Experience How to Return Shopee Items Through J&T

In this modern, all-digital era, shopping for goods online through market places such as Shopee, TokoPedia, BukaLapak and Lazada is something that has become entrenched among the Indonesian people, ranging from students, university students, farmers, planters, entrepreneurs, and so on.

Indeed, shopping for goods online in my opinion is very fun and easier, where we can choose as many items as we like without being embarrassed or feeling bad like when shopping at the market, looking at things but not buying them in the market is quite embarrassing.

However, behind the convenience and plus value of online shopping, there is a fairly large risk and sometimes it often happens to buyers who are not selective or sometimes defective goods occur due to negligence in shipping expeditions, and sometimes there are also unscrupulous sellers who deliberately take advantage of online buying and selling vehicles. as a place to commit fraud.

If I return an item at Shopee, who will bear the postage? Cancellation on Shopee is money back?
Online shopping at official Market Places such as Shopee, TokoPedia, BukaLapak and Lazada is a recommended and quite safe place and a 100% money back guarantee for those who understand the procedure for returning goods if it turns out that the ordered item does not match or has a product defect.

So, for those of you who may be having problems with online orders, don’t rush to panic, blaspheme the seller, or even give up hopelessly without trying to accept reality, you are losing the seller and the profit.

If the item you ordered online at the Market Place has arrived and is of high value (purchased at a high price), I recommend that at the time of unboxing the package, make an unboxing video which can later be strong evidence if it turns out that there is a defect in the item you ordered.

What if the item has not been shipped on Shopee?

  • Here’s how to claim the return of items that don’t match at Shopee
  • Go to Your Order Details Page
  • Then in the order details, select the return option, be careful not to choose the wrong order Confirmation Order
  • Select Return Options, just select Defective/Incompatible Products or Products Not Functioning Well.
    Important: There are 4 or five options (I forgot) but for items that don’t fit or are defective, just select Defective / Incompatible Products, don’t choose Products that don’t work properly, because later it will be complicated in the discussion process with the seller. Please note below, the choice of options other than defective products / not according to the return process must be approved by the seller first, it can’t be done directly. Include a strong reason for returning goods
  • After that click Show Return Details
    an image
    Select Expedition Shipping Returns. Choose the Freight Forwarding Service recommended by Shopee, free of charge.
    Download the Return of Goods Label which contains the selected Expeditionary Information, the return destination address and the free receipt number without shipping costs.
    an image
    Packing Back Package, and paste the label Return of Goods
    Notify the seller of the return that the item does not fit (Optional)
    Hand over the package to the selected Expeditionary
    Check Periodically for Returns Details
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    After the goods are received by the seller, the purchase funds will be returned to your ShopeePay Account.


That’s the Procedure Guide for How to Return Online Shopping Items at Shopee that don’t match or product defects don’t work as they should. Hopefully, it can be a learning material for friends who have never tried it and want to try returning the goods you bought but it didn’t match your expectations.