Easy way – How to Download Shutterstock Images and Videos for Free Without Watermark

How to Download Shutterstock Images and Videos for Free Without Watermark

You will want to post your creations and videos on Stock sites so you can make some money by selling them.

Here we are referring to platforms like Shutterstock, where designers can upload their creations and sell them.

Did you ever go on the internet searching for something and find that you were unable to find it? You will have noticed it. These images are protected by copyright and any unauthorized use of them can result in a violation of copyright law.

You can still find video footages and great images that you want to use in your project. Make it personal. This is a common situation for YouTubers and content creators who want to expand their businesses with it. It is not that you can’t get it, but rather because it is copyrighted. The watermark makes it look amateur.

It is almost the exact same situation as TikTok users. Many TikTok users discover amazing videos from others and wish to have the video without watermark in order to claim it as their own. This guide will help you to tweak TikTok videos.

Shutterstock is the most well-known photo and video stock website. They have great content that anyone will love to add to their projects. What can you do if you absolutely need the content? You just need to follow these steps and use some tricks to obtain the videos and images from Shutterstock without any watermark.

Today’s guide will show you how to get Shutterstock images, videos and videos free of charge without any watermark.

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What is Shutterstock? How does it work?

Shutterstock, a global supplier of stock footage, stock footage and stock music, is based in New York.

Shutterstock offers a Prepaid Pack and a Subscription that can save you up to 40% You can create your own great stories here! You Have Access to More Than 300 Million Royalty Free Photos, Vectors Icons, Illustrations, and Other Resources. 4k Images added per hour. Speedy Search & Discovery Footage & Music Libraries.

Shutterstock allows you to purchase subscriptions for a flat monthly fee and download a small number of photos. If you are a frequent photo buyer and need lots of high resolution photos, illustrations or both, these monthly plans can be a great deal.

Are Shutterstock Images & Videos Free to Use?

Shutterstock licenses are all royalty-free. This means that you can freely use the images without any time restrictions. You may need a stock photo if you aren’t a professional photographer or don’t have one.

Shutterstock Video Downloader Without Watermark

AceThinker Video Keeper is a recommended shutterstock video download without watermark. This tool will let you download any video from shuttterstock and many other stock sites without any watermark. The only thing here is the tool is paid but it is worth buying and using for this task. The download link to this video downloader tool has been provided above.

What’s the Next Thing To Do After You Have Download Shutterstock Images and Videos Without Watermark

Downloading the image without watermark is already a great step a head. But you are not done yet.

The above applies only to subscribers. You will not be able to access the Shutterstock images if you don’t subscribe to it. You won’t be able to download images from Shutterstock if you come across them on the internet. It contains watermarks and copyrighted material. This can lead to serious legal problems.

The best way to use Shutterstock images are to use some tricks to get rid of the Watermark. Although removing the watermark is a simple step, it does not mean that you are done. You will need to edit the footage and apply filters to make it stand out, regardless of whether it is an image or video.

Why is Shutterstock so expensive?

They provide high-resolution images and videos that look like real life. They aim to satisfy both buyers and sellers.

Shutterstock’s plan may seem expensive to beginners, but those who know what they want and what Shutterstock can provide them with will be able to subscribe without hesitation.

Shutterstock’s business model is based on volume sales. Customers will get many images per day at a very low price per unit. This allows them to make up the difference in price and quantity.

Did you know that Shutterstuck is an online stock photography website?

What is Stock Photography?

Stock photography refers to the distribution of photos that are licensed for specific purposes. Each image or photograph on a stock website has specific licenses.

Some sites offer free stock photography licenses, such as Pixabay and Pexels. Some licenses include an attribution license, which allows you to mention the source of the image whenever you use it (example Unsplash). Some licenses are for commercial use. This means you can upload the image to another site and make copies without violating copyright.

Shutterstock Images & Videos are Free!

All Shutterstock licenses can be used royalty-free. All Shutterstock licenses are royalty-free.

Benefits of free stock photography sites

  • You can download any image you like without copyright concerns.
  • It can be used by bloggers and content creators to source material for their articles
  • You can download images in high resolution free of charge and select the size that suits you best.

