money on Android.

Today on NaijaKnowHow, I’ll be sharing the top crypto games to generate money on your Android mobile. You may earn money in your crypto trading applications by playing these games.


list Best NFT Play to Earn Games to Invest in 2022

These aren’t just games; you’ll need to put in the effort and demonstrate your creativity. Each game’s reward system is unique, and getting paid is determined on how much time you spend playing.

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1. Crypto Cats – Earn by Playing

Crypto Cats is one of the greatest Android applications for earning bitcoin, as it requires you to complete tasks and get prizes. This game is highly addicting and offers a variety of game modes; you may earn various cryptocurrencies and even claim NFT awards without any difficulty.


On Crypto Cats, you may earn money by completing daily objectives and spinning the wheel of fate. You may play this game online or offline, and you will be able to win money both ways. The software is really easy to use and basic.

Play to Earn with Crypto Cats

Crypto Cats - Play to Earn
Developer: Realis
Price: Free

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2. Bitcoin Fight for Food

Bitcoin Food Fight is an app that allows you to earn Bitcoin straight from your Android device. This game contains knife-throwing action and the only method to earn is to amass bling points, which can then be redeemed for Bitcoin. You don’t have to win every game; the important goal is to play games on Bitcoin Food Fight and winning merely raises your bling points.

You may pay out after 7 days of playing games on this app. Register an account and log in every time to gain bling points even if you don’t play a game. Bitcoin Food Fight is one of the greatest crypto games to make money since it provides a simple approach to earning bitcoin.

Bitcoin Fight – Win BTC

Bitcoin Food Fight - Get BTC
Developer: Bling

Price: Free

3. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity

Making Money With Crypto Games

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It’s a pretty popular game in the world of crypto games. It is a Pokemon-inspired game in which players may gather, retain, and raise Axies. These Axies are NFTs that may be traded on public exchanges. You may fight your Axies for Smooth Love Potion (SLP) money.

In the game, these digital currencies are used to pay breeding costs. They can also be sold on exchanges. However, in order to begin trading with these axies, you must have at least three axies. Axie infinity can be downloaded from Axies’ official website, and it’s one of the best crypto games to make money.

Developer: Bling
Price: Free

4. Ethereum Explosion

Ethereum Explosion
Ethereum Explosion

Ethereum Blast is a crypto earning game for Android that requires you to match two colorful combos. This game is very addictive, and you’ll often forget you’re playing to earn Ethereum. This game has a lot of features and over 100 levels to play, so you’ll never get bored.

Ethereum Blast includes wacky space creatures, explosive power-ups, and glowing stones. Most importantly, Ethereum Blast allows you to earn Bling Points, which you can exchange for crypto fractions.

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Earn Ethereum with Ethereum Blast

Ethereum Blast - Earn Ethereum
Developer: Bling

Price: Free

5. FreeCryptoGram


FreeCryptoGram is an app that allows you to earn more than one cryptocurrency; you must complete several activities before you can win money. Another free benefit of using this app is that when you invite friends, you will receive 5% off their withdrawals. You can also earn extra points by using promotional codes obtained from the FreeCryptoGram Facebook page.

There’s a reason why FreeCryptoGram is one of the greatest crypto games to make money: you may earn more than one sort of cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, and the software is incredibly simple to use.


Developer: B Programmers

Price: Free

6. Lucky Block – Best NFT Competition Platform

Lucky Block is an excellent choice if you want to be rewarded merely for holding an NFT. By purchasing Lucky Block NFTs, you will be able to enter several events and win highly coveted prizes (such as a Lamborghini or $1 million in Bitcoin). Furthermore, you will earn daily benefits as long as you hold an NFT, even after the tournament has ended.

Purchasing Lucky Block NFTs is a quick and straightforward process. Choose whatever competition you want to participate in on the official website and purchase the matching NFT on NFTlaunchpad. You’ll be instantly entered into the competition of your choosing!

Finally, by possessing the corresponding NFTs, you can join the Platinum Rollers Club. As a member, you are entitled to free admission into a variety of unique competitions. If you want to win a lot of prizes and freebies without having to work for hours, the Lucky Block NFT competition platform can be a good fit.

7. Battle Infinity – Best P2E Game to Invest in 2022

Look no further than Battle Infinity if you enjoy fantasy sports! Battle Infinity, which sits firmly at the top of our list, is an emerging metaverse platform that allows users to engage in a variety of activities outside of the actual action. This platform is a jack-of-all-trades, providing many play-to-earn games, an NFT marketplace, and virtual reality all in one experience.

The platform includes an NFT pass, which allows you to participate in the game’s numerous leagues. You can buy players in the IBAT Premier League to form teams and increase your chances of winning a match. When you win a match or a league, you receive a large payout that you can spend to continue playing or swap in-game for real money.

As previously said, Battle Infinity is much more than just a fantasy sports game. You can also make money by opening crates of various rarities (which may contain exciting rewards), selling NFTs on the IBAT Battle Market, or staking your IBAT tokens for an annual percentage payout (APY). We appreciate the variety of possibilities provided because it helps users to choose their preferred method of earning money in this decentralized environment.


As previously said, Battle Infinity is a forthcoming project that is now in the presale phase. As a result, you can buy an IBAT token for as little as $0.0015, making now an excellent moment to invest. Remember that there is no tax on purchases, so you have a strong incentive to join the project as soon as feasible.


There are four more phases before the actual debut of Battle Infinity, which is now in phase 3! We’re excited to see where this project goes, and it’s the best investment you can make if you like NFT P2E games. Join the Telegram group to become a part of the community and stay up to date on the latest news about this interesting metaverse project.

8. Cryptokitties – Collect Adorable Virtual Pets

Cryptokitties was impressively introduced in 2017, long before the current NFT boom. As a result, it’s a well-known Ethereum-based blockchain game where you can buy and trade virtual cats. These cats are the game’s NFTs; they have unique characteristics and can be sold on the market for a large profit.

As the game progresses, you’ll see that it lacks a clear goal, which may turn off some players. You try to increase the rarity and value of your offspring by breeding them with different characteristics. In some ways, the game is essentially a long-winded way of attempting to make your own NFT artwork.

Nonetheless, if you put in enough effort, Cryptokitties could be a legitimate play-to-earn NFT game. One Cryptokitty in particular was auctioned for more than a million dollars. That’s an incredible ROI for a virtual cat breeding game!

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9. Gods Unchained – Best Trading Card Game

Gods Unchained is one of the few true free-to-play NFT games where you may make money. Most others necessitate some type of initial investment. You don’t have to spend money to make money with Gods Unchained. If you like Magic: The Gathering, you will undoubtedly enjoy this card fighter!

Gods Unchained is also a terrific choice for true gamers, as the project rewards actual abilities and allows you to advance based on your knowledge. Gods, unlike most other P2E games, requires much more than simple luck to turn a profit. Gods Unchained can make you a fortune if you play strategically.

As previously said, it is a card game, and the cards are the NFTs. They have varied strengths, weaknesses, and stats, which you can improve using the in-game token GODS. Immutable X, a cryptocurrency marketplace, allows you to purchase, trade, and sell NFTs.

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If you want to earn free bitcoin on your Android device, these are the finest games to try. Keep in mind, though, that earning on these games takes time. The more you play, the more jobs you accomplish and the more coins you earn.

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