Solved: Android 12 App Crashing issue – Android 12 Causing Touch Response

Android 12 is pretty new in the market and Pixel users have got an early taste of it in Developer Preview as well as in Public Beta build too. But it seems that some users are still experiencing multiple bugs, lags, crashes, etc on their devices even after the stable release. Although Android 12 offers multiple features and improvements, the app crashing issue is quite prominent to the users right now. Android 12 App Crashing issue

So, if you’re also getting the same issue on your Android 12 then you can check out this troubleshooting guide to fix it. Although having a Pixel device is really great for testing out the latest Android OS releases and starts using the stable build than anyone else, the initial build may have some issues whatsoever. That’s why many users have been experiencing frequent app crashes for a while.

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App Crashing Issues for Some Google Pixel Phone Users

  • The problems don’t seem to be limited to a specific Pixel model, though most of the complaints available on the Web suggest that the issues are emerging on recent Pixel phones including the Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G, and Pixel 5.
  • Google has not yet acknowledged any issues with Android 12 yet. However, product experts on the Google Support forums have recommended some affected users to switch to safe mode to determine if the problems are coming from any third-party apps. It doesn’t seem to have helped users to a large extent.
  • Anonyshu has reached out to Google for a comment on the matter and will update this space when the company responds.
  • Android 12 was released alongside the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro launch earlier this week after months of beta testing. The new operating system brings interface-level changes through the Material You design language. There are also new privacy-focused changes including the ability to share approximate location and a new Privacy Dashboard to detail app permission settings.
Android 12 App Crashing issue
Android 12 App Crashing issue

Fix: Android 12 App Crashing issue

Plenty of reports are coming out that there is an issue with the Android WebView application. If you don’t know, the Android WebView app is a tool that allows applications like Gmail patch into the Chrome browser app to display the web content without leaving their own app interface. It’s quite fortunate that the users have found a solution on Google Issue Tracker.

If in case, you’re consistently getting app crashes on Android 12 then make sure to perform the following methods one by one until the problem gets resolved.

1. Re-Enable Android System WebView

Go to the device Settings menu > Tap on Apps.

Go to All apps > Scroll down to ‘Android System WebView’.

Then tap on ‘Disable’ and confirm the popup.

Make sure to Enable the Android System WebView app again on the device to reset it.

You’re good to go.

If you’re still receiving the app crashing issue, we’ll recommend you to keep repeating the process multiple times to cross-check the problem.

2. Uninstall Android System WebView

Go to the Settings menu > Tap on Apps > All apps.
Go to the app store page for Android System WebView (there should be a link from its settings page).
Then select ‘Uninstall’ and once it’s done, just hit ‘Enable’ and it should work again.
If these workarounds didn’t help you, then you should have to wait to get it fixed by the developers. We’ll recommend you submit feedback to Google Support Forum or Google Issue Tracker for further assistance. It’s also expected that developers will come up with a patch fix soon that will resolve the app crashing issue on Android 12 completely.