How to Get Shutterstock Images Free of Watermark

We are not here to promote the plans and pricing that Shutterstock offers. Although we always want to get paid for things, you should be aware that Shutterstock uses the money it collects from buyers to help them realize the Shutterstock products and services that interest you most.

Two Shutterstock image graber tools will be used. They work online. This will prevent you from using third-party software that could introduce viruses to your computer.

This will require a computer to function. Each method will be explained in a gradual manner to better understand everyone.

Method 1: Use GetPaidStock to Download Shutterstock Images without Watermark

Copy the image link from Shutterstock, or any other stock photography website of your choice.

To go to GetPaidStock, open your Web browser on your PC.

In the box, paste the link to the image that you have just downloaded.

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Click on ” HTML5_ Search Photo HTML5_“. Click on the link to see “Download Generated Photos” right away. Click on it too.



The next window will appear and say, ” Your image has been generated“. Scroll down until you see ” Get This Image“.


Click the Download This Picture button to start your download.


It’s as simple as that.

Let’s get on to the next step.

Method 2: Download Shutterstock Images without Watermark Using PNG.

Use your web browser to open .

No matter what stock site you are using, enter the link to your Stock Photo.

Once you are done, click on Search Photo.


It will display the image in a new window, remove the watermark and pull it out from the link. Click on Find this stock.

It will search for the file and give you a direct download link.

These online grabber tools are not limited to Shutterstock. You can also download from other Stock photography sites like StockSnap.io and Gratisography.

This is the complete guide to downloading Shutterstock images without watermark. Let’s now move on to the video section.

How to Get Shutterstock Videos Free of Watermark

Here are three ways to get Shutterstock videos for free without watermark

1. Use online tools to download Shutterstock videos for free

Many online platforms and tools are available that specialize in the removal or watermarking of any video, stock or not. This tool will remove the watermark.

Some tools are paid while others are free. Most tools require a paid subscription in order to receive a download link to the video without watermark.

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Paid ones are easy to use and deliver the results you expect. Although it may not be easy to find the right one, you’ll surely find one that suits your needs.

2. Use a video downloader without watermark software to get Shutterstock videos for free

You can also download Shutterstock videos using windows programs. These programs will allow you to download any video you want and remove the watermark.

AceThinker Video Keeper is the best choice for this task. It will automatically download all Shutterstock videos and remove any watermarks. Although the software costs a fee, you can get the premium version for free by clicking the link below. When asked for a password, simply type 123.

3. You can edit the video yourself or contact a skilled editor for the job

If you really care about a specific footage on a video stock website, you can take all the footage to make your own project.

Editing and modifying the video can be done to suit your needs. You can also remove watermark. If you don’t have the skills to do this job, you can hire an advanced video editor.

Where can I find an Advanced Video Editor to remove watermarks from Shutterstock footage videos

Fiverr is the best place to start your search. There are many LinkedIn profiles that you can find.

Google can recognize it as Copyright Infringing material, which is bad for your website or business.

Edit the photo using Photoshop or another image and video editor.

Canva is another great option. Canva’s wide range of features makes it great for image and video editing. Canva Pro is required to fully utilize its features. You can download Canva Pro (premium) if you don’t possess the funds.

Shutterstock is not the only best site for image and video stock.

Although there are many sites similar to Shutterstock, the following are the best.


  • StockSnap.io.
  • Gratisography.
  • Picjumbo.
  • EyeEm.
  • iStockPhoto.
  • Adobe Stock.
  • BigStockPhoto.

Is Shutterstock available for commercial use?

This will depend on what license you have. You can download the content and distribute it as long as you have a full license.

Final thoughts on how to download Shutterstock images and videos for free without watermark

We’ve seen how easy it is to download Shutterstock images online using two methods. You don’t need any extra skills to crack or remove the watermark. You can do this all by yourself with the tools.

We also saw how Shutterstock videos can be downloaded and cracked without watermark using online tools and software.

The gale does not end there. Even if you remove the watermark from the image or video, the content still belongs to the owner. You will need to edit the image/video using an image editing tool if you wish to distribute the content on other platforms. Canva Pro can help you do this.