[NEW] The Long Dark Update 2.02 Patch Notes Sep 10, 2022

Update 2.02 for The Long Dark is now available for download on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. According to the patch notes for Long Dark version 2.02, the latest update included some significant bug fixes as well as game and performance improvements. Aside from that, The Long Dark patch 2.02 includes stability improvements.

Previously, a significant update was released that addressed a potential stumbling block in Episode Four. Unfortunately, some players have reported bugs and errors since the last patch. A few of these issues have been addressed in today’s The Long Dark patch 2.02. More information is provided below.

The Long Dark Patch 2.02 Notes – September 10, 2022


  • [UI] Resolved an issue that caused the Surveyed Locations to display the incorrect number of locations when viewed in the Journal.
  • [UI] Resolved an issue that prevented the Voice Audio slider in Audio Options from responding correctly when adjusted.
  • [UI] Corrected an issue that caused the subtitles to appear beneath the Radial Menu, preventing players from reading them.
  • [UI] Corrected an issue that caused the Manage Data button (located under Privacy -> Options) to incorrectly link to Unity’s Cloud Analytics.
  • [UI] Added a check to the Fire Starting Menu to prevent players from opening it if they do not have all of the required items.
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  • [Gameplay] Fixed an issue that caused Carcasses to decay at an accelerated rate.
  • [Gameplay] Fixed an issue that prevented players from lighting torches from a lit Stove or Rim Grill.
  • [Gameplay] Fixed an issue that allowed players to duplicate Matches by adding a stack to a container, while a Match is lit.


** Please be aware that this section contains WINTERMUTE spoilers. **

  • [EP 3] Trauma: Fixed a bug that resulted in a corrupted save game if the game was saved right after the first conversation with Father Thomas.
  • [EP 4] Donner: Corrected a bug that prevented players from progressing past the planks following the rooftop escape sequence after receiving the call from Jace and retrieving the Hard Case. This should also solve the problem for players who are currently stuck.
  • [EP 4] Donner: Corrected the interaction tag on the Prison Gate so that it no longer appears below the gate.
  • [EP 4] The Detonators: Fixed an issue that caused the Player’s item to be duplicated after triggering the Mine Collapse cinematic.
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[HDR] A bug that prevented the game from enabling HDR mode on HDR-enabled devices has been fixed.
The Long Dark 2.02 is available for free download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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