Get free 2022 HA Tunnel Plus Free Internet HAT Files Configs for All Countries [Updated Daily]

HA Tunnel Plus Free Internet HAT Files and Configs for All Countries [Updated Daily] 2022

When internet access is available in your country, free internet is great news. Since the last years, free internet has gained popularity through internet searches. People continue to search for HTTP Injector Free Internet ehi Files, http injector-free internet configs and AnonyTun internet for any country.

It’s important to remember that getting free internet can be difficult. As we mentioned in our previous internet tricks: Due to restrictions on countries and availability of exploitable hosts, it’s not easy to obtain free internet for all.¬†Check out our tutorials about free internet:

Since the beginning, we have published free internet configs and tricks on this blog. We are especially proud to offer them Cameroon. However, we have received many complaints from our readers asking for internet access for their countries. So we created an exclusive solution. We will give all our readers in all countries the free internet tricks they request.

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What is HA Tunnel Plus? How does it work?

Art Of Tunnel developed HA Tunnel Plus, which is a pre-existing application for tunnel applications ( AnonyTun). The VPN tunnel works in the same manner as AnonyTun, but has a slight variation. HA Tunnel Plus makes use of existing connections protocols like SSH2.0. SSH2.0 protects all traffic between client and server.

To connect to the server, each user receives a random generated ID.

This software was developed by the developer to control floods of servers, and to give clients full access to servers to limit client access. We can conclude that the developer of HA Tunnel Plus had a great vision. Plus, the extension to HA Tunnel Plus Configur files is .hat

Before HA Tunnel Plus, there was HA Tunnel Pro. The developer decided to discontinue support for the application and made it available in the Plus version, which is now known as HA Tunnel Plus.


How to Use HA Tunnel Plus for FREE Internet

HA Tunnel Plus is similar to other VPN apps. If you have experience with other VPN Apps like HTTP Injector, you will be able to figure out how this application works.

You will need a working SNI host or a working payload to use HA Tunnel Plus. This is just the beginning.


Benefits of using HA Tunnel Plus

You will enjoy many benefits when you use HA Tunnel Plus such as:

  • All restricted websites can be unblocked
  • Online privacy is protected
  • All trackers from your IP should be removed
  • Enjoy Unlimited Internet Access
  • Unlimited file downloads without data plan or charges

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Use HA Tunnel Plus: Disadvantages

HA Tunnel Plus is a fantastic app for getting free internet. Here are some disadvantages to be aware of.

1. Connection Failed Problem

This is the most serious disadvantage you might experience with HA Tunnel Plus.¬†This could be due to many factors, such as connection time expiration, limited SNI host or inadequate popup advertisements.¬†It is possible that you are wondering why your HA Tunnel Plus doesn’t connect.¬†Before you can fix this, there are a few things you should do.

We have identified the¬†5 main causes of the problem¬†and given a solution so that you can use the app without any further delay.¬†Here’s¬†how you can fix the connection problem with HA Tunnel Plus.

2. Annoying popup ads

HA Tunnel Plus is a great VPN and undoubtedly the best VPN for tunneling your internet connection via secure SSH 2.0. The developer later updated the app to increase the number of ads that appear whenever you use it. This was a frustrating situation that led to people looking for the best alternatives to HA Tunnel Plus.

There should be an alternative. However, it is true that the app is very easy to use and is a great app to help beginners get started in configuration development. To renew your connection, ads are required. There is no config that prevents ads from appearing in the app. These ads are used to help the developer maintain their servers.

We have some tricks to help you¬†increase your connection speed without having to watch video ads–¬†. Here is how it.

Get HA Tunnel Plus All Countries Free Internet Hat Configur Files

Although it is not possible, and some might be skeptical, it is possible to set up a free internet configuration with the HA Tunnel Plus. It is important to learn about the Realm host and its workings. This feature was updated recently by the developer, and moved to a new Realm hosts.

We have decided to share internet hat files free of charge for HA Tunnel Plus, so that all countries can enjoy these free internet tricks.

