New method MTN 0.00KB FREE BROWSING-internet CHEAT VIA EDOZ V2RAY may 2022


MTN Free Browsing is still available on Edoz V2ray app, works at a click, and is very good for surfing the Internet with the aid of this setting MTN users can still enjoy free internet on their android smartphone since the unlimited and e-learning 500MB Daily Free Browsing cheat has some connection issues(blocked), read on to figure how this latest MTN free Browsing cheat 2021 works.

The Edoz V2ray VPN is a new V2ray protocol VPN, with Inbuilt free internet settings for different countries and networks, the good thing about the app is that it inbuilt files don’t expire like that of the NapsternetV app and it’s easy to use just like Edoztunnel VPN which is used to get unlimited free internet for every country and networks.

This latest MTN 160MB Free Browsing Cheat on the Edoz V2ray App is not unlimited, because its capped at around 160mb daily(100mb, 50MB, that’s to say that if you use up to 150mb any day, you will not be able to use it again until the next day, if you have more mtn sim cards, then you can switch between them and enjoy more free internet, Note that the Airtel 250MB Daily free Browsingand the 9mobile 150MB free browsing cheats still works very well on Edoztunnel VPN you should check them out.

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Some Features Of The Edoz V2ray VPN

1~ Inbuilt Cheap and free internet settings

There are new latest 2022 free Internet settings for your country/network on Edoztunnel VPN Click here to download the app/view the new settings

2~ Fast Server speed
3~ Good and Simple UI

4~ V2ray, Shadowsocks and VMess Protocol VPN

5~ Different free internet settings for different countries

6~ Non Expiring settings

Requirements For MTN 0.00Kb 200MB Free Browsing Cheat Via Edoz V2ray VPN

  • 1~ An android Smartphone running on android 4 or later or a PC with Android Emulator
  • 2~ Your MTN Nigeria Sim Card with 0.00kb balance, note that your data wouldn’t be touched even if you have an active data balance
  • 3~The Edoz V2ray VPN App

Download From here (play store link)


Download From here (Other Store Link) if you are having issues with the play store

Edoz V2ray Settings For MTN 0.00Kb 150MB Free Browsing Cheat 2021
Below is how you can use the Edoz V2ray app for this MTN 0.00Kb 200MB free Browsing cheat, like I said earlier the settings are inbuilt, so it will be quite easy for you to use.

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1~ First Download the Edoz V2ray app from the links above

2~ Install and launch the Edoz V2ray app, it should fetch the tweaks automatically, If doesn’t then click on the update Tweaks logo to fetch the available free(you need to switch your network to a data-enabled sim to be able to update the tweaks

3~ Select the MTN 100MB option or the MTN 60MB option


4~Now click on the pink-like hanging logo to connect

5~ It should connect immediately, wait for some seconds and click on the “tap to check connection” option, it should write Success: HTTP Handshake., if it shows Connection not successfully, then you will have to switch off your Data and reconnect

Then you can minimize the Edoz V2ray app and browse the internet for free

Note, Due to the nature of the 100MB tweak, it might not be stable or fast after some minutes of connection, when that happens all you need to do is disconnect and reconnect again, and it will become fast, the 60MB is stable and doesn’t disconnect like that of 100MB,

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Note that we have the MTN 50MB free browsing working perfectly on the Edoztunnel VPN, coupled with the MTN Mpulse and TikTok bundle cheap browsing cheats too, you should check them out too

How To Use MTN 0.00Kb Free Browsing Via Edoz V2ray VPN On Your PC
To be able to use this Latest MTN 0.00Kb 160MB free Browsing cheat Via Edoz V2ray VPN on your pc you will need to read this detailed guideline on how you can share your phone VPN connection with a pc this method works flawlessly, so check them out

Enjoy the Latest MTN Free Browsing cheat Via Edoz V2ray VPN and don’t forget to share with your friends and rate the app 5 star on the play store.