Football Manager Mobile FM 22 new mod Apk v13.3.2 Obb (Real Names) | Football Manager 2022 mod APK

Football Manager 2022 Mobile Apk FM 22 Obb may be downloaded here. Obb (FM 2022) with license concerns resolved, various teams Save Data file accessible to provide actual player names, face pack and kit updates, and real team names.

Football Manager 2022 Mobile allows you to manage or start a football career by forming a Football club, selecting from a variety of virtual football teams, competing in five leagues, and winning the majority of your football matches to reach the top of the league.

In Football Manager 2022 for Android, you may buy and sell players within the game to another club for in-game virtual money, as well as sell players who have slipped in ratings.

You may also use store products to access some of FM 2022 Mobile’s restricted features, all of which can be unlocked for free without making any purchases.

Agents are present in Football Manager 2022 for Android, and they assist you in finding good players to join your soccer club. A similar function can also be found in Dream League Soccer, which is also available on our page.

When you wish to start your management football career, you may now load up to five nationalities, which offers you access to a wide pool of players such as wonder kids.

FM 22 Football Manager 2022 Mobile For Android Features

The following are the most recent additions to Football Manager 2022 Mobile for Android:

  • More than 60 Leagues from around the world have been included.
  • To energize your team, sign worldwide superstars with wonder youths.
  • Take a look at the new tactical formation template that the soccer management staff has available.
  • FM 2022 Mobile Apk is available for free in a fully unlocked version with no license concerns.
  • Unlocked bundles can be found in the store.
  • Get the genuine names of the players and the correct team names.
  • Transfers of recent players.

How To Install Football Manager Mobile Apk Obb

Follow the steps below in order to get Football Manager Mobile version working on your device.

Steps to install FM 2022 Apk Obb are:

  • Open installed Zarchiver App.
  • Click on downloaded “FM 2022 obb rar file”.
  • Options menu will come up.
  • “Click Extract” from options menu list.
  • Go to “Internal, Device or phone memory”.
  • Click “Android folder”.
  • While in Android folder “click Obb folder”.
  • Now “click Extract icon” which looks like a arrow pointing downwards – Obb file will be
  • extracted completely after the progress bar reaches 100%.
  • Finally Install FM 2022 Apk and load the game with one of the Save Data files you downloaded below to get real player names.

Save Data Files For FM 2022 Mobile To Get Real Player Names

Below you will find Club save data files to download and Real Player Names to insert into your Football Manager 2022 Mobile edition.

Follow the on-screen directions to establish a folder where you can load the Save Data file if you’re using Android 11 or higher.

Instructions for using the FM 2022 Mobile Save Data File (for Android versions 4.4 to 10) are as follows:

  • Open the Zarchiver Apk App that has been installed.
  • Below, click on the downloaded save data file.
  • From the options menu that appears…
  • Select “Extract” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select 0/Storage/emulated or a comparable option.
  • From the drop-down option, select Device Memory.
  • Scroll down a little or click on the Documents Folder.
  • Navigate to the Sport Interactive folder.
  • Go to the Football Manager 2022 Manager folder and double-click it.
  • Select “Normal folder” from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, go to “games folder” and extract the save data file you downloaded into the games folder.

If your documents folder is empty, you’ll have to use the Android/data folder’s documents folder. That means you’ll need to use the Zarchiver program to navigate to the Android folder in your device’s memory, then choose Data Folder, then identify the com.sega.soccer.manager folder, inside which you’ll find the documents folder to utilize, and then proceed to Step 8 below.

Transfers Update Save Data ( Supports Version 13.2.0 above)

Download the Football Manager 2022 Mobile Face Pack

The face pack file for Football Manager 2022 Mobile is available below; it is enormous in size, so make sure you have adequate space on your smartphone to utilize it. Because of its size, it may cause your FM 22 app to slow down ( not common and varies with device speed).

Please follow the procedures below to extract the files into the appropriate folder.

How to get FM 2022 Mobile Face Pack and how to use it:

  • Using the Zarchiver Apk App that has been installed.
  • Open it and look for the FM 2022 Face Pack Rar file you downloaded.
  • When you double-click the rar file, an options menu will appear.
  • Select “Extract” from the options menu.
  • Now, at the top of the Zarchiver app screen, click 0/storage/emulated.
  • Select “Device Memory” from the drop-down option.
  • Now navigate to the Android folder and double-click it.
  • Then select “Data Folder” from the drop-down menu.
  • To extract the face packs, click the extract button that looks like an arrow pointing
  • downwards.
  • Go to your FM 22 mobile game app and select settings, then View, Reload User Interface, and
  • Reload Skin. This

Link To Download FM 22 Mobile Face Pack

FM 2022 Face Pack Rar (1.66 GB)

Football Manager 2022 Mobile Apk Obb Data Save Files downloaded here.

Click the working link below to go to a location where you can download the most recent FM 2022 Mobile Apk obb files. Continue reading below for instructions on how to install Football Manager 2022 Mobile on your Android device.

How To Unlock FM 22 Mobile Store And Get In Game Editor Plus Other Un-lockables

To access the Football Manager 2022 Mobile store and receive a free in-game editor and other goods, follow the instructions below.

What You Will Require

  • FM 2022 Mobile Normal mod Apk is already installed.
  • FM 2022 Apk is the most recent version, which can be downloaded from the link above.
  • Download the most recent version of Lucky Patcher >> Download the most recent version of Lucky Patcher Apk>>
  • Follow the steps below carefully.

How to Unlock the FM 22 Mobile Store:

  • Install Lucky Patcher Apk App.
  • Go your Android Phone Settings and click on Apps, then locate and allow all permissions for
  • Lucky Patcher.Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  • Now open Luck Patcher and click on the menu at the top left corner of the app.Football
  • Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  • Click on Switches.Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  • Click Enable Google Billing Emulation and also enable “Proxy Server For of inapp
  • purchases”.Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  • Now locate FM 22 Mobile in Lucky Patcher and click on it.Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM
  • 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  • Now click on “Menu of Patches”.Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  • Then further click on “Apk Rebuilt and LVL emulation”.Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  • Now Tick or click “Support patch for LVL and Inapp emulation” only from the options available, don not tick any other box please.Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk
  • Obb (Real Names)
  • Scroll down and click “Rebuild The App” and wait till everything is successfully done.Football
  • Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  • Now click on the FM 2022 Mobile Apk Lucky Patcher mod and install it over the existing the
  • first modded version above that you have already installed.Football Manager 2022 Mobile
  • (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  • After installing open FM 22 App and go to store, then Click on “All Items Bundle” and a pop up will come up….(Read Step 13).Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  • Then Tick the two boxes that you can see in the image below. Click “Yes” to unlock the store completely.
  • Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)
  • Tick The Two Boxes And Click Yes.
  • Football Manager 2022 Mobile (FM 22) 13.0.4 Apk Obb (Real Names)

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