How To Create EHI config File for HTTP Injector 2022 (That Works 100%)

Discover how to create ehi train for HTTP injector in 2022 that works for VPN with details to make a free ssh account, cargo, and host. These Virtual Private Networks help professionals encrypt data and access coffers unavailable on public networks.

how to create ehi file for HTTP injector 2022

The fashionability of VPNs is growing in mobile bias. Still, not all of them are free or give safe connections. Those secure waiters bring enormous plutocrats that not every existent can go.

That’s when HTTP Injector shines as volition to decorate VPNs, furnishing all the installations for free. This freemium operation has two exercises, one for VPN and the other for free internet.


Thus, this is a companion to creating ehi configuration lines. These styles are identical and work for nearly every network, similar to MTN, GlobeTM, Sun, Smart, and TNT.


Likewise, an EHI is a train extension that imports configs made by other generators inside the HTTP Injector operation. It helps us to connect to the free VPN in the presence of an active internet connection or wifi.


  • Android Operating System of Version4.0.3 or advanced.
  • Original HTTP Injector App.
  • Wifi or Mobile Data (with balance or recharge)
  • Free VPN Account

1. Create a Free VPN Account

Our first task is to produce a free VPN account through any dependable online VPN service platform. For the sake of this tutorial, we will be using VPNSplit. Nonetheless, you can use a different network or free service provider if you have any.


Thus, from your mobile cybersurfer and valve on Menu> VPN> Produce Account. It’ll now display a list of differently decorated VPN waiters located in another corridor of the world.

Please note that the distance between you and the data center or garçon will affect the internet lading speed. So, you more choose a garçon nearest to you for a briskly downloading rate.

Now, my current position is in one of the Asian countries. Thus, the stylish option for me is to go with “ Elect VPN Asia”. Still, if you want to go with a different garçon, feel free to do so.

Once you’ve named the garçon position, scroll down and tap on “ G Login with Google” on the coming runner. After logging in, go back to the produce VPN runner and elect a Garçon from the list.

Make sure to remember the garçon law name plant inside the classes. Type a word and click on “ Produce Premium VPN Account”. Also, remember the secret key as you’ll bear this latterly in an unborn way.

Eventually, scroll down to the green stressed box containing all the account details of the recently created VPN account. It has substantially the word, IP, host, date created, and expiration time. Copy all the information and bury it on the tablet.

2. Collect Squid Proxy Information

Next to the tutorial, our coming step is to collect squid proxy information.

Go back to the VPNSplit Home Page as described above & log in.
Also, open the Menu.
You’ll find the server law names and their IP, Port, and online status on this runner. Find the law of your server, and save all the details.

3. Generate payload

We now assume that you have successfully collected all the VPN details and completed ways 1 and 2. Our next task is to launch the app. Also, go to Menu by tapping on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the interface. After that, select “ Payload Creator”.

Below is the way how to produce a payload for an HTTP injector.

Tap on “ SSL/ TLS-> SSH”.
Set the Lair Type to “ Secure Shell (SSH)”
Choose “ HTTP Proxy”
Enable the option “ Custom Payload.”
Select Cargo Type “ Normal.”
Copy the Host address from your VPN Account Details handed by VPNSplit before.
Bury it inside the “ URL/ Host” box.
Leave the “ Request System” and “ Injection Method” as they’re to dereliction settings.
Don’t select any of the “ Query Styles”, i.e. leave those boxes empty.
Under “ Extra Header” options, enable “ Online Host”, “ Keep-Alive”, & “ Forward Host”.
Don’t play with the “ Extra” settings.
Click on “ Induce Cargo”.
cargo settings how to produce ehi train HTTP injector

4. SSH Settings

Our coming step is to configure the SSH ( Secure Shell) settings. It’s a secure protocol to cipher our connection and make it private for browsing.

