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ATM 2022 Zenith Bank Transfer Code Without Debit Card

You’re about to discover the Zenith bank transfer code without the use of a debit card or an ATM.

Everything is now simplified.

With the Zenith Bank Transfer Code, you can now conduct transactions using your mobile phone instead of a debit card or an ATM.

I believe you require the shortcode to complete your next transfer. This article explains how to use the Zenith bank transfer code without a debit card.

Follow the instructions below.

About Zenith Bank’s USSD Code

The ZBUC enables you to conduct small to large-scale transactions quickly.

Instead of going to the bank or the nearest Point Of Sale (POS) service to make a stress-free transfer.

Consider yourself waiting in line for a long time just to withdraw or transfer N5,000. Just a little cash.

That is no longer the case with this new system. Yes, with the USSD code, you can now bank from the comfort of your own home using your mobile phone.

Zenith Bank Transfer Code Without ATM or Debit Card

It is possible to transfer money, airtime, or data using your phone, but you must first do something.

What exactly is it? To activate the Zenith Bank USSD code transfer on your phone, you must first register your mobile number.

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Now, proceed as directed.

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How to Register and Activate a Transfer Code

  • Switch on your phone. Regardless of the device you use (Android or iPhone).
    *966*00# is the shortcode. Open your phone dialer and enter *966*00# followed by the phone number you used to open your account. Activation of the Zenith Bank Transfer Code
    Enter a four-digit code. The 16digit will be visible on your ATM card. Enter the final four digits.
    Make a PIN for Transfer. After entering the last four digits of your debit card, you will be prompted to enter a new PIN.
    The purpose of this is to secure your account and transactions.
    Enter the PIN again. This is the screen where you must confirm the PIN you created earlier. Please enter your 4-digit PIN again.
    You have successfully registered and activated your Zenith EazyBanking number.

Confirm your activation. You should now receive an SMS from your bank with your account balance information.
This is an indication that you did well.

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Transfer Code From Zenith Bank To Another Bank

It is very simple to transfer money from your account to another bank user.

Yes, now that you’ve successfully linked your account to your phone, you can start making purchases.

  • *966*Amount*Account Number# is the code. For example, to transfer N1000 to 5268300010, dial *966*1000*5268300010#. transfer code from Zenith Bank to other banks
    Choose The Bank.
    Confirm the name of the recipient.
    Enter your PIN here.
    It’s as simple as that.

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Zenith Bank Transfer Capacity

What you can do with the Zenith EazyBanking code is subject to terms and conditions. The transaction limit is the maximum amount of money you can transfer to someone per day.

You are only allowed N3,000 in Airtime Transfer per day.
You are only allowed to send N100,000 in money transfers per day.
Keep this in mind before contacting Zenith Bank customer service. Make Certain That You Do Not Miss The Airtel 200 For 1GB Data Code To Subscribe


Back in the day, anything related to banking could be very discouraging.

But everything has changed today. With a few taps on your phone screen, you can now complete a variety of large transactions.

That’s all there is to it. Without a debit card or an ATM, use the Zenith bank transfer code.

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