Download Lpro Boot Disk v1.3 tool for Disable Passcode bypass support ios 15

Lpro Boot Disk tool for Disable Passcode bypass support ios 15

Lpro Boot Disk allows you to disable and bypass your Passcode with Sim working, Facetime working and iCloud Sign In working. This tool is not required to be jailbroken. It supports versions 6s through X, and 14 to 15. You can now bypass signal disable and passcode-ios version 15.2 15.3 15.4 with the latest tool. This premium tool is not free and you must register ecid to use it. It supports iOS 11 and the latest version of the tool. This tool was developed by LU Team.

Lpro Boot Disk v1.3

Passcode bypass iOS11 up to iOS15 PwnDFU method

? New version updated 1.3
✅ Security Update
? Better PWNDFU Protocol
✅ More devices supported


Highlights from this Post:

  1. This tool is only compatible with mac OS. Hackintosh is also supported.
  2. Supported devices 6s to X (ios 15 too)
  3. This tool is available to anyone without jailbreak
  4. This is a paid service, and you must register your ecid prior to bypass.
  5. This tool supports ios 11-15.4 or later in the future.
  6. This tool uses the pwned DFU method
  7. To bypass signal interference, you will first need to back up your activation data.
  8. After bypass, all other functions function normally. One user restored by retaining data user, and the iPhone did not get relocked.

What does it mean?

Hello Screen Mode is not bypassed by this tool. This tool does not bypass the Hello Screen Mode on iPhone 5 or 5. The first step is to switch your iPhone into pwned-dfu mode. After that, it will begin backing up your activation files. Next, you will need to reset or erase your iPhone. Finally, connect to tools to activate your device. This

temporary method will not work if you reset your system or update your ios version. If your device is already carrier-locked, this method might not work. You will need to check when the tools are available.

How can we jailbreak the ios 15 Hello screen iphone using this tool?

No. This tool will not work with Jailbreaking Hello Screen Ios. The ios 15 jailbreak has not been released by the Checkra1n or any other team. All of them are currently working on the new version checkraqn. We’ve heard Jailbreak for ios 15 only works up to A9 ( iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6s), iPhone SE and any iPad Pros with A9(X). We will keep you updated on this.

Bypass passcode iOS11 up to iOS15

For those who use bootrom PwnDFU checkm8 exploit you might notice all softwares are very unstable, this is most of the reason due the PwnDFU injection and the ssh Mount. This exploit never left its beta version, To avoid macOS incompatibility its better you run the software first and try the first step: run PwnDFU state if it’s ok then you should procead.

Common errors:
– iphone reboots
– iPhone disconnect
– iPhone lost ssh connection
– iPhone not Mount disk
– iPhone not enter in PwnDFU state
– Software crash

All this erros can be fixed or avoided by retrying the process, change usb port or cable, update macOS or change Mac, install dependencies or wait for software updates i am sure developer are working and will manager to fix most of this issues. At the time most of the software i try are working good, and with time the stability will be considered good.

Download Lpro Boot Disk tool v1.5

Lpro Boot Disk tool v1.5
Lpro Boot Disk tool v1.5

Download latest version: Lpro Boot Disk tool v1.5 for Disable Passcode bypass support ios 15

Lpro Boot Disk v1.3 link