Download GBWhatsapp Pro Apk v17.00 free (August 2022) Latest Update

GBWhatsApp Pro Apk (GBWA Pro) is a popular WhatsApp mod that is one of the best alternatives to the official WhatsApp client. Most Android users choose GBWhatsapp since it enhances their chatting experience. You will have no trouble accessing the link to get GB Whatsapp Pro Apk.

Some call it GBWhatsapp Premium, but many people believe it is the premium version of the official WhatsApp version. However, this is incorrect in numerous ways. The app is completely independent of the original Whatsapp. The majority of this speculation is based on Gbwhatsapp’s extensive features that make chatting enjoyable. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the features of GB Whatsapp Pro.

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GbWhatsapp Pro Apk v17.00 Best Features

Whatsapp was created as an easy-to-use communication app to help people communicate with one another over Wi-Fi and data connections. It has an easy-to-use chat function and a simple layout, making it the best choice for communicating with friends and family both at home and abroad. WhatsApp, on the other hand, has several limitations, owing to the fact that it is free. But GBWhatsApp is here to change that. The following are the top features of GBWhatsapp Pro that make it the best Whatsapp alternative.

Enhancements to Privacy Options

GbWhatsapp Pro is a better version of Whatsapp, but most people refuse to admit it. The app protects users’ privacy by allowing them to control what others see about them. This app allows you to hide read ticks, delivered ticks, read receipts, and last seen for specific contacts. You can also examine people’s statuses without their knowledge, view deleted messages and statuses, and so forth.

Easily Send Messages with the Auto Reply Function

This is a fantastic option for folks who use WhatsApp for work or have a hectic schedule. You can use the Auto Reply tool to specify a specific term and response. Then, whenever one of your contacts sends a message that contains or equals the keyword you specify, Gbwhatapp will activate the auto-reply function. You won’t have to replay the same message over and over.


GBWhatsApp Pro also allows users to customize their WhatsApp interface. The app includes a variety of themes. You can use pre-designed themes or make your own. You can also change the app font style and size to give your Whatsapp a unique appearance.

Send Text Messages to Large Groups
You can use the broadcast functions to send messages to multiple contacts or groups at the same time. This feature is useful for marketing, informing friends about upcoming events, and sending holiday greetings. On normal WhatsApp, however, you can only broadcast messages to 5 groups or contacts. However, with GB Whatsapp Pro, you may easily send messages to an infinite number of people.

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DND Deactivate Functionality

DND, or do not disturb, is a feature that allows users to disable data connection and notifications for a specific app. For example, you can utilize the GBWhatsapp DND features to disable the internet connection for Whatsapp exclusively, allowing you to use the internet connection for other apps other than GBWhatsapp. With this, you may simply focus on another task without getting distracted by Whatsapp messages or phone calls.

  • Other features include the ability to create and customize themes for usage by other GBWA users.
  • Furthermore, an audio file can be shared for up to 100 MB at a time.
  • status Instead of 30 seconds, the video is limited to 7 minutes.
  • Password protection is enabled.
  • Amazing tick designs
  • Beautiful launcher icons
  • Change the notification-bar icon
  • Providers of multiple gifs
  • Alter the video player
  • Status can be duplicated.
  • Send huge video, music, and image files.
  • Video files up to 50 MB in size can be sent.
  • Hide your online status with a double tick.
  • Hide being spotted Message, sent message status
  • Always-on functionality
  • Capable of sending more than ten images
  • The backup function for GB WhatsApp users now includes new and personalized emojis.

Latest Version of GBWhatsApp Pro Apk v17.00

Whatsapp Pro GB Apk The most recent version is v16.20. The upgrade includes numerous new features. The following are the new fixes and features in this version:
The market version should be updated to
GB WhatsApp Pro now has a new user interface design.
By default, switch between light and dark modes.
Gbwhatsapp pro now has a new status style that looks like an IG story.
Modify the bottom bar style.
Fixed a problem in WhatsApp Pro where the contact picture was not displayed in the group.

Where Can I Get GBWhatsApp PRO Apk v17.00?

If you’re wondering where to get the most recent version of the GBWhatsApp apk, just open your browser and type Then, under Apps, you’ll find the most recent version of GBwhatsapp Apk.

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Download the most recent version of GBWhatsApp Pro APK (August 2022).

The latest version of GB Whatsapp Pro Apk is available for free download below. To get the APK file, simply click the download button.

Gbwhatsapp Pro APK Information.

App Name GBwhatsapp Pro
Version v17.00
Publisher Alexmods
App Size 49MB
Android Requirement 4.0+
Last Updated Recently
GBWhatsapp Pro Apk 49Mb Download

It is worth noting that many websites on the internet disguise their malware as GBWhatsApp Apk. For your own safety, do not download GBWhatsApp from those websites. Consider downloading from our site or another reputable source instead. Keep SAFE!

