Free Honda Previews All – New Honda 2022 Stepwgn Minivan in Japan

Honda has announced the next generation of the Stepwgn van with the first series of official shots. Only individual parts of the model are visible on them, which does not allow viewing its entire appearance.

Honda Previews -New Honda 2022 Stepwgn Minivan in Japan

honda stepwgn 04 768x470 1

According to some reports, Honda Stepwgn will retain a two-volume body with a short bonnet, but the design will become more angular and austere.

The interior is dominated by straight lines. It is expected that the model will be offered with a 2 + 2 + 3 landing formula, as shown in the photo.

The technical characteristics of the model are not announced. Honda decided to keep the intrigue until the end, namely until the premiere scheduled for January 7 next year.

It is already known that the van will be offered to customers with several types of power plants, in particular, with a gasoline and a hybrid.

The previous, fifthg


eneration Stepwgn entered the assembly line in 2015. Van went through a planned update two years later. Now is the time to give way to a new generation model.

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