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How do you reset Nokia C1 hardreset (factory reset) 2022

How to reset or hard reset Nokia C1

You can reset your Nokia C1 smartphone if it is slow or hangs.
We will show you how to format your Nokia C1 so that all of your data is gone and it looks exactly the same as when it left the store.

It is a good idea to delete all accounts from the device before performing a factory reset. This is especially true if you intend to donate, sell, or give away your Nokia C1. This will prevent problems for the new user, as some modern devices have a function called FRP (Factory Reset Protection) that asks the same Google account used to configure the Nokia C1 when it was first manufactured.

It is important to remember that any reset/return to factory state on a mobile/cellphone deletes all content. You should make sure you have a backup to protect your data in case you lose it.

If you don’t want to wipe the data off the device, you can restart Nokia C1.

You can do a reset with a Nokia C1 in two ways: one via the mobile options, and another using the recovery mode.

Restore using the options of Nokia C1
These are the steps to take to reset your Nokia C1 using the device options.

Estimated time: 5 min.


2- Second Step:

Scroll down to the Nokia C1 settings, and you’ll see the section called “System”. Click to continue.

System icon Android


3. Third step

Click on the “Advanced” section to see the advanced options for the Nokia C1.

System menu Android

4. Fourth step

This section has “Reset options”. It will allow you to reset your Nokia C1 or restore all network options and applications.

Advanced options Android

5- Fifth Step:

Click the “Erase all data (factory restart)” option or “Factory reset”.

Reset options Android

6- Sixth Step:

The first message reminding you that your data will be erased from the device will appear. This includes any data that you have uploaded to Google, Facebook or Twitter or any backup copies you have stored in the cloud such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Click “Reset phone”.

Reset phone confirmation
7th and final step

A second confirmation message will display confirming that all data on the Nokia C1 as well as all downloaded applications have been deleted. It reminds that this action cannot be reversed. Click on “Erase Everything” to confirm your agreement.

Erase Everything confirmation

8- Eighth step:

To continue, draw the screen lock pattern or enter your screen unlock password.

Confirm your pattern Android

9- Ninth Step:

It will restart your Nokia C1 device. This may take several minutes.

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Instructions in video
Restore using hard reset or Recovery Mode Nokia C1
You can restore your Nokia C1 with hard reset, or recovery mode. This will solve any problems that cannot be solved by a factory reset.

1 Turn off your Nokia C1 completely. To unlock the screen, hold down the power button for approximately 20 seconds. The phone will then turn off.

2 Hold the volume down and power keys together in your Nokia C1. Depending on the Android version, the combination may be the power and volume keys up.

3 Once the Nokia logo has been displayed, press the buttons.

4 Scroll through the menu using the volume up/down keys until you reach “Recovery Mode”. Press the power button to access it.
Click here to view how to reset your mobile in Chinese characters if the device menu appears in Chinese characters

5 Use volume up and down keys to choose the “wipe cache partition” option. Then, press the Power button and the option will be activated and the mobile cache cleared.

6 In a matter of seconds, you’ll return to the original screen. With the volume buttons, select the option “wipe Data / Factory Reset” and press the power key to enter. The screen will display a number of NOes and a yes. To enter, use the volume keys to go back to the YES option and press the power key.

7- Once you have finished with the volume keys, click “reboot system now” on your Nokia C1. The device will reboot. It may take several minutes for the device to restart.

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Information about the device:

Nokia C1 has dimensions of 147.6×71.4x 8.7mm (5.81×2.81x 0.34in), a weight 155g, and a screen resolution 480×960 pixels. It also features an 18:9 ratio (197ppi density).

It is equipped with a Quad-core processor 1.3 GHz, 1 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory 1 GB RAM.

It comes with Android 9.0 Pie (Go Edition) as the operating system.

Option 3 hmd via fastboot METHOD:

by using  HMD DeviceKit  for NOKIA Flash Tool and FRP And Factory Reset By one click​

read more: HMD DeviceKit tool 

3 third method

Use developed  applications like nck box, Infinity cm2sp2,


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