Free Unlimited internet udp tunnel mode 1 and 2 , dnstt slow dns, fast dns vpn app, socks tunnel apk - anonyshu

Free Unlimited internet udp tunnel mode 1 and 2 , dnstt slow dns, fast dns vpn app, socks tunnel apk

Free Unlimited internet

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Socks tunnel Download link

On below link button image you can download sock tunnel which combine dnstt, fast dns, udptunnel, and slowdns all are free not paid

Free Unlimited internet



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What Is DNS Tunneling(dnstt)

DNS tunneling is one of the most malicious DNS attacks. What exactly is it and how does it work?

The Domain Name System, or DNS, is the protocol that translates human-friendly URLs, such as, into hardware-compatible IP addresses, such as Cybercriminals know that DNS is widely used and trusted. Furthermore, since DNS is not intended for data transmission, many organizations do not monitor their DNS traffic for any malicious activity. As a result, a number of types of DNS-based attacks can be effective if launched against corporate networks. DNS tunneling is one such attack.

What Is UDP Tunneling?

UDPTunnel is a small program which can tunnel UDP packets bi-directionally over a TCP connection. Its primary purpose (and original motivation) is to allow multi-media conferences to traverse a firewall which allows only outgoing TCP connections.


UDPTunnel can be run in two modes: a client mode and a server mode. The client mode initiates the TCP connection before relaying UDP; the server waits for an incoming connection before doing so. After the TCP connection is established, the behavior of the two modes is identical. If you are using UDPTunnel to traverse a firewall as discussed above, the client would be run inside the firewall, and the server would be run outside it.

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