Download ADB Appcontrol 1.7.5 extended version key for Free 2022 Latest Version

ADB AppControl ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge and it is a command-line utility that facilitates communication between your Android device (be it smartphone, tablet or smart TV) and your computer.

ADB Appcontrol extended version key Free Download

ADB Appcontrol key extended version Free Download. ADB AppControl is a useful desktop application that lets you manage your Android devices quickly. The modern interface makes it easy to deactivate and remove unwanted system apps, bloatware, or install new ones. You can make your device more efficient with the many tools and enhancements included in this program. This program is a great tool that you’ll use for many years. After using ADB AppControl, you’ll find it easy to work with applications via adb.

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  • ADB AppControl is an application based on the functions provided by ADB, so it allows you to manage the applications from your device from the comfort of your PC.
  • The first thing you need to do is to connect your Android device to the computer using its dedicated USB cable – alternatively, you can use a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Regardless of the method you prefer, you need to make sure USB debugging is enabled on your device. The application comes with a detailed tutorial that explains all the steps you need to take, so you should not encounter any issues in establishing a successful connection.
  • Once your device is correctly detected by ADB AppControl, you can explore all the software solutions currently installed, along with their corresponding icons.
  • Right-clicking any item in the list offers you the possibility to copy the app or the package name, as well as set permissions.
  • Additionally, you can not only select Android programs, but also disable or uninstall them. You can also save the APKs of chosen apps to the Downloads folder.
  • Another function of ADB AppControl is its integrated console which is created for expert users who want to speed up operations by typing their commands.
  • You can copy the console log to the clipboard or clear it altogether, or you can take a screenshot of the connected Android device. Rebooting the device is also possible.
  • All in all, ADB AppControl can be a handy solution for all those who want to manage the installed apps on their Android device, while also gaining access to some additional functions.

App Control

  • Disable and uninstall applications without root
  • Multiple apps installing
  • Full Split Support (APKS)
  • Saving APK files of installed applications
  • Permissions Manager for applications
  • Saving and loading applications list-presets
  • Quick search for apps on Google Play, ApkMirror, F-Droid and others

ADB Appcontrol Useful Tools

  • Displaying device information
  • Changing the screen resolution and DPI
  • Hiding icons in the status bar Device remotely control
  • Virtual volume, power, camera and navigation buttons Creating screenshots of the device screen
  • Quick reboot in recovery and bootloader


  • ADB Console with favorites commands Fastboot support
  • Logcat logs
  • Auto permission granting for popular apps (Tasker, Battery Stats, etc.)
  • Simple file upload
  • Extended Settings
  • And many other features are now in the future!

How to Download ADB App control Key 1.7.5 Latest Version

Here’s how to download the Setup from your device:

  • Get your internet support device
  • Use any browser to search for ADB appcontrol key
  • Different websites will appear.
  • Next, choose the one you feel most comfortable with.
  • Click on the download button to save the folder. You can now install it by following the instructions below.
  • You can also download the Setup Via link below


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