Canon Service Tool V3400 for maintenance and resetter

With the absorbent ink counter, the Canon Servicing Tool V3400 can carry out service adjustments and reset processes. Use the V3400 service utility in Windows XP or any Windows operating system in compatibility mode to reset the waste ink absorber counters.

Only Windows OS supports the CANON Service Tool V3400 for all iP series, MG series, iX series, and MP series printers.

The following printer models are compatible with Service Tool V3400:

MP230, MP237, MP258, MP270, MP278, MP280, MP287, MP490, MP540 etc
IX6500, IX6510, iX6840 etc
iP2700, iP3600, iP4800, iP4810, iP4840, iP4900, iP4910, iP4940, iP4970, iP4980, iP4990, iP5810, iP5880, iP7240 etc
PRO9000 etc
MG2120. MG2140, MG2240, MG2270, MG3140, MG3540, MG4140, MG5140, MG5240, MG5270, MG5340, MG5450, MG6140, MG6150, MG6240, MG8140, MG8240


  • Download the Canon Service Tool V3400 to learn how to utilize it.
  • The printer should be in service mode.
  • Launch the software Service Tool V3400.exe.
  • From the USB PORT menu, choose the linked USB port number.
  • Choose MAIN from the Absorber pull-down option in the Ink Absorber Counter area of the
  • Service Tool.
  • Choose the value (in 10% increments) from the Counter Value (percent) pull-down menu that comes closest to the real counter value validated prior to replacing the logic board, then click
  • SET.
  • To ensure that the value is correctly set to the EEPROM, print EEPROM information.

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Download 54.4MB Mega