Slowdns free Unlimited internet for Airtel Uganda

Slowdns free internet for Airtel Uganda

Users interested in this trick don’t need data or airtime for it to work. Setup is easy and I have detailed how to connect Ha Tunnel Plus VPN for free internet access. Just as you know, the Vodafone scam is using Ha Tunnel Plus VPN while using Airtel Droid VPN. If you do not have an account, you are required to sign up for Droid VPN.

Slowdns free Unlimited internet for Airtel Uganda

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How To Create Hat Files HA Tunnel Plus VPN for Free Internet Trick For All ISP


1. Vodafone Egypt SIM card without data and call credit
2. Android or iOS device or PC.
3. Slowdns
4. Configuration settings

Follow the procedures below, configure the free unlimited internet connection and enjoy it at no cost. I will also publish our monthly Free Internet Hoax Report. Keep our website and social channels updated.

how to get free Unlimited internet in Slowdns with Airtel Uganda

Procedure: Slowdns Airtel Uganda free Unlimited internet 

1. click here to download the Slow DNS app or here to download TunnelGuru app for PC users
2. Install and open the app.
3. Now use the below settings to configure your Slow DNS app:
Username and password: Leave this part
Server: select any free server of your choice
DNS Server: or any a faster TunnelGuru IP address
Choose TXT: Null
 LPort=  250 , RPort= 80
Keep changing connection port: Tick
       Binary Query: Tick
Click on Connect
4.¬†Wait for the connection to go through because sometimes it might take a while for it to go through. However, if it doesn’t, simply try reconnecting again.

Slowdns free Unlimited internet for Airtel Uganda

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