Launch the Menu and select “ SSH Settings”.
Copy the IP information given by SplitVPN and bury it inside the “ SSH Host” box.
Fill in the harborage box by checking the “ Garçon & Squid Status” runner. See details on tutorial# 2 over.
Also, fill in the username and word boxes rightly grounded on your earlier information.
Leave all the other settings and go back to the main screen.
5. Remote Proxy
Last but not least, click on the “ Remote Proxy” option on the HTTP Injector home screen. These details are fluently planted on the “ Garçon & Squid Status” runner, as described in step number 2. Copy the IP and bury it in “ Proxy IP/ Host” and do “ Port”. Also, the valve on Save.


6. Connect to VPN

Eventually, turn on the internet connection. It doesn’t count whether it’s mobile data or wifi connection; valve on the “ Launch” button. Android will also prompt you for VPN warrants; valve on “ OK” to confirm. As the progress starts, switch to the “ LOG” tab to see the progress.

Optional Before starting the connection, you can go to the Tools tab. Also, enable “ Debug Mode” to find the crimes if anything goes wrong.

How to use HTTP Injector?
There are three unique styles to use the HTTP Injector app. First, you need to clear all the settings data and start the app. Also, tapping on the “ Launch” button will give three options. There, elect the option “ Choose Garçon”.

choose garçon http injector
Now, please scroll through the list of colorful available waiters and valve on anyone. Also, elect the garçon law and valve on “ Connect”.

connect garçon http injector
After that, the valve on “ Launch” again and select “ OK” to grant the app warrants to connect to VPN. Go to the “ Log” tab to check the progress, and a successful communication will say “ VPN Connected” at the end.

VPN Connected HTTP Injector
The alternate system is to import a configuration train created by someone different. And the final third system is to produce an ehi train using the tutorial described over. Also, you can download our premade HTTP injector ehi lines download.

1. What’s ehi file?

In simple words,. ehi is a train extension used by HTTP Injector that helps to import and export its configuration settings.

2. What’s a cargo?

Cargo is the system that routes the connection through an indispensable host. It specifies the lair type, URL/ Host of the garçon, request, injection, and query styles, as well as the types of redundant heads.

3. Is HTTP Injector illegal?

HTTP Injector is just another mobile app that provides ultra-expensive VPN services for free of cost. It’s 100 legal in countries where the use of private VPN waiters isn’t banned. You can use it safely without any problems just like the way thousands of other VPN apps present on the Google Play Store are used worldwide every single day.

Still, Android Store will noway show it to you on the app recommendations or search results if you type in the name of HTTP Injector, If it isn’t available in your country. On the other hand, it’s extensively popular in countries similar as the Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, and Asian nations.

4. Does HTTP Injector use data?

Of course, yes, the HTTP injector uses data to connect to the internet and modify the network into a VPN. Your mobile data or WiFi must have a working internet connection to use this app.

5. How HTTP Injector work?

When you produce a custom garçon, the HTTP injector generates a cargo. It also connects to the garçon via secure delegates to grant VPN access. Read the composition above for complete process.

6. Is HTTP Injector safe?

The safety of using HTTP Injector is always a big question. First of all, you need to ask the same question to the private garçon provider through which you created a VPN account. In utmost cases, the connection is translated.

Now, encryption means, in simple words, the data is transferred through a private gate. There are two keys generated, one on the customer side and the other on the garçonside. However, they need to have both the keys, which are generally the aimlessly generated hash canons, If anybody wants to unleash that gate.

Also, if you want to check the obscurity, connect to the garçon. Now, go to Google using incognito cybersurfer and hunt for keywords similar to my IP address or my position’. Google will give you all the details and inform you whether you’re defended or not. Still, if that doesn’t help or satisfy you, use a program known as DNS Leak Test’, there is also an online interpretation of it.



Incipiently, these are the way how to create ehi file for HTTP injectors useful to connect to a free VPN. However, join our exclusive HTTP Injector group on Facebook, If you have any questions or comments about the process. There you can interact with other druggies and ask for help from our fellow members. We’re a community. Thank you!