FRPFILE RAMDISK Windows Tool v1.1 free Bypass Passcode, Disable, Hello Screen, Baseband broken no jailbreak.

FRPFILE RAMDISK windows tool Bypass Passcode, Disable (iOS 11 – 15.x) no jailbreak.  FRPFILE Ramdisk Version CLI tool (update GUI tool soon) This commercial tool bypasses the passcode, disables Meid/GSM without requiring a jailbreak, and provides full notification, iCloud services, and sim call functionality (except device locked carrier)

FRPFILE RAMDISK V1.1 Tool Features

  • Best Tool: In terms of passcode bypassing software, it is the best. With the notification and GSM signal, you can easily disable/bypass the Passcode.
  • Compatible with windows pc: The FRPFILE RAMDISK V1.1 tool is compatible with window pc
  • Simple User Interface: The user interface for this tool is really simple. It is also simple to use.
  • Extra Feature: Using a GSM/MEID signal, you can simply bypass the iCloud activation lock. Your Apple id and phone number, on the other hand, can be read from your Apple device.
  • Popularity: Most mobile technicians, on the other hand, utilize this tool to bypass the Passcode and iCloud activation lock.
  • There is no need to jailbreak your Apple device in order to overcome the passcode.

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  • Bypass passcode, disable ios 11-15 no jailbreak work call, data, icloud services, notification
  • Bypass untethered hello screen, baseband problem ios 15 (no signal) no jailbreak, login
  • icloud. (50% notification work)
  • Devices support: iPhone SE 1, 6s, 6s plus, 7, 7 plus, 8, 8plus, X iPad 5 wifi, mini 4 wifi


  • Requires  window 7/8/10/11 and up
  • + desktop and laptop
  • + CPU i3?i5/i7 (Does not support Pentium)

how FRPFILE RAMDISK window tool v1.1 work

Tool have 2 version Boot v1 & boot v2 (use v2 if the tool crashes SSH please try with v1 again) If not done must update retain data to latest IOS (if old ios have 5% risk stuck recovery mode)
Before order, Please put a sim card in the phone need bypass and try to make a call to phone. If the phone can take a call mean the phone support.


  • Device Passcode or Disable screen iOS15
  • SIM Unlocked (Check before oder )


Not Support:

  • Device restored (Hello screen)
  • SIM Locked
  • Device bypassed from iOS12-14.8.1


For user:

  • iPad 5 wifi, mini 4 wifi 1x $
  • iPhone SE, 6s, 6s plus: 1x $
  • iPhone 7, 7plus: 1x $
  • iPhone 8-X: 2x $
  • For Reseller DM Whatsapp: +255752780452 good price
  • Refund if have a problem


Download (50 MB)

password unzip: frpfile

Using the FRPFILE RAMDISK V1.1 Tool, how can you bypass a disabled passcode?

  • To begin, you must first register your device’s ECID.
    On a MAC laptop, get FRPFILE RAMDISK V2. After that, unzip it.
  • Run the RAMDISK tool now. Then follow the instructions below.
  • DFU mode is activated when your iPhone is connected to a computer. You’ll notice more options on the FRPFILE RAMDISK V2 Tool after successfully connecting your device in DFU mode. Open Proxy, Open SSH, Backup File, Activate, and other options are available.
  • To open proxy, type 1 and press enter, then type 2 to open SSH, and then 3 to open the backup file.
  • You can see your device’s files in the backup folder after they’ve been successfully backed up.
  • Second, use iTunes or 3u Tool to flash your smartphone.
  • After flashing your device, connect it in DFU mode once more.
  • Type 1 to open proxy and then 4 to activate your device after reconnecting your device to DFU mode.


No. Until now, this tool will not function on jailbreaking Hello Screen on iOS. Checkra1n or any other team has yet to release an iOS 15 jailbreak. All are working on a new version of checkra1n, which has been copied from anonyshu. According to reports, jailbreaking iOS 15 only works up to A9 (iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, and any iPad Pros with A9(X)). We will provide you with more information about this as soon as possible.