How To Watch IPTV Channels On Your phone For Free in 2022

Here are the best IPTV and worldwide Free TV apps for Android, We have updated this post with the latest working free dsstv apps, IPTV Apps, activation codes, working IPTV portal URLs, and instructions, with their aid you can stream your favourite dsstv channels, Premiere League, African, Asian, Chinese, American, Arabic, MBC, Dubai, Being Sports, the United States and United Kingdoms’ HD TV Channels on your android smartphone or Even PC for life without any reoccurring monthly IPTV Subscriptions or account.


IPTV stalker is a live TV player application made available for you to watch any TV shows [ Movies and Series ] worldwide on your Smartphones, Tablet, Laptops and Android TV.
Just by using this application you will be able to watch any movies and series, live shows, TV channels of different countries even including the popular DStv channels and some latest and many latest movies in Hollywood, Nollywood and Hollywood and in respect with all the available genres you know [ Action, Comedy, Romance, Horror, Adventure and all like that ]. You can also use the IpTv app to stream live sport which includes football matches and any other sport games with the app you enjoy all of this for free.
You know, the IPTV stalker app works for and is available to a number of 250 countries TV shows and live channels which can be watched for free in the app, be aware that they have premium paid plans and membership, this is an option to expose you to more content, But don’t worry you aren’t buying or paying for any premium membership because NairaTechs will be sharing the free membership right here and you should stay tuned I will continue dropping links and Mac addresses to access the IpTv stalker app for free.


IPTV stalker in the other hand offers watching live DStv channel for free by using their Premium IP and Mac address that expose us to 3000+ live channels worldwide and luckily DStv channels are also among this coverage. Please follow the full steps below ;
1. Download the IPTV stalker APP. 
2. Install and launch the app.
3. Next is to click on the home icon below.
4. Then scroll and select IPTV profiles.
5. Now create new profile.
6. Then enter [ ] for IPTV’s nickname.
7. Portal URL enter
8. For Mac address enter 00:1a:79:4d:a7:16
9. Now click save.
10. Check to make sure your 3G or 4G data is activated to let the channels load live DStv channels.
11. Enjoy.


Just immediately you have completed the above settings and configuration of your IPTV stalker app and also with the above portal URL and Mac address, what is next is how to find live DStv and movies channels to watch on the IPTV stalker App and enjoy.
1. While on the app, click on the home icon below. Download
2. Then scroll to the left.
3. You will see Live channels, MOVIES and Series.
4. If you want to watch DStv Channel click on live channel.
5. Now scroll up or down and find any name categorised “Africa” and click on it
6. Start enjoying.
    1. Link –
        ◾ 00:1a:79:58:21:d3
        ◾ 00:1a:79:3a:b6:c2
    2. Link –
        ◾ Mac address – 00:1A:79:23:5D:22
    3. Link –
        ◾Mac address – 00:1A:79:00:2E:98
    4. Link –
        ◾ Mac – 00:1A:79:31:41:87
    5. Link –
        ◾ Mac – 00:1A:79:05:2F:0F


Got problems using the IpTv stalker like being blank or not showing TV shows? Do this ?
1. Check your phone connection if it’s strong and good enough to live stream online.
2. Note that for a good network IPTV stalker requires should begin from 1MB/s Internet speed for live streaming.
3. Also check if you are using vpn and disable your VPN application if you are using a VPN network to browse the app for streaming.
In Summary : To watch more movies and series on IPTV stalker select the home icon and scroll to series or movies, select the movies and start watching. You can also watch more live TV channels of different countries worldwide by selecting your country and watch the live shows.
For more IPTV stalker and Mac address settings you can click here to get them for free of charge to continue watching.

With the aid the detailed instructions on this post and the necessary apps streaming DSSTV channels is only one click away, read on to figure out how to watch IPTV channels and international TV channels for free without an account, or payment

This latest method of streaming IPTV channels without any IPTV account is made possible with the aid of the IPTV technology which allows users to stream live tv channels on the go with the aid of the internet, we have discovered a new way of streaming these channels for free without an account, and it’s not only the popular Africa tv Provider channels there are up to 20000 premium TV channels for any country and there are all premium channels, they include Sports Channels, Premiere league channels etc, African Movies, Africa Channels, MBC channels(mbc2, mbc max, mbc action) etc,

Another interesting thing is that you get this premium IPTV and HD channels free, no renewal fees, you only need the oxygen called data to watch our TV channels in HD, without any buffering.

There are new latest 2022 free Internet settings for your country/network on Edoztunnel VPN Click here to download the app/view the new settings

Disclaimer: This is not a hacked IPTV App or anything like that, in fact there is nothing like hacked IPTV app, these are IPTV services that hosts thousands of local and international TV channels(Africa Providers channels included) with legal licenses from the IPTV providers..

Features of this Free IPTV DStv Apps

Features of this Free IPTV App

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~ Has thousands of channels from different countries and ISPS, including The Africa TV provider channels

~Streams channels in HD without any buffering

~ Can be used on Android and PC(through Emulators)

~ We update this page with the latest working IPTV activation codes and Apps so it’s totally free without any monthly or annual subscription

Where to get 1000+ working IPTV Login Portal URls, Max Addresses, Login accounts for free

Click here to view our 2022 Updated free IPTV Portal URls and mac addresses that can be used to stream live TV on IPTV apps like Ipstalker, Stemu, Josh TV, Ott Navigator, etc, this list of Working iptv Logins are updated regularly, so bookmark this page and always come back for new working iptv login det

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