Download EMT v3.20.00 Update Version Free

EME Mobile Tool (EMT) is a professional smartphone software maintenance equipment designed primarily for the mobile phone evidence and maintenance markets. Located in key government agencies, mobile phone repair businesses, and end users. We strive to provide an easy-to-use product with unrivaled after-sales support. EMT was built from the start to be simple to use and need no user skill.

EMT v3.20.00 Latest Version Free Download

The majority of the product’s operations are automated; you only need to hit the button according to the prompt to let EMT program do the hard work for you. However, if you get stuck while using the program, you don’t have to worry since our support team is here to answer your questions and assist you in resolving difficulties in a timely manner.

EMT Tool Features:

File Manager for Partitions

PFM allows you to handle partition files safely, since it supports the EXT4 partition file system’s export, rename, erase, replace, and delete operations.
Reset screenlock without losing data, Account lock, Privacy lock, Application lock, browse and backup user data, and so on.

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Partition Read/Erase/Write

Each division is managed at a high speed and in a reliable manner:
Read: Back up the target partition to your hard drive.
Erase: Delete and format the target partition.
Write: Write the file to the selected partition (for flashing/unlocking, for example).

Disable Screenlock

Support unlock screen lock w/o data loss for Android Encrypted & Unencrypted devices.

Most Android 6.0 devices enabled FDE encryption default, traditional unlock screen lock w/o data loss schemes unsupported encryption devices.

Enable Screenlock

You can restore the device to its original status via enabling screen lock if your phone already disabled the screen lock.
Disable/Enable Screenlock Operation Process:
Disable Screenlock > Backup userdata via adb > Enable Screenlock > Factory Reset > Import userdata via adb.

Read Userdata

Read user data from the device directly, including System data (Contacts/SMS/Calls), Media files (Photo/Video/Music), Third-party app data (Wechat/QQ, etc)

Browse Userdata

Through the Userdata browser, you can easily browse/search System data (Contacts/SMS/Calls), Media files (Photo/Video/Music), Third-party app data (Wechat/QQ, etc)

Read Screen locks

The soft auto identifies the type, length, and combination of screen lock supports accelerated calculation of GPU and cooperates with the unique algorithm, which greatly reduces the operation time.
Supported Type: Pattern, PIN, Password
Supported OS: Android 6.0 before version

Backup/Reset/Restore Screen locks

If you facing a complex password or unsupport android version, you can quickly solve the problem via the reset screen lock function.
Reset Screenlocks Operation Process:
Backup Screenlocks > Reset Screenlocks > Restore Screen locks

Factory Reset

Reset your devices to their factory default settings. This will erase all data, including files and downloaded apps.

Read Information

All important information and device status can be read directly from the phone, for example, the brand, model, factory code, software version, android version, hardware information, etc.


Added Qualcomm Module Auto Detect Loaders, No need to manually select Loaders;

Added General Qualcomm Loaders for APQ8016, APQ8017, APQ8053, APQ8056, MDM9207, MDM9250, MDM9x65, MSM8212, MSM8609, MSM8909, MSM8916, MSM8917, MSM8926, MSM8928, MSM8929, MSM8930, MSM8937, MSM8939, MSM8940, MSM8953, MSM8974, MSM8976, MSM8994, MSM8996, MSM8998, SDM1000, SDM660, SDM845, SDX24M, SM6115, SM8150 etc

