Beforward Jp Stock List Japanese Used Cars for Sale 2022-2023

Beforward Japan Stock List – BE FORWARD: Japanese Used Cars for Sale

This guide provides all information about Beforward Japan Stock List to let you find the information you need. Get Now the Beforward Japan Stock List details here. BE FORWARD is the No.1 Japanese used car exporter. Always have a large selection of Low-priced, discounted vehicles. Customers are satisfied on their buying experience with BE FORWARD, which keeps repeat customer rate to at least 80%. Beforward Japan Stock List – BE FORWARD: Japanese Used Cars for Sale


BE FORWARD’s cross-border eCommerce site marks 56 million page views per month (as of May, 2015), an overwhelming number for a used car exporter in Japan, which places the company within the top 15 of Most Frequently Searched companies after Google and Yahoo (often exceeding Wikipedia’s ranking) in the dominant African markets including Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi.

CLICK HERE FOR: Beforward Japan Stock List

For more information Visit https://www.beforward.jp/

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Japanese Used Cars Exporter BE FORWARD

  • At “BE FORWARD” we have a large number of quality used cars, trucks and vans with more arriving everyday.
  • Below average prices, to suit your budget.
  • Every car has multiple pictures so you can really see what you are buying.
  • We will respond to any questions you may have quickly.
  • We are very experienced in shipping internationally. Our shipping partners are ready to send your vehicle to you immediately.
  • There is a professional mechanic on our staff to check vehicles; we also offer a tuning service.
  • Our professional commercial vehicle branch provide our trucks and vans.
  • We pride ourselves in providing a reliable service, we have had no problems with our transactions throughout the history of our company.

how to buy car in Beforward Japan

Step2 Order

Please select the item(s) which you would like to purchase and click “Add to Cart“.

Select the country you want to ship the items to then shipping method options will be shown. Please select your preferred shipping method. The shipping method of some items is fixed and cannot be changed. The total price, including the shipping fee, will be updated. If you agree with the price, click “NEXT”.

Step2 Address & Payment

Please enter your Shipping address and Billing address. Choose your payment method from Bank Transfer / Paypal / Credit Card.

Bank Transfer: We will send you a Proforma Invoice (PI) by email. Please make a bank transfer according to PI and send us the Telegraphic Transfer Copy via email within 2 business days (48hours) otherwise your reservation will expire. Bank charges from your bank are not included in the total cost quoted to you. All customers are responsible for paying their bank charges.

Paypal: You will be connected to Paypal website. Your order will be placed on completing the Paypal payment.

Credit Card: Please enter the details of your credit card and place your order.

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As soon as we confirm your payment, we will send you a payment confirmation email.

Step3 Shipping Schedule

We will inform you of the shipping schedule by email.

Air freight: Tracking number for your purchased item(s).

Sea freight: ETD (Estimate Time of Departure) & ETA (Estimate Time of Arrival) of your purchased item(s).

Step4 Delivery / Collection

Receive your item(s).

Air freight: The item(s) will be delivered to your requested address.

Sea freight: Receive your item(s) at the agreed destination.

Buyers’ Guide: How to Buy a Used Car beforward

So you’re buying your first used car. Congratulations! A car is one of the most significant purchases you will ever make, and buying used is definitely the more economical choice. The entire purchase process forces your emotions to yo-yo from nervousness to excitement and back again. The number of choices out there can leave your head spinning. You might even have trouble figuring out where to start—how do you buy a used car? You do the initial Google search, bringing dozens more questions to your mind: What type should I choose? What will its purpose be? How much should or can I spend? Keep reading for tips on how to buy a used car that meets both your needs and means.

How to Pay beforward Japanese Used Cars for Sale

BE FORWARD Support: How to Pay

We are currently accepting the following payment methods:

1. Bank Wire Transfer

Customers can send payments directly via wire transfer from their bank to BE FORWARD’s bank. The account number on the proforma invoice depends on the sales representative. Click here for details.

2. Credit / Debit Card

How to pay with card:
a) After receiving the Proforma Invoice (PI), login to Your BE FORWARD Account.
Find the vehicle you would like to pay for and click “Pay with Card” button. Enter your card information and complete the payment.

b) If you don’t have BE FORWARD Account, open the card payment link in the Proforma Invoice email. Enter your card information and complete the payment.

3. PayPal

Payment via PayPal is easy and fast. There’s no handling fee for the PayPal payment.

How to pay with PayPal:
a) After receiving the Proforma Invoice (PI), login to your BE FORWARD Account.
Find the vehicle you would like to pay for and click “Pay with PayPal” button. Login to your PayPal account and complete the payment.

b) If you don’t have BE FORWARD Account, open the PayPal payment link in the Proforma Invoice email. Login to your PayPal account and complete the payment.
For more details on how to make payments via PayPal, please click here

4. Bitcoin

To receive Bitcoin invoice, please inform your intention to pay by Bitcoin to top@beforward.jp

For more details on how to make a payment with bitcoin, please click here.

5. Western Union

Visit any convenient Western Union agent location.

Required: Valid photo ID and information as follows.

  1. Company Name: BE FORWARD
  2. Code City (Company Code): BE FORWARD JP
  3. Account Number: Proforma Invoice Number (Issued by BE FORWARD)
  4. Amount: Invoice Amount (Issued by BE FORWARD)


  • Western Union is available for the following 8 countries: Chile, Mongolia, New Zealand, Bahamas, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo.

If your country is not listed above, Western Union payment service is not available.

  • Not accepting partial remittance of the amount on Proforma Invoice.
  • The same person is allowed to use Western Union payment service once in 6 months.
  • Payment for used cars is acceptable, but not acceptable for other products.
  • Payable amount is from Minimum $0.01 to Maximum $5,000.

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