Easy way how to Find a sni Bug Host for Free Internet Access with Any ISP Network (SNI. HTTP. TCP Host).

How to Find a sni Bug Host for Free Internet Access with Any ISP Network (SNI. HTTP. TCP Host).

Are you looking for an SNI bug host to get free internet?¬†While free internet is a popular topic on this blog, not everyone has access to the internet configuration files.¬†There are many people who have access to free internet, but aren’t satisfied with what they have.

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This article will teach you how to locate a bug host on your ISP. Next, I’ll show you how to create an internet configuration file for free using http injector, ha Tunnel Plus, or any other VPN.

We’ll start by creating a bug host (or simply a host), then test the host and inject the host to make it possible to connect.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Bug Host for Free Internet Access in Any Country was released recently. All secrets you need to locate, analyze, and exploit a bughost and receive free internet access were exposed. The link below will take you to that page.

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Let’s start by covering some basics about free internet.

What is free internet and what is its importance?

A way or set of ways that allows you to access the internet free of charge, or one or more protocols. Sometimes, free internet is provided by an ISP. Other times, protocols or USSD codes are required to gain access to the internet from a targeted ISP.

Students who are unable to access the internet to take part in online classes because of the pandemic have found it invaluable. Many governments have taken measures to ensure that students can access their classes from school sites without paying any internet fees.

Because we don’t need to monitor our data balance, free internet is equally beneficial for us to follow many courses online.¬†It allows us to download our favourite contents from the internet, which can be very expensive.¬†Free internet, as some people say, is digital freedom.

A bug host is required to get internet free of charge. This is especially true if you need to create ehi files or hat files for VPN apps that require hosts to work properly.

Two of the most well-known types of hosts are SNI and HTTP bug hosts.

Types of bug hosts or hostnames

We’ll be focusing on the two main types SNI and HTTP bug host types that are used in free internet.

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What is an HTTP bug host and how does it work?

HTTP bug hosts were the first known bug hosts. They were used for internet access years ago. They are commonly injected using the HTTP Injector CONNECT and GET methods.

These are found by scanning over ISP in a terminal (for advanced hostsname researchers). This is simply an error in a system that uses HTTP (ISP). If you find yourself in such a situation, you should try any of these methods. These bug hosts can be accessed via the internet with or without data, and sometimes they are impossible to access.

They are not always durable when used for free internet.


What is a SNI Bug Host?

SNI bug hosts are hosts that have been obtained using SSL/TLS, which is a highly secured encryption method. SNI bug hostnames can also be known as zero-rated sites, which are websites that are accessible without any data.

They can be protected with data, however. If you are a SNI bug host for a social bundle like WhatsApp, you will need all subdomains and websites hosted under the WhatsApp main website to find out where the data can come from.

SNI bug hostnames are not easily blocked, unlike HTTP bug hosts. This is because they are not known to certain systems.

How to get a Bug Host for Unlimited Internet Access

I’ll show you how to get a working host from your ISP.¬†These hostnames or bug hosts will include HTTP and SNI bugs hosts. But before we get started, there are some things that you should consider.

These are the two methods:


  1. Method for Zero Rated Sites.
  2. Subscription Method to Unlimited Bundles to Your ISP.

These two methods are described in detail below.

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Method 1: Zero Rated Sites

What is Zero Rated Sites?

Sites with zero ratings are sites that you can access for free, and without any data bundle. These sites are often offered by the government to students as educational sites that can be accessed free of charge. This is sometimes called free unlimited government internet.

You can access most of these Zero Rated sites to get free internet access by tunneling your connection using a VPN like HTTP Injector or HA Tunnel Plus or even AnonytunVPN.

How to get zero rated sites for your ISP

Although it is easy to find zero-rated sites for your ISP, it is difficult to find the working one. We will be covering a section about how to find zero rated sites that are suitable for free internet.

Go to¬†Google.com, and search for ”¬†Zero-rated sites for my Country“.¬†You can replace my country with yours.¬†Example¬†If you’re in the United States they will search for¬†zero-rated sites in usa.¬†You can be more specific with your search by typing¬†zero-rated websites in usa pdf.¬†Search for¬†zero-rated sites in south africa pdf¬†or¬†zero rated websites in kenya PDF¬†if you’re in South Africa, Kenya, or another country.¬†To get more relevant results, replace the country with your country.

Below is a screenshot from a query that was made on zero-rated South African websites.


Clicking on the link to the first result will bring up a list of zero-rated sites south africa. Because of the pandemic, these websites are free to access. Most of these websites can be accessed free of charge, while some are injectable. We will find out later when we check host. Below is a list of zero-rated sites in South Africa.

These websites can be considered as hosts for free internet. We will confirm the vulnerability of these websites to free injection after conducting checks.

It’s quite simple, right?¬†We now move on to the next step.

Method 2: Subscribe to Unlimited Bundles from Your ISP

This is a subscription to a bundle offered by ISPs that have an unlimited number of social bundles or something similar. We find a vulnerable host that can tunnel the connection. VPN tunnels the unlimited service through the VPN server. This masks our IP addresses and gives our entire device unlimited internet access thanks to this unlimited bundle.

This bundle can include unlimited WhatsApp, unlimited Facebook and unlimited Twitter as well as unlimited Telegram.

If the bundle contains an unlimited WhatsApp bundle, this means that we can freely browse WhatsApp without restrictions. Telegram unlimited bundles allow us to browse the web without limitations.

