Here is the latest working method of sharing android or IOS VPN connection via WIfi hotspot, now you can share your VPN aided internet connection if even your device is not rooted, am not referring to using PDA net for PC, this method requires no PDA net, this method works well for both Android and PC, read on to figure out how to share android and IOS VPN connection via hotspot

Tethering VPN connection with your friends via Wifi Hotspot can be a hard nut to crack for most Android smartphones especially those with version 6.0, 7.0 plus, with locked bootloader that cannot be easily rooted, since to efficiently share your VPN aided connection via hotspot you will need to root your device, but since most of this devices with locked bootloader cannot be easily rooted with most of the root apps, the users are left out of the excitement as most of the free browsing cheats share here at Androidtechvilla.com makes use of one VPN or the other, thus to enjoy the tweak to the core you might need to share the connection with your friends via hotspot,

We provided the root method of sharing your VPN connection via hotspot but since most devices are not rooted we have to search for another alternative for non-rooted devices and here we are with a solution for you without much ado lets check it out How TO Share /Tether VPN Connections Without Root Or PDA net On Android

How TO Share /Tether VPN Connections Without Root Or PDA Net On Android

Adhere strictly to the instruction below to be able to share your VPN connections without root on your android smartphone.

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1~Download Every Proxy app For Android or IOS from here

2~Install and Run the app,

2.1~ Connect to your VPN app, then on your WiFi Hotspot

3~Now Click on settings and select any IP address on the IP address list under http proxy as shown below

4~Now Go back and Toggle the Https Button On, And IP address and port will be generated

How To Share Your VPN Connection On Other Android Or IOS Device

Now that you have on the HTTP proxy option on the Every proxy app, follow the instructions below to share the connection with an android or IOS device

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1~First Connect to your phone’s hotspot

2~Long click on the hotspot option to see the modify, or edit option, this can vary depending on your Android version

3~Now Click on the Advance option, under proxy select Manual, then set the IP and port with the one generated by Every Proxy as shown below

4~Click Save, then open your browser to browse with your VPN shared connect.

How To Share Your VPN Connection On Your PC

To share your VPN connection with your PC you will need an external app installed on your computer, the Proxifier app then set it up as instructed below

1~Download and install the proxifier app and its license key from the link below

1~ Download Proxifier PRO MOD cracked Version for PC Download here,

Download Proxifier LIfetime PRO activation Key Here


Now Go to your PC unzip and install the proxifier software, open the activation key file you downloaded and copy the activation name and key, select activate and input the key, voila you have activated proxifier for free

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2~Now Connect your VPN on your android smartphone

3~Go to settings On your Phone and on hotspot Tethering

4~On your PCs wifi and connect to the hotspot

Now on your every Proxy and Generate http proxy as instructed above

7~Now open Proxifier

8~Click on Proxifier

9~Click on Proxy server

10~click on add

11~Paste the IP and the port generated by Every Proxy, select Sock 5 or https as shown on the screenshot below,

12~Click on Test, it should show test completed, then click OK

13 ~ Now go to your browser and surf the internet with your VPN aided connection

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