Download Miracle Box | Miracle Thunder Version 3.36 (12th June 2022)

GSM X Team’s Miracle Thunder 3.36 is a simple Windows application that allows you to repair Android smartphones and tablets with Qualcomm, Mediatek, and Spreadtrum chipsets. It has a lot of tools that will help you repair and manage your Android smartphone. It’s an open-source tool, therefore it’s free to use. You are free to use it

The tool has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to perform multiple functions such as Read Info, Read and Write, Format, Rd Unlock/IMEI, Bad software, Rd Anti Theft, Rd TelBk, Wr TelBk, NV Read, Bad Factory, Network Unlock, Repair FS, NV Write, Clear Code(ADB), Read Code(SIM), Unlock bootloader, and Unlock SIM.

Fix DL Mode, Read Pattern, Clear Anti Theft, Root, Restore Root, Read Phonebook, Read Network Code, Reset Code, Clear Setting, Remove FRP, BT Addr Repair, Gionee Account Unlock, Meizu Unlock, Meizu Note 2 Unlock Anti Piracy, and Unlock Network are some of the other features it provides.

You must install the Universal ADB Driver on your computer in order to utilize the Mega Tool successfully. You can successfully install the driver once it has been installed.

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Miracle Box | Miracle Thunder
Version 3.36 (12th June 2022)
Miracle Box | Miracle Thunder Edition

? Miracle Box Thunder / Login Version 3.36

1. VIVO Qualcomm Add and Improved
A. Add Vivo Bootloader Unlock Fastboot [Qualcomm–>Extra] B. Add Vivo Demo Remove EDL [Qualcomm–>Extra] C. Add Vivo Demo Remove Fastboot [Qualcomm–>Extra] D. Improve Vivo Account UnLock EDL [Qualcomm–>Extra] E. Add Vivo Bootloader Relock Fastboot [Qualcomm–>Extra] F. Add Vivo reboot fastboot to EDL (VIVO) [Qualcomm–>Unlock] G. Add Vivo reboot fastboot to EDL (VIVO2) [Qualcomm–>Unlock]

2. Oppo Qualcomm Added
Oppo A33 (2020) CPH2137
Oppo A32 (2020) PDVM00
Oppo A53 (2020) CPH2127
Oppo A74 (2021) CPH2219
Oppo F19 (2021) CPH2219 (F19)
Oppo F19s (2021) CPH2223
Oppo F17 (2020) CPH2095
Oppo A73 (2020) CPH2099
Oppo Reno6 Lite (2022) CPH2365
Realme 7i (2020) RMX2103

3. MTK Add and Improve
A. Improve kg Unlock
B. Add Format Meta Data (for Bootloader Unlock)
C. Add Disable MI Account
D. Add MI Account Reset
E. Add Huawei ID Remove
F. Update New DA
G. Improve imei Repair (Flash Mode for old models)

4. MTK meta mode Improve

A. Add OPPO SIM Unlock Unlock/Read (Meta Mode) Beta
B. Improve META Connect and Read Info
C. Improve META IMEI Repair/Read
D. Improve Meta Format Partition (Unlock/Read (Meta Mode))

5. Samsung Improve
A. Add FRP Remove and Auto Enable ADB
B. Add Improve Reset FRP (ADB) and Add Reset Frp (ADB)2 [Samsung->misc] C. Support All Android for Samsung

6. Android ADB Improve
A. Update Adb.exe
B. Add Reset Frp (ADB)2

7. Qualcomm Add and Improve
A. Add Realme Loaders for Auto Loader
B. Add Lenovo lLoaders for Auto Loader
C. Add Huawei ID Remove

8. SPD Add and Improve
A. Add new boot t320 support
B. Add new models suuport

9. Improve Vivo mtk models DA
A. Add VIVO MTK Secuity sig (6765-6893)
B. Add VIVO Demo Remove (Flash Mode)
C. Improve MTK Read/wWrite command (Flash Mode)
D. Add new IMEI repair method in Flash mode

10. Fix some bugs

11. Add New Modles List Support Format/FRP/Flash

Infinix Zero 8
Lava LMX 04
Lenovo TB-7305X
Oppo F19 Pro 4G
Tecno BA2
Tecno F2
VIVO Y15A PD2140
VIVO Y15s PD2140F
VIVO Y1s 2015
VIVO Y20 (V2043)
VIVO Y21 (2021)
VIVO Y21 PD2139F

Honor 50 Lite (NTN-L22)
Infinix Hot S3 (X573)
Lenovo Legion 2 Pro (L70081)
Lenovo Legion Pro (L79031)
Realme X3 SuperZoom (RMX2081)
Realme X3 SuperZoom (RMX2085)
Realme X3 SuperZoom (RMX2086)
Oppo A33 (2020) CPH2137
Oppo A32 (2020) PDVM00
Oppo A53 (2020) CPH2127
Oppo A74 (2021) CPH2219
Oppo F19 (2021) CPH2219 (F19)
Oppo F19s (2021) CPH2223
Oppo F17 (2020) CPH2095
Oppo A73 (2020) CPH2099
Oppo Reno6 Lite (2022) CPH2365
Realme 7i (2020) RMX2103

Blackview A70
Blackview A70E
Blackview BV6600E
Blackview Oscal C20
Dexp A555
Itel A26 A571L
Itel A44 POWER
Itel A58 A661W
Konrow Sky
Meizu C9 Pro M819H
Micromax In2b
Oukitel C25
Safaricom Neon Ray
Umidigi Biscon X10S E
Umidigi Biscon X10S G
Umidigi Biscon X10S G NFC
Umidigi Power 5s
ZTE Blade A31
ZTE Blade V10 Vita

Br [SV] Miracle Team download link

Once, read the readme:

[*] Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 are all compatible with the above software (32 bit and 64 bit).


[*] Take a Backup: Before using the following utility, make a backup of your Android smartphone or tablet, as flashing any recovery or file can cause the device to brick.


[*] Other Tools: If you’re looking for more handy tools, check out our Tools section for free GSM tools.


[*] [ Miracle Team manufactured and disseminated Miracle Thunder 2.93. (developer). So, entire credit for sharing the technology for free goes to Miracle Team (creator).

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