Download HTTP Injector Ehi Files config any country 100% Working | http injector config file download

Download the 100% working HTTP injector ehi files-HTTP injector config in May 2022 that connects to MTN, Cell C, and all other networks for free VPN valid for 7-30 days. The config-supported networks come from the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and India. The virtual private network and internet data servers are lightning-fast based in multiple locations.

On the other hand, the http injector config file can provide free internet if your ISP does not block the proxies. These ehi files are temporary and last for 7 days only as the validity period. After that, an account renewal or recreation process is necessary to remain updated.

Download HTTP Injector Ehi Files config (May 2022) 100% Working | http injector config file download 2022

That is why you can bookmark us right now because we consistently keep updating the files as soon as they are expired. As soon as we create a new version of the ehi file, we publish them directly on our website. Unlike any other creator, you won’t have to pay extra money to get these configuration settings as everything here is available for free.

HTTP Injector EHI Files Explained

Released 7 years back this date, HTTP Injector has more than 10 million active downloads on Google Play Store as the best VPN choice. Once connected, it delivers uninterrupted data transfer over network protocols as the fastest server ever. Plus, the ehi file for the HTTP injector available below does not have any MB limits.

So what exactly is ehi? As you already know that different software operates on different file extensions. For example, the android OS can run .apk formats, whereas windows 10 can play .exe. Text editors can use TXT, DOC, XLS, and other standards. In the same way, .ehi is a file code for Evozi’s HTTP Injector. It cannot run on any other programs unless new software is developed.

The best part is that it delivers what it’s entitled to in an extremely powerful fashion. The program might contain some ads in the free version. However, they are not super stinky, unlike some other applications. And it does not require root functionality to work either.

Not just VPN, Injector is also useful for SSH Tunneling over multiple protocols. In some countries, few games and apps are blocked, such as PUBG and Tik Tok in India. This software from Evozi helps you unlock those barriers and enjoy online gaming remaining full anonymous.

Out of 300K+ submitted reviews, getting 4.4 out of 5-star reviews is quite impressive. This massive success is due to the reduction in network throttling while connected. It doesn’t break and remains stable, providing a fascinating download speed similar to your home network.

How do HTTP injector config file work

There are two sides of HTTP Injector, one for the VPN purpose only, the other for the free internet. Before its upgrade, people created their cloud servers or bought from someone to create a host. With the help of this, they used a squid proxy to connect to a Virtual Private Network. These days, Injector has its private servers providing free VPNs worth premium services.

If you use this app for VPN, there’s no need to create an ehi file. Just clear all the data, open the app and internet, and click on Start. After that, select a premium server and start browsing the web privately.

But for free internet, you must know how a captive portal works. These are the particular web pages or IP addresses assigned to an ISP that users can access without paying any data charges. For example, there must be a login page to your WiFi that you can render even when the account is expired, needs renewal, or recharge.

Therefore, HTTP Injector modifies the HTTP headers exchanged between those captive portals. It then exploited the connection through which you can achieve free internet. Plenty of YouTubers who were starving of fame exposed this trick, and it stopped working because companies were made aware of it.

Most Internet Service Providers have recognized this glitch, and they are blocking those portals and proxies. Therefore, if the cost-free web browsing is not working for your network, don’t be surprised, as they might have already blocked it. So, that’s how the HTTP Injector application works. Still, the initial purpose of HTTP Injector was to provide free VPN legally, and they are doing so.

How to import ehi file in http injector

Below are the instructions to import ehi configurations.

  • First of all, install the Injector application on your android device.
  • Next, download the config file using the button below.
  • After that, open the HTTP Injector.
  • Choose “Clear Settings/Data” using the dots in the upper right corner.
  • Then, tap on “Yes.”
  • Now, tap on the file icon. It is available between the gear icon and vertical dots.
  • Select “Import Config.”
  • Tick the box that reads “I understand connection issue is not related to the app,” & select “OK.”
  • Cruise to your downloaded location and tap on the downloaded ehi file from the list.
  • When it says “Successfully imported configuration file,” turn on the internet connection.
  • Finally, tap on the “Start” button and switch to the “Log” tab to check progress.
  • If everything goes as expected, it will say “VPN Connected” in green color

Download HTTP Injector Ehi config Files


  • Android 4.0.4+ above operating system
  • The latest version of the HTTP Injector app
  • Active SIM card (might require data in some networks)
  • 3G or 4G Network, very slow in 2G.