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best way on How to find/track a lost phone using IMEI 2022-2023

jinsi ya kutrack simu iliyo potea
jinsi ya kutrack simu iliyo potea

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Are you one of those looking for a Lost Phone.? if you are one of those people who have lost a phone through stealing or hacking or dropping it or some other way and are thinking about finding your lost phone then you can read this post to find out step by step how to find your phone.

Almost every day we have been finding questions people ask about how to find a lost phone, these questions have been so many that we have had to give some clarifications and some ways you can use them to find a Lost Phone.

For starters maybe I’ll tell you it’s important to be careful when buying a phone make sure you keep your IMEI phone number where you know you can find it where you need it. IMEI number is important because this is the same as your phone’s identification number which is why it is important to have it on the sidelines.

How to find a lost phone using IMEI

The basic thing to be aware of exists too many apps that claim to be able to recover a lost phone using an IMEI number, but most of these apps are not 100 percent reliable. There are also people or companies that provide a Lost Phone recovery service but there is also no 100 percent guarantee of recovering your phone using those services.

Some apps that also exist Play Store for providing this service mostly complain of not working correctly, one of the same Apps can check here.

A way to find a Lost Phone we recommend

there is now a cybercrime unit that is close to every police station in which the unit cooperates with TCRA to provide services to citizens. So the first

step 1 report the police with all the entries that the motive receipt of the phone box also the police is a sure and safe place there are people who can track your phone but they are hiding because it is not their job and I am criminal

Step 2 contact the telephone service provider you used before your phone was stolen, make sure you have your phone’S IMEI before making a statement.

Step 3 Here Now is where try using various apps to find a lost phone using IMEI, make sure you follow all the steps and then try these apps as this will increase the chances of your phone being found.

How to find a Lost Phone

After saying that directly all you have to do is download the app via the link below. After downloading proceed to the description below.

After downloading this app, automatically start by making sure you have to allow this app to use the Mic on your phone.

Download app

How to find a Lost Phone by whistling at home

How to find a Lost Phone
How to find a Lost Phone

After that you will be brought other details you can click Done on each detail and then directly proceed by following these steps.

On the first page, you will be allowed to search for your phone by whistling. Swipe to the right at the end of your phone’s mirror to turn on the section.

After turning on this section you can click on the Flashlight and Vibrate section to increase the likelihood of finding your phone where it gets lost in the environment you are familiar with. After turning on the section you can close this app and then whistle and you will see your phone make a sound every time you also whistle.

You can also use the method of securing your phone by clapping. To turn on this part click on the drawn part blows, then start by turning on this part as in the previous step above.

After that you can proceed by changing the sound that occurs when you whistle or when applauding, you can do this by clicking on the Configurations section.

By following those steps you will automatically be able to find your lost Android phone by whistling. Note that this method is useful for someone who has lost a phone in an environment that they are familiar with.

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