New France South Africa Scholarship 2023

About the Embassy of France

France South Africa Scholarship 2023 Campus France is overseen by the French Ministries of Higher Education and Research, as well as European and Foreign Affairs. The objective of the organization is to promote French higher education and develop scholarly cooperation between French and international tertiary institutions.

The Campus France in South Africa is committed to enhancing French higher education and assisting academics interested in conducting postdoctoral research in France. Every year, the French Embassy in South Africa awards scholarships to students intending to study a Master’s or PhD in France. They work with South African organizations such as the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), the National Research Foundation (NRF), the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI), and South African universities, as well as French firms having operations in South Africa.

France South Africa Scholarship 2023

New France South Africa Scholarship 2023
New France South Africa Scholarship 2023

Students from Lesotho and Malawi can apply for this award through the French Embassy for the forthcoming academic year of 2023.

The scholarship will pay for studies in France leading to a Master’s or PhD qualification in ANY topic beginning in September 2023.

Furthermore, the grant may cover Masters and Ph.D. programs at certain African universities.

Applicants might consider the Master’s programs (M2 – second year) at the University of la Réunion in France since they receive additional funding.

Note regarding the scholarship:

There are two kinds of scholarships available:

A scholarship covering all expenses, including tuition (up to 5000 euros per year), return airfare to France, a monthly stipend of approximately 700 euros for master’s students and 1400 euros for PhD students, and specialized housing assistance from the French government worth approximately 150 euros per month. Scholars will also receive social security, first priority for student housing, a rebate of the visa fee, and assistance from Campus France Paris.
A cost-sharing scholarship has all of the benefits of a full scholarship, plus a monthly allowance provided totally or partially by a spouse.
You are strongly encouraged to look into alternative financial options, and students with existing financing sources will be given priority.

Scholarships will be awarded for a specified period of time in France based on the time required to complete the degree:

Master’s degree students will receive scholarships for 10 to 22 months. Because master’s degrees frequently take two years (2nd year of the Master’s Programme), you may be required to submit an M2 application in rare cases. The French Embassy may award a scholarship for the following year based on academic success after the first year of study.

PhD candidates will be awarded scholarships for a maximum of three years. To be eligible for financing for the second and third years of study, you must demonstrate the progression of your research after the first year of study.
PhD students with co-supervision or cotutelle will be awarded scholarships for periods spent in France; the candidate must indicate the lengths of stay.

Note regarding the selection process and dates:

Procedure for selecting candidates:

The following criteria will be used by the Advisory Board to choose candidates.

Based on your files, you will be screened and interviewed.

  • Your academic and professional backgrounds determine your abilities and merit.
  • The calibre is determined by the study proposal you submit and how well it fits with your background.
  • Doctoral candidates: PhDs under collaborative supervision will be prioritized, and the dedication of the
  • South African and French supervisors will be taken into account.
  • The degree of foreign language abilities and their fit for the program will also be considered.
  • Winners who have been confirmed:

You must complete your registration in the study program of your choice.
Between February 2023 and June 2023, you must enroll in intensive online French classes.
You may be required to complete an internship with a French company or organization having a South African base (depending on the opportunities and the profiles of the laureates).
Once in France, you must commit to the research project you have chosen. Any changes to the research plan must be approved by the French Embassy.
You must remain in France throughout the duration of your studies.

Candidates on the waiting list include:

You will be moved up the waiting list based on availability and will receive a unique notification.
You can proceed with your application and enroll in French higher education institutes.
You must take online French classes and possibly do an internship (if you do not, you will be removed from the list).

Criteria for Eligibility

Before applying for the scholarship, applicants must ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements. No exceptions should be made.

You must be a Malawian, Basotho, or South African citizen.
Your birthday must have occurred on or after January 1, 1992.
To pursue a Master’s or PhD, you must be enrolled.
To study at a French higher education institution, you must be enrolled.

You must intend to start classes in September 2023.
Students intending to major in science, engineering, or technology, as well as those interested in specialized programs not available in South Africa, may be given priority.
How Do You Apply?
Applicants must submit their applications electronically. To apply, please visit: France Scholarship for South Africa 2023

To apply, prospects must first create an account and then log in.

A word about application:

Although you can always save and resume working on your application, you will be unable to make any changes once you have clicked the submit button.
Check that all of the information on your application is correct before submitting it.
For applications, you can utilize any platform, but a desktop computer is preferred.
Make sure to avoid using special characters (such as apostrophes), as the application does not recognize them.
Documentation is required.
All of the documentation listed below must be attached to your application form. There should be no missing or incorrect documents.

Passport photocopy

Curriculum vitae and resume have been updated to include full academic credentials.
A letter of introduction explaining your academic project goals and interests.
Bachelor’s and Master’s degree transcripts
Transcripts for the previous two academic years
Master’s students must also supply the following:

A list of the courses for which the applicant intends to apply, as well as the application dates and tuition rates.
Evidence of enrollment in the study program you applied for (between February and May/June 2023).
Email correspondence with the French institution that will be submitted as part of the application procedure.

PhD candidates must also supply the following:

Signed attestation from your supervisor agreeing to supervise your thesis OR
If co-supervision is used, an attestation signed by both supervisors (French and South African) indicating their intention to supervise in both France and South Africa is required (must state that a cotutelle agreement will be made).

If co-supervision is involved, a signed cotutelle agreement and a precise schedule of the period spent in France while performing research are required.
A detailed summary of the research project and a detailed work plan (2 to 3 pages long).
Documents that you may choose to provide are as follows:

A professional or academic reference
Language proficiency certifications
Letter of commitment from the relevant organization on cost-sharing
The application rules can be found by clicking here.

Date of Completion

The application deadline is October 16, 2022, at 23:59 p.m. Applicants must submit their applications by the deadline.

Contact Details

The candidates can click on the link given below for any queries regarding the scholarship:

Please do not send any questions after the closing date. View our other bursaries/scholarships open for application here:

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