FTS 22 New Mod Apk + Obb Data First Touch Soccer 2022/23 app offline

FTS 22 is an updated edition of the popular soccer-themed Android game. The latest version includes new features like unlimited money, the most recent/updated player transfers, authentic team outfits, authentic player faces, and more options for stadiums. It also has a new splash screen with high-definition graphics.

ABOUT FTS 22 Mod Apk

First Touch Soccer 2022 is an Android football management game where you may construct a team from the ground up by signing great players, renovating your club stadium, scouting for available players, and managing all of your club’s other activities.

One of the most appealing aspects of this game is that it offers a limitless supply of coin/money to allow you to sign any player of your choice and unlock nearly every item in the game without having to spend real money.

Players can be upgraded to boost their abilities. And in fact, you can increase your players’ ratings by up to 100% in order to improve their performance. When competent players are upgraded, they can do more skills, dribbling and scoring becomes easier.

The most wide-ranging upgrade on FIFA 18 is the I-league, or improvement leagues. In this upgrade, your players can be upgraded with an increased potential rating so they can become more skilled and improve their performance. You can upgrade some players up to 100% to boost their abilities even further and make other upgrades easier too.



First Touch Soccer 2022 is the number one soccer game in the world right now, and with the mobile app release, it’s getting even better. In addition to a host of new features, it also has three different game modes: Kick off mode, Start Player Match mode, and Training mode. All of these modes are available without need for an internet connection.

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FTS 22 Mod Apk Obb Data 318MB

NOTE: The entire game is compressed into a single file.
After downloading, decompress the files with the ZArchiver program to get the APK, Data, and OBB files.
To extract the compressed file, use the password mokoweb.
If you’re having trouble installing or playing the game on your Android device, watch the video below.


The latest First Touch Soccer 2023 (FTS 22) apk mod for Android is shown in action below.


  • After downloading the FTS 2022 files, you should install the Zarchiver Profile manager. This will also be used for unzipping files.
  • When your Android receives the FTS 2022 zip file in its downloads folder, tap on the download. When the “options Menu” appears, click on Extract.
  • Load up Zarchiver’s software app, then load your Android device in the same app and open one of the apps installed in the OBB folder. From there, pick “Device Memory” from the drop-down menu, as shown below. Please note: Before opening the Android folder on your computer you must make sure that every other FTS 22 or XREA apps, such as Zarchiver or all Converter files are deleted from that phone’s memory.
  • To start, tap the arrow pointing down.
  • Once you have the FTS 22 data files, extracting them is easy. Once extracted, download the FTS 23 app from your device’s app menu. Open it and start playing.


  • The cover has been updated.
  • English commentary has recently been added to the German Bundesliga.
  • The download file size is little.
  • Graphics have been improved
  • Career mode (offline)


  • Players from the Bundesliga, such as Robert Lewandowski, have been added.
  • Offline play is available.
  • Commentary in English
  • There are now daily match challenges available.
  • There’s also a Manager Mode.
  • Control buttons are more effective.
  • Improved Effects and the stadium
  • Views from the stadium cameras are now better.
  • New team uniforms for 2022/2023
  • Faces and hairstyles of recent players
  • There is no limit to the amount of money/coins you can have.
  • Replay feature has been improved.
  • Recent player transfers have been updated.
  • Theme and songs for the next season
  • New tournaments have been announced.


You may use this alternative download links without password but the players in this one is not up to date like the first link provided at the beginning of this post.

Download FTS 23 Apk 52MB FTS 23 OBB 128MB FTS 23 Data Zip 128MB

First Touch Soccer was created by FTG, but the company closed its doors and no longer develops it. Game modders have kept the game alive by releasing hacked versions with new features.