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[Get] Where to apply with a high UCAT score Medicine 2021/2022

UCAT score 2023
UCAT score 2023

We recently discussed where to apply with a low UCAT score. Now we’ll look at where to apply if you have a high UCAT score. You may believe that you can apply to any medical school that requires the UCAT exam. This is true, and a higher score is always advantageous, but it can also be advantageous at some medical schools over others.

We must emphasize once more that the information provided below is only a guideline. Because medical schools’ policies change, you should always check with the medical school directly before deciding where to apply.

The following summarizes the strategy for achieving a high UCAT score:

  • The medical school ranks students based on their UCAT scores and invites those at the top of the list to interview. Being near the top of the list is thus a significant advantage.
  • The medical school considers the UCAT score along with other factors such as GCSE performance, but the UCAT score is given a high weight. However, students who perform well on the UCAT are more likely to have higher GCSE and predicted A-level grades, making this option less appealing than those medical schools that rely solely on the UCAT score.

University of Newcastle

Where to apply with a high UCAT score Medicine 2021/2022
Where to apply with a high UCAT score Medicine 2021/2022

The medical school verifies that you meet the minimum entry requirements before ranking UCAT scores against a threshold to determine who to invite for an interview. There appears to be no weighting with respect to other factors. The higher your score, the higher your rank, and the more likely it is that you will be called for an interview.

According to the medical school’s website:

A ‘current UCAT score’ will be required of all applicants.

The definition of ‘current UCAT Score’ is as follows: UCAT scores can only be used to support an application made in the year in which they were obtained (e.g. UCAT sat between July – October 2020 can only be used to support an application through UCAS by the UCAS closing date of 15 October 2020). If you apply for admission in a later year, you will have to retake the UCAT.

The UCAT threshold may differ between admissions cycles because it is determined by the scores obtained by applicants who apply to our Medical School during the current cycle. The invitation to interview will be based on the order in which applicants’ UCAT scores are ranked.

Candidates with a UCAT Situational Judgement Test Band 4 (the lowest band) will be disqualified.

Applicants who meet the UCAT cutoff will receive an automated email inviting them to register for an interview. Emails are sent in batches based on the date range of interviews to which applicants have been invited.

University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham
University of Nottingham

This one is intriguing because the university follows the same application procedure as Lincoln (which features on our list of where to apply with a low UCAT score – on the assumption it is a less popular choice). On the UCAS form, ‘Nottingham’ is selected separately from the ‘Lincoln’ option.

The UCAT score is combined with the GCSE score 40:16, so a high UCAT score has an advantage here due to the higher ratios.

According to the medical school’s website:

You will be awarded points for each GCSE grade you achieve in your top eight subjects. This will include the science, English, and math subjects that are required. A total of 16 points may be awarded.

We assign our own points based on UCAT results to ensure that a few points either way have no impact in most situations. The UCAT is worth a maximum of 40 points.

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The GCSE and UCAT scores are then added together to determine your final score. The maximum number of points that can be awarded is 56.

Based on their final scores, the top percentage of candidates are offered interviews.

When selecting for interviews, we do not have a set UCAT threshold score. The score threshold varies from year to year based on the number of applicants.

The UCAT threshold is determined by the GCSE scores of applicants. Anyone with GCSE equivalents who meets the same UCAT threshold score will be invited to an interview.

University of Manchester

University of Manchester
University of Manchester

This medical school is one of those that selects only the top UCAT candidates without regard for other academic factors (in some way similar to Newcastle). The medical school does state that candidates with lower UCAT scores will be considered as part of an overall assessment, but if you have a high UCAT score, this is the one to apply for.

According to the medical school’s website:

If your UCAT score is in the top third of all national results and you achieve a Band 1 or 2 in the Situational Judgement Test (SJT), you will most likely be invited to interview based on our UKCAT threshold, as long as you meet our minimum academic requirements (for example, GCSE and predicted grades). Based on this selection method, we anticipate inviting 900-1000 candidates to interviews. Please keep in mind that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is subject to change for 2021 entry.

UCAT scores from UK/EU candidates with similar educational and socio-demographic backgrounds are compared to help identify talented students from all backgrounds. This is done with the help of supplementary data from publicly available datasets.

We understand that everyone has a unique set of skills. If your UCAT score is not in the top third of results nationally, we will consider it as part of a holistic assessment, using all available information to make a decision (for example, GCSE grades, A-level profile, additional qualifications, NAI form etc). On this selection route, we anticipate inviting 500-600 applicants to interview.

Please be aware that applicants who receive a Band 4 in the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) element of the UCAT are not considered. SJT band 3 applicants are encouraged to apply. However, applicants in bands 1 and 2 in both our UCAT and holistic assessments will be given priority.

University of Sheffield

 high UCAT score - Medicine
high UCAT score – Medicine

The medical school appears to rank UCAT scores and choose which candidates to interview. There is no mention of GCSE weighting; it simply states that you must meet the minimum entry requirements.

Details about the medical school’s website:

In addition to the academic requirements, all applicants must have a score of 2420/3600 or higher to be considered further. Applicants must meet BOTH the academic and UCAT entry requirements.

The Situational Judgement Test (SJT) is only given to applicants who have been invited to a Multiple Mini-Interview.

Applicants who meet or exceed both the minimum academic and UCAT requirements will be ranked based on their UCAT score after the application deadline to determine who will be invited to a Multiple Mini-Interview.

King’s College London University

To determine who will be called for an interview, the medical school considers academic performance and predicted grades, as well as the UCAT score. However, they state that the UCAT score is “probably” the most important factor, so a higher score should give you an advantage.

Details about the medical school’s website:

Selectors consider the following factors when selecting students for interviews: GCSE (or equivalent performance), predicted or achieved A-level grades (or equivalent), personal statement, reference, and UCAT score. These all contribute to candidate shortlisting, and we evaluate candidates for this program holistically,

taking into account all of these factors as well as your performance in the context of your educational background. Exam results and the UCAT score are possibly the most important factors to consider when applying. These are highlighted because they provide us with the most equitable and consistent method of evaluating applicants.

Bart’s and the London School of Medicine

This medical school uses a combination of your academic performance with your UCAT score to decide who to call for interview. However it gives the UCAT score a 50% weight. Most applications (should) have high academic performance scores anyway, so the high weight of the UCAT would give you an advantage here.

From the medical school website:-

Applicants are selected for interview based 50% on UCAT score and 50% on UCAS tariff. You will be expected to have achieved or be predicted a UCAS tariff of 152 or more.

All candidates for medicine must undertake the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT). We use UCAT scores to select applicants for interview, in conjunction with academic performance to date.

You will not be considered for interview if your total UCAT score falls below the third decile.

University of Bristol

Bristol was previously on our list for candidates with a low UCAT score due to the low weighting they gave the UCAT in comparison to the other parts of the application.

The medical school appears to have completely changed this policy and now has an unknown cut off threshold for selecting who will be called for interviews. With a higher UCAT score, this medical school is now one to consider.

According to the medical school’s website:

In the current cycle, all applicants must take the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT). With the exception of Situational Judgement, the combined score from all subtests will be used to select applicants for interviews. While the UCAT score will be used to select applicants for interviews after all academic requirements have been met, there is no UCAT cut-off score. Because the number used as a threshold for interview changes year to year depending on the strength of the cohort, a specific score cannot be used to predict the likelihood of receiving an invite to interview for the current cycle with certainty.

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