Added more than 500 unique Qualcomm Loaders for different brand’s devices:
– Amazon (added loader for APQ8074)
– ASUS (added loader for MSM8212, MSM8909, MSM8916, MSM8917, MSM8929, MSM8937, MSM8939, MSM8940, MSM8953, MSM8996, SDM632, SDM636, SDM660, SDM710, SDM845, SDM855, SM8250)
– BlackBerry (added loader for MSM8609, MSM8996)
– BlackPhone (added loader for MSM8939)
– Coolpad (added loader for MSM8609, MSM8909, MSM8916, MSM8917, MSM8929, MSM8939, MSM8976)
– Cyanogen (added loader for MSM8909, MSM8916, MSM8937, MSM8939, MSM8994)
– Gionee (added loader for MSM8937, MSM8940, MSM8917, MSM8920, MSM8976)
– GPD (added loader for MDM9240)
– Haier (added loader for MSM8909)
– Hisense (added loader for MSM8909, MSM8917, MSM8937, MSM8953, SDM439, SDM450)
– HuaQin (added loader for MSM8937, MSM8953, MSM8976)
– Hydrogen (added loader for MSM8998)
– Letv (added loader for MSM8996)
– LG (added loader for APQ8084, MDM9240, MSM8905, MSM8940, MSM8992, MSM8994, MSM8996, MSM8998, SDM845, SDM855, SM8250)
– Longcheer (added loader for APQ8017, APQ8053, MSM8916, MSM8917, MSM8937, MSM8953)
– LYF (added loader for MSM8905, MSM8909, MSM8916, MSM8917, SDM845)
– Megafone (added loader for MSM8905)
– Meitu (added loader for SDM660)
– Meizu (added loader for MSM8953, SDM632, SDM660, SDM710, SM8150)
– Micromax (added loader for MSM8940)
– Microsoft (added loader for MSM8909)
– MMX (added loader for MSM8937)
– Nokia (added loader for MSM8210, MSM8212, MSM8226, MSM8609, MSM8905, MSM8909, MSM8917, MSM8926, MSM8930, MSM8937, MSM8974, MSM8992, MSM8994, MSM8998, SDM439, SDM660, SDM845)
– Ontim (added loader for SDM632)
– QMC (added loader for MSM8996)
– Qualcomm (added loader for APQ8016, APQ8017, APQ8053, APQ8056, MDM9207, MDM9250, MDM9x65, MSM8212, MSM8609, MSM8909, MSM8916, MSM8917, MSM8926, MSM8928, MSM8929, MSM8930, MSM8937, MSM8939, MSM8940, MSM8953, MSM8974, MSM8976, MSM8994, MSM8996, MSM8998, SDM1000, SDM660, SDM845, SDX24M, SM6115, SM8150)
– Samsung (added loader for MSM8917, MSM8953, MSM8974, MSM8996, MSM8998, SDM1000, SDM439, SDM450, SDM845, SDM855, SM6150, SM6150, SM7150, SM8250)
– Sharp (added loader for SDM660)
– Sonim (added loader for SDM660)
– Sony (added loader for MSM8x30)
– T2Mobile (added loader for MSM8905)
– TCL (added loader for MSM8609, MSM8905, MSM8909, MSM8916, MSM8917, MSM8926, MSM8928, MSM8930, MSM8937, MSM8939, MSM8940, MSM8953, MSM8976, MSM8996, SDM439, SDM450)
– TPlink (added loader for MSM8909)
– Unknown (added loader for APQ8009, MSM8909, MSM8916, MSM8936, MSM8952, MSM8953, MSM8992, MSM9x06, MSM9x07)
– ZTE (added loader for MSM8210, MSM8609, MSM8909, MSM8916, MSM8917, MSM8920, MSM8926, MSM8929, MSM8930, MSM8939, MSM8940, MSM8953, MSM8974, MSM8976, MSM8994, MSM8996, MSM8998, SDM450, SDM845, SDM855, SDX55, SM8250)
TIPS: That loaders can be not suitable for some devices, this depends on device chips revision, you can manually select the Qualcomm loaders also.

– Added Qualcomm module auto-detect loaders
– Added 500+ Unique Qualcomm Loaders for different brands’ devices.
– Improved VIVO module META unlock solutions, and fixed VIVO Factory Reset (META) bugs.
– Fixed HUAWEI NOVA 8I bugs
– Fixed Known bugs

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  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 are all compatible with the tool (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • Take a Backup: If you want to test out the aforementioned tool, make a backup of your personal data on your Android smartphone or tablet first. The device may be bricked if any Firmware or Recovery is flashed.
  • The developer is responsible for the creation and distribution of the ROM 2 box. As a result, the developer deserves full credit for making the tool available for free.