Free Download UAT Qualcomm v8.02 Tool Crack By Jm Vnzla

UAT Qualcomm v8.02 Tool Crack By Jm Vnzla Free Download | Activation Need

UAT Qualcomm V8.02 crack¬†tool is a small tool for Windows computers. it is allowed users to¬†remove FRP, Flashing, IMEI Repair, Baseband Issue, Fix Software¬†issues on Qualcomm devices with a single click only. the tool is crack and activation by Jm Vnzla for activation you can contact to developer’s Facebook page and get your activation key. do not ask for activation for me because I m not selling this crack.

Features UAT Qualcomm v8.02 Tool:

Uni-Android Tool – UAT Qualcomm MODULE Version: 8.01
Release Notes:

Supported Functions :

1. Read Info. | EDL, ADB, Fastboot Mode
2. Reset FRP | EDL , ADB, Fastboot Mode
3. Format/Factory Reset | EDL, ADB, Fastboot Mode
4. Safe Format/Factory Reset | EDL Mode
5. Format / FRP | EDL, ADB, Fastboot Mode
6. Safe Format / FRP | EDL Mode Mode
7. Fix 9008 port | EDL mode
8. Rest Locks – without Data loss/ UnEncrypted | EDL, ADB Mode
9. Reset MI Account + FRP | EDL, Fastboot Mode [No More Relocks]
10. Fix AntiRelock | ADB Mode
11. Reset Screen Locks – Xiaomi – Without data loss -Beta | MIUI 8-12 | EDL Mode
12. Bootloader Unlock – Xiaomi | EDL, Fastboot Mode
13. Disable Screen locks | EDL, ADB Mode
14. Disable Screen locks Xiaomi | EDL Mode
15. Read Pattern < 6 | EDL, ADB Mode
16. Reset Pattern | EDL, ADB Mode
17. Reset FRP VIVO | EDL Mode
18. Bootloader Unlock VIVO – Beta | EDL Mode
19. Reset Screen Locks VIVO – without data loss – UnEncypted / Encrypted | EDL mode
20. Format VIVO – force method | EDL Mode
21. Reset FRP ZTE | FTM mode
22. Reset FRP ASUS | fastboot Mode
23. Sideload Format – Xiaomi | Sideloade Mode
24. Added Anti-relock by APK Method with Video Guide | Xiaomi
25. Install Navigation bar APK [ useful after disable locks]
26. Free Xioami Stand-Alone server with Unlimited use
28. Reset MI Account No Relock method on Xiaomi Flashing
29. [ADDED] Manual Selection of Storage – Auto | eMMC | UFS New!


Flashing Protocol – 2 Methods of Flashing
Supports , Multi xml Files Flashing & Manual XML Selection Method | EDL mode
Reset FRP, Reset MI Account & Format Options While Flashing
Xiaomi fastboot batch file Flashing Support | can select any batch file from Xiaomi firmware
Nokia Nb0 direct flashing without extraction by EDL Mode
Added 2 Methods of Nb0 Flashing
Option to select loader from package in case internal loader failed
ASUS raw Direct Flashing without Extract | EDL Mode
LG KDZ Direct Flashing without Extract | EDL Mode
Huawei Update.APP Direct Flashing without Extract | EDL Mode
[Added] Huawei Board Firmware XML Flashing by EDL New!

Xiaomi Flasher

Fastboot batch file flashing
Sideload zip flashing

Backup Firmware

Full firmware backup method – with the raw program and patch XML creation for eMMC and UFS
Manual Selected Partition backup Method with XML creation

Partition Manager

List Partitions
Backup Selected Partitions
Write Selected Partitions
Wipe Selected Partitions


Backup / Wipe / Restore Security | EDL, ADB Mode
Wipe Security | Fastboot Mode
Wipe Security | TWRP mode


Read QCN
Write QCN
Read Diag Info.
Repair IMEI Efs Method
Repair IMEI NV Method
Imei inside QCN Method
Repair IMEI RSA Method – Xiaomi
Option to Reset Efs by TWRP , will auto backup efs before wipe
Repair IMEI Efs method with QCN write Option | Xioami
Will convert Normal Qcn to eng QCN during write process
Repair ESN
Repair Meid
Convert QCN to Eng QCN


ADB to EDL mode
Fastboot to Normal
Fastboot to RUU
ADB to Fastboot
ADB to Recovery
Enable Diag Generic Qualcomm | Requires Root
Enable Diag OPPO
Enable Diag Xiaomi | Without Root
Enable DIAG ASUS | Requires Root

Firmware Manager

Extraction of Nokia Nb0 with Perfect XML Creation [ Extract and Flash ]
Extraction of Huawei Update.App to Factory firmware
Extraction of ASUS raw to Factory firmware
Extraction of LG kdz to factory firmware
Oppo ofp Extraction to XML firmware

How To Use?

  1. First, you need to download the UAT Qualcomm v8.02 Tool crack from the below link
  2. Next extract the setup file at desktop
  3. Install setup file with double click on there
  4. Next, you can go to “C:\JM-MegaPack Tool\UAT Qualcomm v8.02
  5. and run the “Loader UAT Qualcomm.exe” and copied HWID
  6. UAT Qualcomm v8.02 Tool Crack
    UAT Qualcomm v8.02 Tool Crack
  7. Go to the activation page “CLICK HERE” and ask to activate the tool
  8. After the license file is received copied and past on the same folder and again run the loader
  9. DONE!!!

download link File Information:

  • File Name: UAT Qualcomm v8.02 Tool Crack
  • Uploaded By: anonyshufile¬†
  • Size: 34 MB




Compatibility: The tool runs perfectly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit).
Take a Backup: If you are willing to try the above tool, then please take a backup of your personal data from your Android Smartphone or Tablet. As flashing any Firmware or recovery may brick the device.
Credits: UAT Qualcomm v8.02 Tool Crack is created and distributed by the developer. So, full credits go to the developer for sharing the tool for free.

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