Download DATAMAN v5.7.10 SETUP TOOL crack SOFTWARE 2022 – DataMan 5.7.10 Installer

The DataMan Setup Tool software makes it easier to install and use DataMan image-based barcode readers. Step-by-step instruction, application helpers, and clever auto-tuning make setup quick and simple.

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The primary goal of the 5.7.10 release is to further refine and supplement the functionality of the DataMan v5.7.10 release for our DataMan 8072V and DataMan 8072V-HD Series platforms.

  • Added support for grading according to updated ISO/IEC 29158:2020:

    The ISO/IEC 29158:2020 grades are reported using “continuous” grading with 0.1 resolution instead of whole number jumps

    User can select between ISO/IEC 29158:2011 or ISO/IEC 29158:2011:2020 grading

  • Report is generated as HTML file within the DM8072V and does not rely upon Setup Tool:

    Report can be transmitted to an FTP Server

    Report can be sent to Setup Tool and saved as HTML or as PDF file

    Report can be viewed in TruCheck window Report Tab without Adobe Reader

  • Diagnostics given even when reference decode fails when verifying a Data Matrix symbol

  • Updated and improved scripting and DMCC support

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Intelligent functions and features

The DataMan Setup Tool shows read result history and captures images in real time for user review. Intelligent auto-tuning automatically adjusts lighting, height, and other variable conditions for codes on various parts and surfaces.

Application assistants provide visual guidance

Basic and advanced visual application guidance quickly and reliably optimizes complex parameters for simple and challenging barcode reading applications. Application assistants help select the correct trigger source, defining exposure and interval settings.

Smart data gathering and feedback on performance

Cognex Edge Intelligence (EI) converts massive data into smart data in order to increase overall equipment efficiency, speed, and throughput. EI is linked with Cognex devices and logistical tunnels to simplify device maintenance and give a visual dashboard of system performance, allowing operators to immediately identify and rectify faults.

Verification of barcodes

The DataMan Setup Tool program calculates an overall code grade for barcode verifiers based on numerous quality metrics. Detailed results indicate if codes fit industry requirements, and auto-generated reports can be utilized to demonstrate compliance while also assisting in the identification of printing and process control concerns.