Azumi L4Z Unlocked firmware Flash File Bin

Azumi L4Z Unlocked firmware Flash File Bin Azumi L4Z Pac File Unlocked File Available for all networks.

This Azumi L4Z Unlock Firmware is for:

  • Unlock the Azumi L4Z for any national and international operator.
  • No data loss;
  • Simple, easy, and secure;

attention The firmware is in bin format, for the Azumi L4Z unlock process you must use Miracle Box Crack Program version 2.82, another version, or other programs that support the Bin format.

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Important Information

Therefore, before doing the Azumi L4Z Network Unlock Flash Process, you must first:

  • Make sure the cell phone battery has a sufficient charge of at least 50%;
  • Backup if possible, unless you know what you are doing;
  • Use an original USB cable so as not to give errors during the flash process;
  • Use SPD Flash Tool, Nck, Cm2, or other supported program;
  • Download and install SPD Drivers on your computer;

Firmware Information

device name: Azumi L4Z
Type: Unlock File
Version: Null
download server: MEGA
File size: 3MB
Password: Yes c)
Negotiable: 150Mt or 3$

Download Links

WinRAR 32/64bit
A- Download SPD Drives
Download Miracle Box Crack V.2.82

Azumi L4Z Unlocked File

Unlock Flash Process Procedures

After downloading the programs and the Azumi L4Z Unlocked File, follow these steps in Miracle Box.

  1. Select CPU or Chip SPD:
  2. Click Write:
  3. Select the SPD6631E SP;
  4. Click on START B UTTON

Important information

  • Before connecting the USB cable to the mobile phone, first press the CALL KEYPAD and CARDINAL. (The Two Upper Keyboards) at the same time.
  • Connect the USB Cable that allows data transfer.
  • Does not open the Miracle Box program while your Internet is On on your computer;
  • If the Start Button is not clickable, it makes the point of closing the Miracle;
  • Changes the date on the computer to the year 1989;
  • Reopen and follow the instructions again.
Azumi L4Z Unlocked firmware Flash File Bin
  • Azumi L4Z Unlocked firmware Flash File Bin
  • You can only contact us when there are difficulties in the Unlocking process.