How can I Update Iqama On Riyad Bank Online

How To Update Iqama On Riyad Bank Online

Riyad Bank is one of Saudi Arabia’s most well-known banking institutions. The bank provides a wide range of personal and business banking products and services. You must update your iqama renewal information with Riyad bank after each renewal. This is a necessary if you want your bank account to stay open. You can now change your iqama on Riyad Bank’s website without having to go to a branch, and here’s how.

How to update my Iqama in Riyad Bank using the internet?

Here’s how to update your Iqama information in the Riyad Bank online system if your Iqama was just renewed:

Go to the Riyad Online website ( and create an account.

  • Log in with your User ID and Password.
  • Select the “Settings & Notifications” option from the top right corner.
  • Then select “Customer Details.”

Review your employment, address and contact information shown on the screen and click on the “Update” button.

Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number and hit the “Submit” button.

Your iqama renewal information will be instantly updated with Riyad Bank upon successful submission.