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Take, for instance, a bundle that provides unlimited Telegram. We have unlimited access to the Telegram server via our ISP. Keep in mind that the Telegram webserver is our first host. In the event that she needs unlimited WhatsApp, whatsapp.com will be our first host.

We can’t access these web servers directly as they are either under-sites or websites that our ISP uses to allow unlimited access to social chat.¬†We need to now find all hosts that are available on the¬†Telegram.org¬†and¬†Whatsapp.com¬†websites.

How do I get all subdomains that are related to a main site?

Go to The Website. Enter telegram.org and whatsapp.com into the box. Click on Check. A list of websites under the web server that you have entered will appear.

Note: You can replace whatsapp.com and telegram.org by the web server with unlimited access when you subscribe a bundle to your ISP.


We’re done with the hosts.

We used two methods to find our hosts. There are two methods to get your hosts: the subscription bundle and the site that is zero-rated.

We now need to verify that the host can be used to inject with our ISP.

How to check Host for free Internet

Be aware that the second option may return better results than the first, especially if your ISP has top security filters. Because a bundle gives unlimited access to a service, which is what we call ports opening. These ports holes can be used to scan for vulnerabilities in ethical hacking.

This chapter is not complete. We need to first check the host to see if there are any that we can inject.¬†Let’s check the hosts.

Enter This the host you have obtained using one of the above methods. You can enter either the zero-rated website hosts or the unlimited bundle hosts.

Below is a screenshot of 7 URLs I used.

Below is a screenshot of the results from the website’s checks.

As you can see, the hosts report various HTTP Status codes. These include 200 and HTML301. The host reporting a 200 status number is what we are looking for. We can then use this to create our free internet config using HTTP Injector or HA Tunnel Plus. I will now briefly explain the status codes as derived from the screenshot.

Let’s first understand the basics of http status codes.¬†There are five types of http status codes.

1xx Informational Response РThe request was received. This is a continuing process.

2xx Successful РThe request was received, understood and accepted.

3xx redirection: Additional action is required to complete the request.

4xx client error: The request has bad syntax or cannot been fulfilled.

5xx server Error РThe server did not fulfill an apparently valid request.

We can summarise our conclusions based on the above series.


  • 200: OK. Standard response to successful HTTP requests
  • 301: Permanently Moved¬†All future requests and this request should be sent to the URL.
  • 302: Found (Moved Temporarily). This tells the client to view (browse at) another URL.¬†302 has been replaced by 303 or 307
  • 303: See other (Since HTTP1/1).¬†You can find the response to your request under another URL by using the GET method
  • Error: Could not be reached¬†It can’t be accessed.


There are three types of redirects (301, 302, and 303), one successful link (200), and one error.¬†A host may have one or more redirects and a successful code of connection, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it can be infected.¬†It can be easily blocked by being redirected to the web server it is hosted on.

This article will explain more about status codes.

Use HTTP codes with a status code 200 to create configs. This is the URL in the screenshot, web.telegram.org. It has a unique status code 200. This website can be used to create your internet configuration for free. Pay attention to which protocols you should use.

To get free internet, you should try to get as many hosts as possible. You can watch the video below to learn how to use this host to create an http injector ehi configuration.


These hosts can also be used to create your HA Tunnel Plus files. We will soon discuss how to make HA Tunnel Plus hat file. We have also provided free internet ha tunnel plus files to all countries. It is available below.

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Checker for bugs online 200 OK

After you have received your bug host, check it for a 200 status OK . Your bug host is ready for injection if you receive 200 status codes. This complete list of HTTP Status Response Codes is required to fully understand the status that a bug host posts.

Free Internet Working Bug Host –

We decided to share bug hosts from other countries. These bug hosts have been tested and are still working. Click on the bug host that categorizes the country you are interested in and then download the file. The bug host files below include a list with ISPs for each country. You will also see the connection mode for each bug host. All information is in the file. You will only need to open and create your ha tunnel with free internet access hat file, or your free internet ehi file.

We will however, update the SNI hostname every time we receive a new host. However, some hosts will be kept secretly by us for security reasons.

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Argentina Bug Hosts


Egypt Bug Hosts


Iran Bug Hosts


Nigeria Bug Hosts


Qatar Bug Hosts


South Africa Bug Hosts


Turkey Bug hosts


All Net Bug Hosts


Soon, more bug hosts will be added to this list.

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Conclusion and Final Thoughts about Finding Bug Hosts to Free Internet

This article is over. I have shown you how to get a free internet host that you can use to create internet files using VPNs such as HttpInjector or HA Tunnel Plus. We explained in detail each of the two methods you can use to get hosts. We also demonstrated how to check the host to determine if they are able to be injected with a VPN to get free internet access.


It is not easy to have a working configuration file or create one with a working host. So be patient and stay calm.

You will lose a lot of information if you skip a section in this article. Read the entire article.

The ultimate guide to getting bug host free internet in any country has just been released. This guide will help you to understand bug hostnames, how to obtain them, analyze them, and exploit them to get free internet access.

MUST READ The Ultimate Guide To Find a Bug Host to Get Free Internet Access in Any Country

  • Check out the guide below if you’re interested in becoming a SNI host.
  • You don’t need to be a config designer or even a config programmer to understand how to use these VPN apps.
  • This video tutorial will explain all the steps and techniques.¬†Take a look at the video.