Before you do, be sure to have the following items

Requirements for downloading Ha Tunnel Plus unlimited free internet files for all countries

  • HA Tunnel Plus
  • Below is the.hat configuration (for countries that are designated).¬†All Net configurations also available.

Procedure to download Ha Tunnel Plus Unlimited Internet Config Files For All Networks and Countries

The settings are not difficult.¬†You just need to import the config file into the HA Tunnel Plus app.¬†It’s quite simple.

Click the link below to download the file that corresponds with your country. Then import it and browse the internet for no cost.

After you have downloaded the latest ha tunnel and the free internet hat file for your country, you will need to be able to use the hat files at high speeds. You will need the best internet boosting apps. These internet boosters are available at the following link.


Even if you have a working host, it can be difficult to create work files.¬†We are happy to accept any host from any country to provide you with working files.¬†Send us your¬†Contact Pages¬†with working hosts and we’ll create the files for you and drop them in the¬†Hat List.

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Argentina HAT File (Updated РNew)  

Argentina-Free-Internet(latest).hat 960 B

Argentina(Prepago)-Free-Internet.hat 1.29 KB

Argentina(Prepago2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.31 KB

Argentina-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.31 KB

Argentina-Free-Internet.hat 984 B

 Bolivia HAT File  

Bolivia-Free-Internet.hat 981 B

 Brazil HAT Files (Newly Added РUpdated)  

Brazil(Tim)-Free-Internet.hat 1.84KB

Brazil(Vivo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.17KB

 Colombia HAT File (New РUpdated)  

Colombia(Tigo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.73KB

Colombia(Wom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB

Colombia(Tigo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.29KB

Colombia(Tigo1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.25KB

Colombia-Free-Internet.hat 1.25KB

 Croatia HAT File (Newly Added РUpdated)  

Croatia-Free-Internet.hat 1.KB

 Egypt HAT File (Updated РNew)  

Egypt-Free-Internet.hat 1.94KB

Egypt(WiFi-WE)-Free-Internet.hat 1.29KB

Egypt-Free-Internet.hat 980 B

Egypt-Free-Internet.hat 982 B

Egypt-Free-Internet(latest).hat 960 B

 France HAT Files (Newly Added)  

FR(SFR)-Free-Internet.hat 1.44KB

FR(Laboste)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB

FR(Reglo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB

FR(SFR)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB

 Germany HAT Files (Updated РNew)  

Germany(Aldi-Talk)-Free-Internet.hat 1.44KB

Germany(Aldi-Talk)-Free-Internet.hat 1.44KB

Germany(Rain)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB

Germany(Aldi-Talk)-Free-Internet.hat 1.65KB

Germany(Ortel Mobile)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB

Germany-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB

 Ghana HAT Files (Newly Added РUpdated)  

Ghana(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.77KB

Ghana-Free-Internet.hat 2.09KB

 Guatemala HAT File  

Guatemala(Tigo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.63KB

Guatemala-Free-Internet.hat 1.0KB

Guatemala(2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.1KB

 Haiti HAT Files (Newly Added)  

Haiti(1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB

Haiti(2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB

Haiti(3)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB

 India HAT File  

India-Free-Internet.hat 1.3KB

 Jamaica Free Internet HAT File (New)  

Jamaica(Digicel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.25KB

Jamaica-Free-Internet.hat 1.63KB


 Kenya HAT Files (Updated)  

Kenya(Safaricom)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.67KB

Kenya(Safaricom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB

Kenya-Free-Internet.hat 980B

Kenya-Free-Internet(test).hat 960B

 Kyrgyztan Hat File  

Kyrgyztan-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB

 Lesotho HAT File  

Lesotho-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB

 Malawi HAT Files (Updated)  

Malawi-Free-Internet.hat 1.1KB

Malawi-Free-Internet(2).hat 1.2KB


 Malaysia HAT File (Updated)  

Malaysia(Umobile)-Free-Internet.hat 1.31KB

Malaysia-Free-Internet.hat 902B

 Mexico HAT Files (Newly Added РUpdated)  

Mexico(Telcel)-Free-Internet.hat 2.09KB

Mexico(Todo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.42KB


 Nigeria HAT File (Updated РNew)  

Below, you can find updated ha tunnel plus hat files for Nigeria (MTN, Airtel, NTel, Swift, Smile, Glo) which you can download for unlimited free internet access.

