Download iBypasser 3.7 Setup iCloud Bypass tool Update Free Now

iBypasser 3.7 Update Setup Free Download Now

iBypasser iCloud Removal Tool is a simple Windows tool that allows users bypass iCloud, to fix baseband problems, and even set up hello screen. This tool is a great way to unlock the iCloud Lock on your iPhone or iPad. You can download iBypasser iCloud Removal Tool V3.6 by reading the following article and clicking on the Download button.

This iPhone diagnostic software allows users and companies to troubleshoot and diagnose potential issues. It also lets them manage their devices offline, which is ideal for security research, software repair, and other types.

Our software is compatible with many iPhones and iPads running iOS 12.x or higher to iOS 14.x. It also offers a simple interface that is easy for users to use, understand, and navigate.


This option will allow you to search for many functions that can be used on your iPad or iPhone.

  • MEID Bypass (iOS 12-14)
  • Fix iCloud Services
  • Failing Device Info/Fix
  • No MEID bypass (iPhone 7X)
  • FMI OFF (iOS 13-14)
  • Broken Baseband Untethered
  • Untethered, iOS 9-12
  • Backup DATA
  • Activate the device
  • MDM Bypass


  • Carrier Unlock (iPhone 7x) Soon Update
  • Upgrade to the latest IOS Version
  • Restore original IOS
  • Erase DATA (IOS 13-14)
  • Terminal Open
  • Restore Baseband
  • Get rid of baseband
  • To use banking applications, remove Jailbreak
  • Reboot
  • Shutdown
  • Sleep
  • Start Recovery Mode
  • Download DATA
  • Upload data
  • In A5 – A6 Bypass TAB
  • A5 Devices
  • iPad Mini 1
  • iPad2
  • iPad3
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPod Touch 5
  • A6 Devices
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPad4

Changelog !! !

-Added A11 Eraser or Bootlopp

-Fixed: Passcode issue o Passcode disabled Bypass (Backup&Activate)

-Fixed: iCloud Sigi issue o Passcode disabled Bypass (Backup&Activate)

-Fixed: Notificatio issue o Passcode disabled Bypass (Backup&Activate)

-Improved Usb Patcher Ad Bypass

How to Use It?

  1. You first need to download the zip file at the link below
  2. Next, unzip all files at drive . It’s very important
  3. Next, extract all files from the folder you just opened.
  4. Run ” iBypasser.exe“.
  5. If you have iTunes installed, skip this step.
  6. jailbreak Your device
  7. Use the Bluetooth connection to connect your phone and perform any function
  8. Enjoy !! !


File Download

File Name: iBypasser 3.7

File size: 256kb



Compatibility The tool works perfectly with Windows XP and Windows Vista. It also runs on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 (32- and 64-bit).

Make a Backup: Before you try the above tool, please make a backup from your Android Smartphone/Tablet. Flashing any Firmware, recovery or firmware could cause the device to be bricked.

Credits iBypasser 3.7 was created and distributed by developer. The developer is fully credited for the free distribution of the tool.