How Do I Get GBWhatsApp Apk on My Android Phone?

  • This may appear strange, but some people still ask this type of question now and then, as the number of GBWhatsapp users grows by the second. There is no difference between installing the older version of GBWhatsApp and the newer version on your Android phone. I’ll explain how to install any version of GBWhatsApp on your Android phone down below.
  • Download the most recent version of GBWhatsApp by clicking the download button above.
  • Navigate to the location where the apk file is saved; most browsers keep downloaded files in the “Download Folder.”
  • Tap the GB WhatsApp file you downloaded, then click Install. For example, if a message appears telling you to enable “Unknown source,” click “Yes,” then go to your phone’s settings > select permission, then click “Enable.” Return to the GBwhatsapp file and reinstall it. This time it will fit perfectly.
  • Return to your phone’s menu, select the GBWhatsApp icon, and create your WhatsApp account.

What has changed?

  • Anti-ban
    Every bug has been fixed.
    The Dark Mode Added \sAdded A Brand-New Dynamic Theme
    Unlimited Pin Self-Destructive Message – The message will be deleted after a certain amount of time.
    Updated new base
    new emojis added/customized
    You can call participants in mod groups attached.
    When you select massage in groups, you can now respond privately.
    The Google Play issue with added-in stickers has been resolved.
    The crash has been fixed when searching for themes.
    Fixes for bugs
    New and personalized emojis are now available.
    This app now has a new feature that allows you to hide the recording status.
    You can use it with WhatsApp Web.
    You have the option of enabling a password.
    In GBWA, you can change the video player.
    Tick styles that are newly seen.
    Instead of 30 seconds, video status can last up to 7 minutes. (Nice Feature)
    This app allows you to download status updates.
    There are numerous languages available.
    You can send large video files.
    This MOD includes a plethora of themes.


  • Older Version of GBWhatsApp

16.20 \s15.00 \s14.00 \s13.50 \s12.00 \s9.95 \s8.40 \sv8.30 \sv8.26 \sv8.25 \sv8.20 \sv8.0 \sv7.35 \sv7.25

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Whatsapp GB For iPhone

It’s great that GBWhatsApp is now available for iOS devices. iPhone users may now download and install the IOS version of this WhatsApp mod to enjoy the same features that Android users have. This section will provide a link to download and install the GBWhatsapp IOS version.

How to Get GBWhatsApp for iPhone

  • You must first download the IOS file in order to install GBWhatsapp on your iPhone. There is a button for that underneath.
  • Locate the IOS file and double-click on it.
  • It will just take a few seconds to install. Launch the app when it has been installed.
  • Log in using your WhatsApp number and confirm it.
  • This fantastic app is now available for iPhone.

The Benefits of Using Gbwhatsapp Apk

  • Whatsapp Dual Account: GBWhatsapp allows users to create two WhatsApp accounts on one phone; you can use Gbwhatsaap with two phone numbers directly.
  • Auto-Reply Tools: GBwhatsaopp includes an auto-reply feature that allows users to choose the desired keyword and its response; whenever a message containing this keyword or exactly this term is received, this tool will automatically respond.
  • Hide Read Ticks: These features prevent your contact from knowing whether or not you have read their status.
  • Download Whatsapp Status: With this feature, you can save other contacts’ Whatsapp statuses directly to your phone’s gallery.
  • Gbwhatsapp allows you to personalize your WhatsApp layout to your liking; you can use one of the app’s built-in themes or create your own. You can also make your own themes and share them with others.


What exactly is GBWhatsApp Apk?

GBWhatsapp Apk is an unofficial version of Whatsapp that includes more functionality.

Is it safe to use GBWhatsApp Apk?

Using GBWhatsApp on your smartphone is risk-free because it contains no malware or spyware.

Is it necessary to root my phone?

No, you do not need to root your phone before using it. Simply download and install Gbwhatsapp, and it will function flawlessly.

Will Whatsapp ban my account because I use Gbwhatsapp?

No, this version of gbwhatsapp is anti-ban, therefore Whatsapp will not be able to block your account from using it.

Whatsapp Timeline GB

This fantastic app has advanced to a much higher level. It is the program that allows you to do more than simply talk. Gbwhatsapp Pro allows you to do fascinating things while chatting with your loved ones. This current version includes several new and improved features. So, get GbWhatsapp for Android and start using it.

If you use to get Gbwhatsapp and it does not work, you can use our website.


GBWhatsapp apk is a customized version of Whatsapp that includes several features not seen in the official version. Users who use these mod versions risk being banned, so use them with caution. It is not recommended that you use your personal phone number in this app. Save this page for easy access whenever this app is updated. Thank you for visiting our website.