Nigeria(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.42KB

Nigeria(Allnet)-Free-Internet.hat 2.02KB

Nigeria(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB

Nigeria(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.70KB

Nigeria(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB

Nigeria(Airtel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.87KB

Nigeria(Ntel/Swift/Smile)-Free-Internet.hat 0.91KB

Nigeria(Allnet)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB

Nigeria(Airtel-Social)-Free-Internet.hat 1.98KB

Nigeria(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.65KB

Nigeria(Ntel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.84KB

Nigeria(Airtel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.67KB

Nigeria(Airtel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.36KB

Nigeria(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.25KB

Nigeria(Airtel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.31KB

Nigeria(Airtel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB

Nigeria(MTN)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.2KB

Nigeria-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.2KB

Nigeria(Glo)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.2KB

Nigeria(Airtel-Unlimited)-Free-Internet.hat 1.17KB

Nigeria(Airtel2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.19KB

 Peru HAT Files (Newly Added)  

Peru(Claro)-Free-Internet.hat 1.29KB

 Philipine HAT File (Updated)  

Philipine(Latest)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB

Philipine-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB

 Portugal HAT Files (Newly Added)  

Portugal(Nos1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB

Portugal(Nos2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB


 Qatar HAT File (New РUpdated)  

Qatar(Ooredoo)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB

 Saudi Arabia HAT File(Updated РNew)  

SA(Zain-Latest)-Free-Internet.hat 1.27KB

SA(Mobily-Latest)-Free-Internet.hat 1.42KB

SA(mobily)-Free-Internet.hat 1.84KB

SA(Moktv-mobily)-Free-Internet.hat 1.42KB

SA-Free-Internet.hat 979B

 Singapore HAT File (New РUpdated)  

Singapore(StarHub)-Free-Internet.hat 1.3KB

 South Africa HAT File (Updated РNew)  

Below, you can find updated ha tunnel plus hat files for South Africa (MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, CellC, Salt) which you can download for unlimited free internet access.

ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.42KB

ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 2.00KB

ZA(CellC)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB

ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB

ZA(Vodacom)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB

ZA(CellC)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB

ZA(Rain)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB

ZA(Telkom)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB

ZA(Vodacom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.52KB

ZA(MTN-Unlimited)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB

ZA(MTN-Unlimited)-Free-Internet.hat 1.31KB

ZA(Telkom1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB

ZA(Telkom2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB

ZA(MTN-Unlimited)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB

ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB

ZA(MTN-1GB)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB

ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB

ZA(MTN1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB

ZA(Vodacom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB

ZA(CellC)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB

ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.92KB

ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.42KB

ZA(CellC)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB

ZA(Telkom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.56KB

ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.34KB

ZA(Salt)-Free-Internet.hat 1.48KB

ZA(Vodacom1)-Free-Internet.hat 1.17KB

ZA(Vodacom2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.56KB

ZA(Vodacom)-Free-Internet.hat 1.29KB

ZA(Telkom1)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.29KB

ZA(Telkom2)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.59KB

ZA(Telkom)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.27KB

ZA(CellC)-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.42KB

ZA(MTN)-Free-Internet.hat 1.4KB

ZA-Free-Internet.hat 1.2KB

South-Africa-Free-Internet.hat 960B

South-Africa-Free-Internet(New).hat 1.25KB

South-Africa-Free-Internet(New).hat 1.88KB

 Tajikistan HAT Files (Newly Added)  

Tajikistan(Tcell)-Free-Internet(New).hat 1.17KB

 Turkey HAT File (Newly Added РUpdated)  

