Applying Now for a Bursary 2022-2023 | apply for Bursary

Applying for a Bursary

Application Process

If you are eligible and would like to apply for one of the bursary funds shown, please visit the link below to complete an online application. direct axis bursary

The link will be live from 16 Aug 2021. If you need further guidance during the online application process, please contact the Student Support Team at your Campus.


Student Guidance Notes to applying for the Bursary online:

Young Learners

Adult Learners 19+ and Childcare Bursary

more: Apply now fast here – brand south Africa bursary application 2022 – 2023

brand south africa bursary
brand south africa bursary

What Happens Next?

Once your application has been successfully processed, you will receive an email notifying you of the amounts allocated and the dates your payments are due. The email will be sent to the address provided by you at enrolment, so please make sure the College has your correct details or we will not be able to contact you about our bursary application. This email address is also where any notification of non-payment and other correspondence will be sent. If you need to change any information, please contact the Admissions department in your college.

Can I appeal against the College’s decision?

You do have the right to appeal. If you wish to appeal please refer to the College appeals process, available on the College website, or contact the Student Support Team.


How will Bursary payments be paid?

The Bursary is paid on a weekly basis (two weeks in arrears). Payments are dependent on you having a weekly attendance of 85%. If you wish to appeal a decision for non-payment, please go to your school office, attendance monitor, with your non-payment email. They will be able to check your registers and let you know why they believe your attendance was marked below the acceptable level of 85% for that particular week.

The Bursary is paid directly into your bank account, so you will need to have an account in your own name. If you need support or guidance with opening a bank account, or there is a reason you cannot have one in your own name, please speak to a member of the Student Support team at your Campus.

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