Easy Steps on how to Activate Your STC eSIM

eSIM from STC

The embedded SIM, often known as eSIM, is a technology that allows postpaid and prepaid plans to be activated without the usage of a physical SIM card. This guide will lead you through the steps of getting an STC eSIM in Saudi Arabia and activating it.

What are the options for getting an STC eSIM?

You can get an eSIM from STC through the MySTC app, an STC sales office in the Kingdom, or the MySTC portal.

What is the price of an STC eSIM?

Upgrade from a regular SIM to an eSIM costs 57.5 SR for a postpaid number and 28.75 SR for a prepaid number, both including VAT.

How to use the MySTC app to order an eSIM

  • In the app, go to the store.
  • Select “obtain a new number” from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose a SIM card type (prepaid or postpaid)
  • Choose the best plan for you.
  • Select “Use eSIM” and follow the instructions.

How to use the MySTC app to change your existing SIM card to an eSIM

  • On the app’s home screen, tap “Manage.”
  • At the top of the page, click the SIM icon.
  • Choose your SIM card.
  • Select “Replace SIM” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Use eSIM” and follow the instructions.

How to Get Your STC eSIM Activated

  • Scratch the voucher’s QR code.
  • Make sure the gadget is connected to the internet. (Either via WiFi or through the device’s usual SIM card’s
  • internet).
  • To activate the eSIM, refer to the user guide that came with your device.
  • The eSIM will be activated immediately after scanning the QR code on the scratch area.

The eSIM cannot be used on another device once it has been activated on the first one, and if the device is changed, a new eSIM replacement is necessary, as the eSIM will not work on a different device after it has been activated on the first one.

To authenticate your new SIM or after upgrading your package, you will be ask you for IAM authentication code through mystc app or stc agent. Kindly, prepare the code through the IAM website here:


Then follow these steps:

1. Login using the same account in Absher
2. You will receive a confirmation code on your mobile number registered in Absher
3. Select SIM Registration
4. Choose stc
5. You will receive your personal service code
6. Share it with stc agent or use the code on mystc app.