Turkey(Turkcell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.84KB

Turkey(Turkcell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.63KB

Turkey(Turkcell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.13KB

 United Arab Emirates HAT File  

UAE-Free-Internet.hat 1.1KB

 United Kingdom HAT Files (Newly Added РUpdated)  

UK(All-SIM)-Free-Internet.hat 2.15KB

UK(Three)-Free-Internet.hat 1.59KB

UK(Three-Roaming)-Free-Internet.hat 1.94KB

UK(Three)-Free-Internet.hat 2.04KB

UK(Three)-Free-Internet.hat 1.44KB

UK(GiffGaff)-Free-Internet.hat 1.44KB

UK(ASDA/GiffGaff)-Free-Internet.hat 1.40KB

UK(GiffGaff/Smarty/Three)-Free-Internet.hat 1.59KB

UK(AllSIM)-Free-Internet.hat 1.77KB

UK(AllNet)-Free-Internet.hat 1.88KB

GB(AllNet)-Free-Internet.hat 1.88KB

GB(GiffGaff)-Free-Internet.hat 1.17KB

UK-Free-Internet.hat 1.81KB

UK(AllNet)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB

UK(EE)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB

UK(GiffGaff)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB

UK(O2)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB

UK(Three)-Free-Internet.hat 1.61KB

 USA HAT Files (Updated)  

US-Free-Internet(latest).hat 1.2KB

 Uzbekistan HAT Files (Newly Added РUpdated)  

Uzbekistan(Ucell)-Free-Internet.hat 1.27KB

Uzbekistan(Humans)-Free-Internet.hat 1.38KB

 Vietnam HAT Files (Newly Added)  

Vietnam(viettel)-Free-Internet.hat 1.52KB

 All Net HAT File (Updated РNewly Added)  

All-Net(Latest)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB

All-Net(Latest)-Free-Internet.hat 1.79KB

All-Net(Update)-Free-Internet.hat 1.4KB

All-Net-Free-Internet.hat 1.4KB

Want to learn how to create your country’s HA Tunnel Plus HAT file?¬†You can find similar content below. This guide will show you how to make your own internet hat file for any country.


All Net files can be used to test on any network. It can be used by people who cannot find the country hat file via the link.

How to Unlock the HA Tunnel Plus Configur Files

You can now unlock or sniff the ha tunnel and files for payloads and SNI hosts. The following guide will help you to do this.

These hat files can be used to identify a country.

We do not claim ownership of the hat files. We only recommend that you do not abuse the configs. Any abuse that you may cause is your responsibility.


HA Tunnel Plus MTN Unlimited Files download

HA Tunnel Plus is compatible with many MTN networks in countries like South Africa, Nigeria, and others. We have included the MTN unlimited files updated for each country. There are certain countries that you cannot use the MTN unlimited files in.

Nigeria’s files can be limited to 50MB-1GB, while South Africa’s MTN files are unlimited. You can also download the HA Tunnel Plus files from South Africa and enjoy free browsing.¬†You will not need to adjust anything.

HA Tunnel Plus MTN Config File Download Telegram

To download the HA Tunnel Plus config file directly from Telegram, you can join our Telegram Channel for the latest updates on internet config files. Do not be alarmed if your country isn’t listed yet. We will list it eventually. You can do this by going to

Conclusion: HA Tunnel Plus Unlimited Internet HAT Configur Files for All Countries

We’ve seen what HA Tunnel Plus is and how to get free internet using it.¬†Although we didn’t cover all countries, we did include many.¬†Please be patient if your country is not listed. Subscribe to this blog to receive updates on the upcoming free internet configurations.

People often search on social media for ha tunnel plus configuration files download, ha Tunnel plus vodacom file, ha Tunnel plus mtn file, and ha tunnel PLUS free internet.¬†Don’t search any further as you may be scammed if you don‚Äôt take precautions.¬†We don’t want you to get scammed so we encourage you to keep up with our free internet tweaks.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on HA Tunnel Plus Files

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 how does ha tunnel plus work?  
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 how to fix connection failed in ha tunnel plus?