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As an MMORPG, the skin and fashion aspects are hidden behind the build you select. And because Lost Ark has so much fantastic clothing, we thought it would be a big benefit to you if we developed a closet of all the outfits in the game. The goal is to seem cool.

Outfits can cover an unattractive mismatch of equipment and make you appear fantastic. Skins can be obtained in a variety of methods. Keeping the enemy away can be exhausting, so it’s best to look good while doing it. So prepare to be wowed by the stylings of Losk Ark tailors. To make these skins stand out, make sure Lost Ark is set up properly.

Outfits in Lost Ark can be purchased via the game’s cash shop and are cycled seasonally. Every season, some classes may be granted more clothing than others, so don’t worry about your class’s turn in the future. Also, some outfits are only for the base class, while others are only for the advanced class, so choose wisely. Outfits can also be transferred amongst your account’s characters if they are of the same class. Outfits grant some stat boosts, but they are minor and should not affect your purchasing decision; Glamour is what counts!

Update (April 2022): The new Lost Ark Glaivier class skins will be uploaded in the next few days, so keep an eye out for them.

The costumes may change depending on when you read this post; we’ll update this list as new outfits arrive.

Can you get skins in Lost Ark?

Skins can be obtained in Lost Ark through completing time-limited tasks, defeating specific bosses, or purchasing them from the in-game shop. Cache Skins are the only ones that can be coloured in the game. The Skins serve as a top layer of clothes, allowing you to change your appearance or conceal your weapons.

Do skins come back Lost Ark?

Old skins are back on the market! They would return in RU and JP, but it could take up to a year for the shop to reintroduce a skin set. With so many unpublished skins in NA, it’s unlikely they’ll do duplicates very soon (especially considering how much outrage it would cause around here)

How do you get more clothes in Lost Ark?

Additional skins can be obtained in a variety of methods, including clearing special in-game achievements, completing time-limited events, defeating specific bosses, and purchasing from the in-game shop, to mention a few. As the game progresses, expect to see a lot more Lost Ark skins and outfit combinations.

How do I equip lost skins in Ark?

You can change your skins by right-clicking them in your inventory and equipping them. Another thing you can do is create presets in the character area by pressing P and navigating to the Skins & Virtues section, which will allow you to quickly switch between preset clothes.

Are skins roster wide Lost Ark?

Your ships are your primary means of traversing the wide oceans of Lost Ark. Everything relating to it is, of course, roster-wide. As a result, once unlocked for the first time, your ship’s skins, sails, and crew members are connected to your roster.

list of Lost Ark: All Outfits, Skins and Costumes – free lost ark skins

Warrior Class Outfits

Warriors are Lost Ark’s Tank class. They travel slowly to get to their prey, but their strikes are lethal. A lesson for folks who prefer to do less talking and more doing for their team.


The best and most accessible class for the general public. This guy can go insane and demolish adversaries in a matter of seconds (if build properly). On the field, they are unstoppable with their greatsword and rage. They gain insane speed and earth shattering damage capability while in berserk form.

Outfits for Martial Artists

If you enjoy martial arts and enjoy the pace and flashiness of the attacks, this class is for you. They deal harm with their fists or fist weapons and move away quickly. The name of the game is in and out, and speed is their strong suit.


Wardancers are elemental forces in and of themselves, not just martial artists. They use elemental powers to augment their moves and do more harm. With this added power, their assaults become even more lethal, and their motions become more flamboyant.



A two-in-one class with melee and ranged abilities. Soulfists can change their style on the fly to keep their opponents guessing. When you combine the two sorts of attacks, you get some insanely strong attacks. They use Adamance’s particular energy to boost their powers or propel them through the combat.


As previously stated, we will provide all Glaivier skins here as soon as this new class becomes available in Lost Ark for the NA / EU zone. So come back later. For the time being, you can read about its abilities, engravings, and mechanics.

Outfits for Gunners

This workshop is for all you ranging individuals out there. Their job is to keep a safe distance and deliver punishment. They use ranged weapons such as futuristic firearms, short and long range, and archery to destroy and support team members who are fighting.



Sharpshooters deal all types of damage with mechanical bows and arrows that have unique qualities. They last longer and wander around the battlefield enough to make them difficult to eliminate. They can employ stealth to exploit enemy weaknesses.


Deadeye carries not one, not two, but three weapons with them to use as needed. Each weapon can be picked based on the situation, and they include a double handgun, a shotgun, and a rifle, each serving a certain purpose. They are quite versatile and can go face to face with the enemy or battle from behind.

Mage Costumes

Mage is a support class with ranged attacks and skills that benefit the entire party. Depending on how you create them, they can empower the rest of the team to make them more effective, heal to increase their survivability, or do Area of effect damage. Because they are a vulnerable class, you should keep your distance.

Outfits for Assassins

This is the glass cannon of the group, where Assassins deliver massive damage but are bound to get squished if trapped between a rock and a hard place. This shortcoming is compensated for by rapid movement, and it is suggested for individuals who want to play methodically rather than button mash.


Skins of animals

The animal skins were part of the Gratitude Packs, a festive gift provided in honor of the game’s western release. The skins are distinct for both males and females and will be seen side by side for both below.

What a collection you have there. I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to what to purchase my Martial Artist. Please let us know what skins you’re using for your classes. Stay tuned to our website for more Lost Ark information.